Monday, February 27, 2006

Hodge Podge-Post

Happy, happy Monday!!! What a great, great birthday weekend!!

I'm not thinking that we're gunna starve anytime soon, that's for sure. Friday night Darin's mom took us out to dinner and a movie. I am so blessed with such a cool m-i-l. She is just the sweetest. =) She was being very cute with her "when am I gunna be a grandma?" round-about questions. =) Her question was, "So Darcy, (specifically speaking to me cuz she knew I'd be more likely to choke up the answer).. when do you think you'll be able to quit your job?" Darin wouldn't let me tell her. I think we're going the "no pressure" route.

Mara.. Darin got some $ for Cubbies tickets this summer so we gotta meet up!!! He was SO excited cuz the tickets went on sale on his b-day. Althought there is some bad news... there isn't a home game when CHA is in Chi-town. My plan failed to send him to a Cubs game while I drool over new scrap-supplies. =( We need a new plan..

Saturday I took Darin to Oakwood for dinner. This is the restaurant/hotel I worked at for like 6 summers through high school and college. It's so stinking gorgeous. I was in awe of it when I worked there too. We had SUCH good food. Darin had the all-you-can-eat prime rib which equals "plate-o-heaping-meat". He was in red-meat heaven. I had the BEST shrimp I've ever had. Seriously. It was so nice to not have an agenda and to sit and talk. That doesn't happen for Darin and I often so we took advantage of our time!

Oh, the darling Miss RACHEL did a post about recipes and I think I'll do one of those soon. Always willing to share and try others new recipes! Anyone else wanna do a day of recipes? We should start our own holiday. Who wants to sign up? How about we declare Wednesday, March 1st as "Bloggin' Recipe Day". Anyone in? I'm in.

Last thing.. here are some LO's that I've done recently & have posted everywhere but here, where my dad can see!!

Dad, I hope you don't get quiver chin with this one.. I know your gunna like it. =)

And I participated in a B-day lift for Keisha (klcards) with 2Peas.. man, that chica is TALENTED!!!! Seriously could not decide which of her mega talented pages to lift. So fun!!


Mara said...

sounds like you had a good weekend!!
lovin the LOs these days, chica! :)
and yes, come to CHICAGO!

Valerie said...

I'm so glad you had a good weekend with your birthday boy!! Love the pics of you two!! And love the pages, very awesome!!

Elizabeth said...

okay..glad that you ate well this weekend..
so cool that you went back to Oakwood! start some NEW memories=)
yeah, we tried to dodge that baby pressure, well before we were even engaged!! let em sweat.. I mean who really has to deal with the kiddos, anyway!!(or just get pg,and they'll shut up!)
great layouts, and you know Ive already praised em! so funny that you did the whole cubs/cha idea.. that is seriously what I told andrew about us getting away. but, he may just go to a museum instead!!
I had told R I would blog my recipes.. so now I have to since you made it a challenge. Wed.. for sure*****

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend,
and i love those lo's!

Wendy said...

Sounds like some good birthday times were had. I saw that layout on your mom on 2peas and love it. Very touching.

island girl said... your pics! your hair is so cute straight and curly!! i'm so jealous..i have hair envy!! lol!!

glad to hear your man had such a great bday weekend!

jes said...

thanks for not posting the pics of the meat. Those were a little strange. I love you so much, you make me laugh.
Very cute lo's and I am in on the reciepe day, ok talk to you soon

RACHEL =) said...




Felicia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I remember my parents giving my brother and SIL the squeeze about grandkids. I think they have just given up on me. HA!

Jill said...

what a great weekend :) and yeah, we went through the baby questions too before we had one...and then right after my son was born people started asking us when we were going to have another, ugh!! of course, when my kids get married someday i'll be the 1st to ask about grandbabies!!

love the LO's, yours are so awesome, and i love how you put stuff together =)

i'm up for doing a recipe blog on Wed., good idea!!

monica said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend for you two. Love the LO'S

Angel With an Attitude said...

love this!!! and you HAVE to go to chicago for CHA!!