Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ravishing Renae!!!

Today is RENAE'S DAY!!!

I love that picture! It's like, "Who, me? Your bloggin' me today?" Of course while she is following instructions to be in the splits. Good girl, good girl.

Renae is our only Junior this year and gosh I love this girl! If you remember me talking way back in December about one of my gymnasts that dislocated her ankle, this is the girl. I will NEVER forget #1 the grossness of that ankle, #2 all your teammates running from the scene screaming like mad, and most importantly, #3 how EXTREMELY tough you were through that injury. Holy cow, she was an inspiration and a role model to our whole team with that accident.

What I like about Renae:
First and foremost, I love Renae's laugh! Renae has a laugh that can be heard and identified across the entire gym. It's super contagious so if she's-a-laughin', everyone's-a-laughin. =) Renae is super witty. Then of course she laughs after she's said something witty and it makes everyone laugh harder. She's a total sweetie.

Greatest Accomplishment:
I think Renae's greatest accomplishment had to have been last year at Sectionals on beam. We really struggled with who to put on beam for Sectionals and we decided to put Renae on the roster. Oh gosh, she couldn't have done a better routine on the floor! She really showed us what she was made of and I was so proud of her.

What makes Renae, Renae:
First of all, Renae's pretty red hair makes Renae, Renae! It's so stinking gorgeous and she can do the whole straight/curly thing.. so versatile. Anywho, Renae is so head strong. (I think it may come with that red hair) If this girl wants something, she'll go after it. Whether it's a boys, a skill, originality in her routine.. she'll go after it. =)

How I am Proud of Renae:
Well, of course I am proud of you with your whole injury thing. It hasn't gotten you down and you are SO optimistic of next year. And she has the CUTEST irsh floor routine and music. I was SO excited to see her perform it.. But I know that you will be SO important to our team next year (and maybe some this year if your healed enough to come back). I am also proud of how you've grown up over the years I've known you.

This is a fun picture. She had just come from a doctor's appointment and when I looked at her I screamed, "Oh my gosh! They had to amputate?" Dude, doesn't it seriously look like she doesn't have a foot? Whew.. praise Jesus they didn't have to take the foot. =) Love ya Girl!!!

Alrighty, blog friends of mine! Time to Praise-up cutie-head little Renae!!!


Hailey said...

Woo hoo for redheads! hehehe!
That splits pic..wow...I only wish my legs would bend apart that far!!! Seems like you have some MAD gymnist skills girl!

Jessica F said...

eeek just *reading* about her ankle gives me the chills so wow you must be tough chica!!! Love your hair!

jes said...

I liked the upside down picture... I was turning my head to see if I coul see it right side up...and I almost fell. OK Renae, I want to extend some props for still remaining to be a crucial part of your team. A lo of people would cut and run and you are obviously sticking with the clan and being a huge support.
ps- I love the red hair...most of my favorite people are red heads. Cant wait to hear more about you
by the way, I also liked the part about your fun irish music...way to grab that heritage and run with it.

Niki L said...

Way to go, Renae! Floor routines that have fun originality are the best to see, great job on that one! Also, props on a great beam routine, definitely not the easiest thing to stick everything on 4 inches, but it sounds like you are doing great (minus the ankle, hope it's healing quickly)!

RACHEL =) said...


Erin said...

ahhh, to be young and limber!
beautiful girl!
sorry about your ankles,

Mara said...

Yay for being one tough cookie!
Can I have some of your flexibility, please?!? :)

Jill said...

of course, i LOVE that red hair, Renae! keep your *positive* attitude and enjoy those high school years!

Nichole said...

Props for being injured an still supporting your team through it. You could have walked away and been completely pessmistic. But you chose the high road. Nice job.

By the way how do you keep the blood from rushing to your head in that handstand? Just wondering.

{ brooke } said...

how beautiful are you?!
and so tough, and so awesome.
yay for your toughness.
and yay for your spunk.
you're too cute!

Darin said...

I'm still hoping that you can make it back this year, but either way, we'll be looking forward to a strong Sr. year.

Emily said...

you guys look like you have so much fun. I sooo wish I would've tried gymnastics when I was really young--but there were no real tumbling programs in our area. It's my very favorite olympic sport to watch.

Linz said...

Gosh I'm so late on this! But you are a cutie head Renee! Love ya girl! Can't wait for next year so I can finally watch ya do your thang:-) Love Coach Linz