Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Hometown Paper

Guess what? I was totally quoted in the paper today! There was a huge write up about the head coach that I am an assistant to with my gymnastics team. I was in the paper a lot in high school with all my sports but I've never been QUOTED before! And I actually sounded intelligent! (I just did spell check on "intelligent" and I had TOTALLY spelled it wrong! I college edju-cated, promise!)

DISCLAIMER: Now, you all realize where I live, right? In a very small town in Indiana. Our paper only comes out once a week so that may tell you something. It's called the "Mail Journal" but I have always called it the "Mail Urinal". I actually looked through the entire paper (took 3 minutes & 20 seconds) so that I could blog about some of the headlines to give you a little chuckle today.

Under the INCIDENTS section:
#1 Joe So--in--So reported a tow bar missing from his property valued at $60.
Whoah, I can't imagine what I would do without my tow bar! Maybe he really misses his tow bar because he was planning on hiting someone so that he could be WORTHY of being in the incidents section!

#2 Officials at Subway in Syracuse reported someone wrote with a black marker pen on the employee entrance door. Damage $100.
I wonder if they would have reported it if it were a red pen?

Under the MILFORD MAIN STREET section:
(hehehe.. Milford only consists of a main street and a bunch of county roads! Cracks me up!)

#3 The Milford Community Building will be getting new locks soon. Anyone needing a new key must contact the Utilities Commissioner.
So I guess anyone can get one of these keys.. safe, very safe Mr. Utilities Commissioner! Next thing we know someone will let themselves in with their own key and draw on the doors with a black marker pen. Whoah, I better contact the Utilities Commissioner. (I love that fancy name for the towns maintenace guy!)

One time there was a story about how the birds had just flown back from the south. There was a gigantuan COLOR picture of a bird on a branch. HOW IS THIS NEWSWORTHY? My fave story was an article about a girl that cut her hair.. yep, basically said it was really long and now it's short. Sadly, she was my cousin.

Anywho, back to my little moment of fame! I've been coaching gymnastics for 3 years. The first year I coached we had a very skilled, mostly upper-classman team. We lost one meet and had our star gymnasts place at State. So last year our team consisted of 2 Juniors, 1 Sophomore and 6 Freshman. Yeah, kinda young. We struggled through our season a bit. I was SUPER proud of my girls because they tried their hardest but we had a loosing season for the first time ever. So that's the background to why the paper decided to do an article about our head coach... she's an amazing coach deserves all the recognition she can get. Last Thursday at our meet the guy from the paper pulls me aside and asks if he can interview me. Whoah, Nika (head coach) does the interviewing. But he explains what the article is about and that he wanted to interview me because I used to be one of her gymnasts and now I coach with her. K.. it went pretty well even though I finished every sentence with, "Did that make sense?" or "Did that sound stupid?" The guy probably walked away thinking I was the DITZIEST, tarded person he'd ever interviewed. But this is what the paper read today:

"The offseason meant some changes in the way things would be done were in order. Prather and assistant coach Darcy Holsopple, who was a product of the Wawasee gymnastics program from 94-98, took it upon themselves to find answers and bring the passion back to the gymnastics program. The passion would start mentally.

"Darcy was really upset by last season, "Prather said. "She took it personal and let the girls know that Wawasee gymnastics is a tradition."

Holsopple made sure she let the current team know where she stood.

"I told them they need to have more pride," Holsopple said, noting the success of the old teams but the necessity to look forward, "They didn't have anyone to look up to last year. I wanted them to know this is a successful program and they should be proud to be a Wawasee gymnast."

Oh yeah.. crown me motivational speaker of the year! WHATEVER! It was fun and a great write-up for our head coach. I'm also supa proud of my girls this year and how many personal and team goals they've accomplished so far. Keep it up girls!

Hey, maybe Bailey should write in to the Mail Urinal and tell them his shaving story.. NO KIDDING I bet they would publish it!!!! I can see the headlines.. "Holsopple's honeymoon in Acapulco, Roommates shave Cat"


Hailey said...

Definetly have Bailey submit to the newspaper!hahaha
Congrats on the local fame! but really, you must be very proud of your team!
and your paper cracks me up!

Niki L said...

Bailey would quite possibly make front page with that story...expecially considering how expensive of "joke" it was!!
Great job in your interview!! You have made Purdue Professors proud.

Does your paper have the section that tells everyone who came to visit each other! I saw a paper in Tennessee like that once. It was only a 3 page paper, that's how small the town was!!

Jill said...

submit it! submit it!
that was such a funny cat story!

omg, the "news"paper is a lot like the weekly one from the area we'll be moving to in a few months...SCARY!

still pretty cool to see your quote in something printed though, eh? it sounds like you have a good bunch of girls on the team, and i'm sure you do great at motivating them!

Felicia said...

Ha! I'm from a small town in AZ and we also have a weekly paper that is about 4 pages long. The police report is the most exciting thing in it. =/
But it is always fun to be quoted in any paper. Good luck with your team this season.

erika said... are killing me here....i should always know...when having a bad day....
read darcy's blog...
funny funny funny....
well, except for your quote...which was of course fabulous ;) xe

RACHEL =) said...

Oh my gosh, such great, interesting articles, lol!!! I'm sure they'd love to hear all about poor Bailey's haircut!!!!

Congrats on the fame, how fun!!! =)

island girl said...

haha..ur so smart..!

Kat said...

ohmygoshtoooooooo funny! totally crackin up. reminds me of the town my parents live in....... bet gossip spreads like wild fire there too, huh?
congrats on being quoted! cute pic too. you'll have to scrap that : )

Elizabeth said...

that cracks me up!! bet the editors are not hard to hire for that paper!! seems like they could just go down to the local VP and have someone proof the line!!
it is always cool to see your own name in print( not that it has happend a whole lot for me!)
Yes, Bailey would become the talk of the town..Seriously. he would.
congrats on the team morale=)

jes said...

I love the recaps with your narratives. I was laughing out loud. Congrats on your new fame...if you meet J-lo tell her I said "hi"

Mara said...

You crack me up, D (big yellow D :))
You're practically famous.
This week, small town newspaper.
Next week, New York Times.

April said...

ok so i stopped by to tell you thank you for all your super nice words on 2peas and stumbled into a blog of funniness. i love it when that happens!

yay for makin in the small town newspaper! hee hee!


monica said...

This reminds me of my hometowns local paper "The Copper Basin". Just like Felicia said, the cop reports are about the only exciting and interesting thing to read. Good Luck!!!