Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh, Geez...

Darin's got the digi camera cords so I can't upload the pictures on my camera of LAURA for today's GYMNAST OF THE DAY! So.. we'll take a break today and tomorrow will be LAURA'S day! Sorry chica... I want the pretty pictures that I have of your for your day!

So we'll post a LO I did of my gymnasts.

(double click on it and you can read the super fun journaling)

And who can't resist a baby Jett page?

Don't you just want to eat this little boy up!? I know I'm bias, but this kid is CUTE!


Elizabeth said...

super layouts!! already praised em.
what are you gonna do with yourself, with all your extra time... since your blog was sooo short!!!
j/k.. I should talk.. I either post a novel or nada!
have a super fab day=)
enjoy the rare IN sunshine today!

Kat said...

LOVE those lo's!!!!!!! so cute. i love how you love your gymnasts- its always great to see someone love what they do : )
and baby jett IS a cutey- love his red hair. i'll swing by 2peas later to praise ya!

Niki L said...

Those are AWESOME lo's Darce! Jett is so cute and makes the best smiley faces EVER!!

Wendy said...

I love that blue/green paper, kaleidescope (sp?) I think, on the gymnast layout. I just used it on one and used circles as well and I love how you did the title on the second. Love the red hair as well, my boyfriend is a red head so I guess I'm kinda partial.
Also, I think we are probably from opposite directions in Indiana, but PIT is maybe centrally located? I live in LaPorte.

jes said...

super cute kiddo. I DO want to eat him up. But, then I would be full and you would have NO baby jett, so i wont.
but he is still super cute...and that smile, oh-my-gosh

Hailey said...

Oh my gosh, the expression on his face is SO GREAT! love it!
i'll look for it on 2Peas too!

Jill said...

great lo's Darcy!! I love the 8 1/2 x 11, I just did my first lo that size yesterday and now in love w/that size. very fun to work with. love how you did the stitching, how you do you THAT? fabulous job! and your nephew is SO cute!

Mara said...

what cutie LOs, D.
I miss 2Ps.
I feel like I will never see stuff.
So glad that you're posting here too!

RACHEL =) said...


Jessica F said...

So cute! I already saw these on 2Peas this a.m. and left 'em some love. xo

Linz said...

I envy your scrapbooking creativity! Those are super pages! (especially of our adorable ladies!) I wish I was as dedicated to something like that:-) Good job!

aidaville said...

Love your LOs, they are pretty and you are right, Baby Jett has got to be the cutest !

Thanks for leaving a comment about my LO, I am here mostly :

Lisa Dickinson said...

Super cute LOs, D.
Love that you LOVE what
you do - always a plus!

Be good!