Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Adorable Alyssa!!!

Today's Gymnast of the Day is the amazing, adorable, awesome:

Miss Alyssa!!!

Isn't that a fun picture? She looks like a ghost.. but a ghost that is doing a very nice front tuck dismount on the ol' beam-a-ro.. it's so nice and high but we need to work on tightening those knees so that your legs'll be a little more together.. sorry! The coach in my is a coming out!

Alyssa is SO, SO, SO much fun! She is hilarious and has supa gestures. Let's just say she gets into what she's saying and her hands'll be flying and her eye-balls start bugging out.. it totally cracks me up! This girl can DANCE too. Her floor routine has an O-so-cute Latino kinda jive. She does it so eloquently and with her own Alyssa style. Judges comment on how polished she looks.

Lys is the gal to the left with a hilarious face goin' on. =)

What I like most about Lyssa:
Lyssa has SUCH a positive outlook on gymnastics and life in general. Not much gets this girl down. She is an extremely hard worker and so incredibly coachable.

Alyssa's Greatest Accomplishment:
Alyssa has done so well at perfecting her floor routine. Last year I remember hearing her music the most during practice because she was continually doing routine after routine to make sure that her floor-ex was the best that it could be. This girl is so naturally talented as well. She recently got her backhandspring tuck and has started working layouts. By about her 3rd one we were sooooo completely impressed! They were beautiful!!! The skill looked like she'd been doing them for years. So proud of you girlie and we need to keep working them so that we can slap that baby in a routine soon. =)

Funny story of Alyssa:
Oh gosh.. she and I came up with her beam mount and it's this super cool shoulder roll thing. We were practicing it and as I was spotting her, I went in too quickly and completely punched her in the face. Yep, coachal abuse, right here. Bless her heart she came up laughing with tears in her eyes and kept saying how it didn't hurt and she was only crying because it was near her eye and her eyes were watering. Yeah, right.. "I JUST PUNCHED YOU IN THE FACE!" But we laugh about it now and this just shows how cute and tough this little gal is. =) And apparently likes to be smacked in the face!

What makes Alyssa, Alyssa:
I just love Alyssa's personality! It's so bubbly and fun. She's SO smiley and giggly.. so contagious. Love you girl and this type of outlook on life and personality will get you SO far in life. (holy cow, let me say SO one more time!!!)

Oh yeah, another ghost picture! Promise she's not see-through in real life!!!

How I am proud of Alyssa:
I am proud of you for how you've contributed to our team.. your fun-ness, talent and positive outlook benefits our team immensely. Can't imagine our team without you!

Here we go bloggers!!! Time to tell Alyssa what a cutie-head she is!!! BTW.. Thanks for praising my girls. I've got parents and some of the girls friends checking out the blog to see their Gymnast of the Day.. you are helping make this a huge success!!! They all have made comments to what you've said.. thanks so much!!


Mara said...

Wow miss Alyssa...
ghost or no ghost, those are some tough moves you've got going on!!
You seem very spunky and sweet, even when being punched in the face :)

{ brooke } said...

alyssa -- how cute you are!
and jeeze, you're good!
some latin influece?!
keep up the good work!
*and keep talking with your people do it!

island girl said...

Girl...I'm loving your "Gymnast of the Day" posts! they are all so fun and cute and so full of life...where have those days gone for me?!

Hailey said...

Alyssa - Glad you are the type of person who can roll with the punches...hehehe...or maybe you need to get Darcy back!
nah...just keep up the good work, I am always amazed by gymnists and their ability to flip...everywhere, and you seem like no exception!

jes said...

alyssa, I too am a class clown of sorts. Keep laughing through life. People will continue to see you as invinsible! Laughter is my most effective tool against the DRAMA of the WORLD. By the way, I love your invisible pictures...very harry potter of you!
Keep your head held high!

Niki L said...

WHOA...those are some great action shots!! Don't let a punch in the face scar you for life on the beam ;) I'm sure you're doing great.

Keep having fun and making silly sounds like a joy to coach such a great, positive girl!

erika said...

darcy this is the sweetest thing!
i love that you're doing this...
i'm going back tonight and reading them all...
what a great coach you must be ;)

Wendy said...

I've been lurking your (and everyone else who posts on 2peas) blog for a while and just wanted to comment. You seem like an awesome coach and I love hearing about your girls. Good idea! Here is a random tidbit-One of my bestfriends from College( a good school-IU) grew up with Niki (one of your links). Small world. Anyway, thanks for entertaining me throughout my workday!

Elizabeth said...

amazing alyssa- how do you do that thang??? I mean you go so fast through your routines its almost like you're not even there!! great tactic for the judges!
keep up your FUN spirit!! Especially when you have to get out and be serious..laughter will get you through.. and its contagious=)
good luck this season!

Jill said...

Sounds like you've got great gymnast skills, Alyssa! That positive outlook is just SO important in life. Keep it up!

Valerie said...

Darcy you are such an amazing coach!! Love how you've dedicated the next nine blogs to your girls!! I love the pic of Alyssa doing the fancy tumble...very cool!! The girls are lucky to have you!!

Darin said...

It is good you aren't see through...that would be weird!

Keep working hard and driving to be better. You are on your way up. Stay hungry and enjoy it!

Linz said...

You have soooo much talent Alyssa! I'm so glad you're still a youngster cuz you're going to grow so much is this sport...I'm tellin ya you have amazing potential! Thanks for being such a joy to coach! And you're just silly...Thanks for making me laugh:-) I love that! Linz

Linz said...

You have soooo much talent Alyssa! I'm so glad you're still a youngster cuz you're going to grow so much is this sport...I'm tellin ya you have amazing potential! Thanks for being such a joy to coach! And you're just silly...Thanks for making me laugh:-) I love that! Linz