Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My man, Darin Jay

I've recently scrapped 2 LO's (layouts for all the scrapbook illiterates.. DAD.. out there)of my adorable, hotie-head hubby, Darin Jay. I love this man SO incredibly much! I thought that today's blog needs to be about my Darin... the most wonderful man on the earth.

Reasons I love this man:

* He is such a LEADER! At church, with our youth group, in our family.. the man has some serious leadership skills and is so humble in the way he uses his gift.
* The man is a HOTTIE! Seriously.. I am amazed at his hotness every day.
* The boy is hilarious. He keeps me laughing and smiling 95% of the time. I still frequent my puppy post and laugh at Darin thinking that a hawk would steal the puppy on a walk.
* The boy loves me for me. A lot has happened in my past and Darin has never once judged me for who I once was or the terrible decisions I have made.
* He's got some serious energy! If Darin is excited or en fuego about something.. stay out of the way!! He may accidentally step on you.
* Darin loves sports. I can't imagine being married to a man that wasn't into sports. Sometimes he's border-line insane for the Colts, but the man is passionate in all he does!
* He is an amazing coach. I have never once heard him yell at his players (even though they've deserved it at times!) *He's super romantic. He works so hard to keep our marriage fresh and eventful! Nuf said. =)
* He loves his family and mine as if they were his own.
* Darin loves Bailey the fat cat even thought he's not too fond of kitties.
* He's never complained about my cooking and I'm pretty sure there's been a day that he should have!
* Have I mentioned that Darin it's COMPLETELY easy to look at every day?? That he's cuter than one's cuteness should be allowed?
* He's really tough, but a softy at the same time. He's the strongest man I know but majored in El Ed with a Kindergarden endorsement. Seriously sexy.
* The boy makes me anything I want.. totally made my dreams come true with that scrap room of mine!
* He puts me above himself but still remains the leader of our home. That's a hard thing to do and he's mastered it in 7 quick months! Sounds like an infomercial.. =)
* If he doesn't want to do something, you'd never know it. He doesn't complain.. EV-VA!
* Darin supports my dreams. He knows that one day I would like to possibly go back to school. He is also doing everything in his means to give me the dream of being a SAHM. (stay-at-home-mom - gymnasts and dad)
* The man can SPEAK! I am blown away every time I have the privledge of hearing him give a message. He spoke to the 2005 graduates at his old HS last year and I had chills.. the message he gave at his dad's funeral was beyond amazing and so honoring to Jim. Consider yourself blessed if you've heard this man speak. =)
* Most importantly, his love for Christ COMPLETELY exceeds his love for me. The way it should be. Period.

Okay, now that I'm crying. Can you tell I love this man? We've only been married for 7 months and have only known each other for a year and a half.. but my love for this man grows every day. I can't wait to see where we are in 20 years.


Elizabeth said...

A*mazing man!..
do you ever pinch yourself?
almost like you had to go through the "other" to find this...
I am so sure you could not have found this on your own...
praise GOD!!!
and YAY for DJay!!!
**make sure he reads this!! hehe

Elizabeth said...

oh, i meant your blog. not my post.
that would be silly.

Felicia said...

Wow! Sounds like an amazing man. You are a very blessed woman.

Your LO's look awesome.

Hailey said...

Oh My Gosh. This is too sweet! What an amazing and wonderful husband you have. You are one very blessed lady! This definetly needs to be turned into another page about your man! (you can never have too many of those!)

RACHEL =) said...

OK, so I first have to admit that I got major chills just now when I read about your youth night w/the darts and Jesus... wow, what a great lesson! (And I don't know how I missed that post!)

Secondly... wow, Darce, you have got yourself an amazing, CHRISTIAN man, which is the most wonderful blessing in the world!!! He sounds incredible, and the fact that he never complains, well I have to say he sounds almost perfect!!! You are lucky and blessed and I am soooo very happy for you!!! Like I said, I'm a romantic and it just gets ME all teary-eyed when I read stuff like this!!!!! =)

monica said...

How lucky you two are to have one another!!!! What an amazing husband you must have!!! Love how you expressed your love for him, you've inspired me to do some LO'S on my hubby!!!

Great LO'S!!!

{ brooke } said...

darcy! so sweet. so honest. so true. what an awesome guy you have. and what an amazingly awesome person you are. you're a gem, sweetie!

Kat said...

WOW! sounds like you got the perfect guy!!!! but you deserve it ; ) totally brought tears to my eyes (yeah, it probably doesn't help that i'm pmsing). he sound so wonderful, and you guys seem to be the cutest couple! you'll have to do a lo w/all those facts!

jes said...

I have enjoyed watching you two together... it is a great example of love and RESPECT. something that is not always the norm...especially in a "new" marriage. You two are one of the FEW couples that I dont hate to be in the same room with. BUT, I can't believe that you didnt put "he loves to watch LOST" as a quality. I think you may have your priorities a little out of wack there. I'm telling JACK!!

Mara said...

wow. amazing post, darcy.
darin is so lucky to have you too :)
love your Los too.
Such a scrapper stud muffin you are. ;)

island girl said...

awwww....that is so cool you are so IN LOVE with your man...that's usually a sign he's a keeper!! I loved seeing your layouts on 2peas, and love that you posted them here!!

Angel With an Attitude said...

ohhhhh...you just made me cry!!! i'm so jealous..you are one lucky woman!!i LOVE these LO's!!

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Erin said...

very sweet,
i can tell you're a very happy girl!

erika said...

i am looking all over your blog for your email....ha!
email me cwillard@nc.rr.com and I'll fill you in on our indy vacations ;) xxe

erika said...

did i not comment on this amazing post yesterday btw?
what the heck?
well, i read it yesterday...
and loved it..yesterday..
and thought i told you that...
yesterday. (duh?)
sorry my head hurts..

this entry is so beautiful darcy....really...
made me so happy for you.
you are BOTH lucky to have found each other....that's a blessing to be sure.