Monday, January 09, 2006

Everyday could be a weekend in my book...

What a great weekend! Why to weekends go so honking fast? Whoever created the traditional workweek needs to be seriously reprimanded. (I thought about writing "should be shot" but I'm guessing the poor dude is already dead.. and I'm a ministers wife and I'm guessing that ministers wives should not wish people shot.) A 4 day weekend/3 day workweek would have been splendid.

Friday night Darin took me on a date and we ended our date at my brothers concert. Oh.. I'm so proud of Greggy. First of all, he's a super cool pilot, a FAB daddy, and an amazing musician. Here's a pic of him jamming with his band on Friday night.

He's the keyboarder at the far left. He's incredibly talented. What's amazing is that he really can't read music that well. He listens and can just play. Crazy, if you ask me. My sister and I picked sports growing up and Greg was always into his keyboard and planes. It's gotten him far.. Denise (sista) and I still coach our beloved sports. I still think I'm cool and try to do handsprings and kips on bars and the next day I can hardly move. Yep, I'm pretty sure Greg isn't sore after playing in his band. =)

Saturday was a meet all day. Here are my cutie girls. It's a blurry pic because they're walking (captain obvious, here).

We had a good time. Again, have I told you how much these girls crack me up? Kristen, a sophomore that just got her license, keeps turning left at red stoplights. She just can't seem to remember that it's RIGHT on red. Crack me up! It's funny until I'm the car she crashes into..

Yesterday my old roomies and I had our annual Christmas lunch. Yes, Christmas in January. They are such good friends. They are the kinds of girls that just get me... that can laugh with me about the stupidest things.. that I have all the inside jokes with.. I just love them. Darin babysat our nephew while his mom (my sis-in-law) could come to lunch with us. I love this little boy so incredibly much.. when he saw me, he started clapping. Now, he's just learned how to clap and I'm sure it's not the first time he's seen someone and clapped, but I'd like to think that this little 8 month old knows who I was and clapped because he saw his Aunt Darcy! Look at him!!

I wish he could stay 8 months old for awhile. Actually, I can't wait until he starts talking. I'm sure he's got a lot to say. I really hope he can run fast with a name like Jett and that red hair to boot.

And then last night was youth group. Had a pretty good turnout to start up the new year:

Darin had an amazing lesson. He had the kids draw a picture of someone they didn't like or even hated. He then taped the pictures up on a dart board. One by one the kids threw darts and tried to hit the picture of the person they hated. Of course you are probably thinking (as did I) whoah.. this isn't a very constructive game for youth group. Just wait... he then talked about loving your enemies and how God teaches us to love those who persecute us or hate us. Darin then took down the bullseye to reveal a picture of Jesus.. with dart holes peircing his face. I think the kids learned that when we gossip, hurt, belittle or hate someone, it is the equivalent to gossiping against, hurting, belittling and hating Christ. Hmm.. made me wonder how Jesus feels DAILY when I gossip or belittle someone else. Just something for you to ponder today...

Have a FAB Monday!


Kat said...

totally agree with the 3 day weekends!!!!!! i've been saying that for years, but no one seems to listen!
love all the pics, the one of the girls walkign is really cool! very artsy....... funny abou tyour student, i used to stop at red lights then go, like at a stop sign. don't worry, i don't do that anymore........
cute cute baby, too! i want one!
oh, and yeah, i totally need to stop gossiping.......

Elizabeth said...

i think babies should totally stay 8-10 months old forever!! Brig was the absolute cutest then! Oh and the clapping..isn't it so funny that our little ones can perform on command? Is that why they say to get a dog before having kids? Wheel of Fortune is seriously, Brig's fave!! Jett will definately have to live up to his name...oh and the pilot thing... is that why they named him Jett? very cute!! He should have a room decked out in planes!!
great picts of your girls.. how did they do?
sooo cool about the dartboard thing... great perspective for that gonna pass that along to my friend who leads Jr High. yes, very cool for me too!

gabbyfek said...

that is powerful, my dear darcy....
and that baby is so stinkin' cute... love love love. but he should always wear the IU hat... ;)
back to work.
so wishing it was still the weekend.

Mara said...

Your little nephew is the cutest!!
I want a 4 day week so bad!
Is it Friday yet?

{ brooke } said...

okay, the nephew. seriously.
could he be any cuter?
i want someone to clap for me!
too cute.
the right on red thing still confuses me...haha!

christy said...


Raegan wanted to type her name and I was on your comments page when she asked if she could. So thats for you typed by Raegan. She's so smart!!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

i love xmas lunches w/ my friends!
we do one every year and those are the best!
i'm w/ you on the whole weekend thing!!!!!

Nichole said...

totally love the lesson that darin used darce, really gets you to think.
Jet is getting so big. Saw him in church on sunday. wow, so full of expression. I am bummed that we didn't know about Greg's concert. That would have been cool to see.

Felicia said...

Very powerful stuff. Will make me think next time I want to gossip. Your nephew is very cute!

Angel With an Attitude said...

ohhhh they're so awesome at that age!!!

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erika said...

what an incredible lesson....
wow. i did love the "whoah.. this isn't a very constructive game for youth group" line though...made me laugh outloud ;)
and Yes...your nephew is baby lust happening're not helping w/ the cutie baby pics! HA!