Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today's a good day...

Why, you ask me?

1. Because Mr. T. picked Sarah from TN last night on the Bachelor! YEAH!!! So stinking happy that Moana got the boot. Seriously, you struck out with the ol' parents. If you can't tell Mr. and Mrs. T. what you like about the man that is "completing your soul" then I'm thinking your full of poopy & enjoyed your free trip to Paris.

2. I got lifted on 2Peas by Celine (dbsceline)! So cool. Most of the praise is in French. =) Even cooler cuz I have no clue what they are saying.

3. Hanni (rymes with Connie) emailed me out of the blue yesterday when we realized that we only live 30 minutes away from each other!! HOLY COW!! This is the amazing, doodle genius, uber talented HANNI! So happy to have a new close scrap buddy. Maybe her doodle powers will rub off on me. Or maybe we'll have a play date with Miyagi and Bailey the fat cat. Pretty sure Bailey would punch Miyagi's eyes... he has punched the eye's of every dog he has ever met. Maybe the play date is not such a good idea...

4. Traveling to my favorite "LSS" (local scrapbook store, dad and Jes) tonight. Okay, you all know that I live in the boonies of Indiana, right? "Local" for me means a 40 minute drive.. but COMPLETELY worth every second of the drive. I walk into this place and seriously hyperventilate cuz I'm overwhelmed by the sites, smells, and tastes of scraping supplies. Okay, so "tastes" is kinda pushing it. Although couple years ago I accidentally choked on a string of fiber. That's why fiber went out.. you can die from it! Or at least I could manage to die from it.

5. Buying our house tonight. Yeah, number 5 on the "Today's gunna be a good day list" actually makes my want to vomit when I think about it. Now, we already own a house but for some reason we think we need two. Yes, because every youth minister and his wife on a tight budget need 2 homes. Actually it's because the one we live in is finished so Darin's bored.. we're just getting the next bomb lined up to remodel. And it's in the school district we want and 2 doors down from Darin's mom. This one is actually not as much "bomb-ish" as the one that we live in now was. If anyone has any suggestions on what color of siding to put on the thing, let me know. The stone/bricks have to stay... it's apart of the house. The red siding, however needs to make a new home in the dumpster next to that flag pole inside a cement basket. Barf.

6. Tomorrow is National Blog your Favorite Recipe Day! So Rachel posted some yummy recipes yesterday on her blog and I can't wait to try them. So if you'd like, post your fave recipe tomorrow! Let's create our own holiday!

I'm hoping that you too have a good day.


Mara said...

yay for new house!
umm, LSS. jealous.
i miss mine.
i want stuff.
ok, i am working too much :(

Jill said...

whooo hooo for getting lifted, Darcy! although i'm not surprised, your stuff is awesome =)

and so cool you have a scrapper that close, esp. one that is as talented as she is!

Elizabeth said...

isn't it cool when someone actually thinks your LO is good enough to lift.. such an honor.. (and makes up for the ones, that we sit and stare.. and think .well.. ick!) someone out there will think differently. Yay for you!!
yes, this 2peas world is such a small, small one!
crazy when you find out someone in cyberspace is "real" and close!
Andrew thinks I am a dork for getting all pumped bout stuff like that!
yay for doodles!!
have fun shopping.. make sure you have your cell programmed to 911.. just in case!
..and kudos to you.. for being willing to "live" through that house..
Im too much of a "princess".. no way could I hack it!!
i'd be even more worried that it is 2 doors away from a MIL!!

Valerie said...

That's so cool that you found a new scrapping buddy!! And Hanni's pages are amazing!! You two will have fun!! I'm dying to go to my LSS..this weekend..so excited..YAY for the new house!! I might post a recipe too..desserts...the only thing I really don't mind "cooking"!! Have an awesome day!!

Wendy said...

Have fun at the LSS!!! It is the happiest place around:)
I like brown siding right now. Actually brown sounds ugly so think of it as chocolate colors. Doesn't that sound nice?

jes said...

Darcy, I am hoping that lifted is a good thing. If so-congrats and you should have been lifted a long time ago...if not, screw them for lifting you, they dont know what they are talking about. You are the cutest scrapper in the universe.
by the way I figured out why I LOVE to read your blog...You write like you talk, I can picture you in front of me telling me a story of the day. i just love it, so fun.
where is this scrap store that you going to? There are some rockin' ones in Fort Wayne, someday I would be honored to take you to scrap book heaven.
And I vote for WHITE siding, I think that it is a bit traditional but I love traditional when it comes to any house. A white house with all kinds of greenery or a garden, just seems like fun to me. or Purple, you pick ;)

Nichole said...

Congrats on the new house. I have someone else that is interested in looking at your old house. Did you have it appraised yet? Just wondering. When I am healthy I will bring them over to look at it. Can't wait I have never seen your house. I am sure I will be in awe of the decorating. You definitely have a nack. Glad to hear that darin's birthday went well and he was feeling better.

Congratulations on getting lifted.

Anonymous said...

yay for getting a new house!!!!
although 2 doors down for the MIL would be a bit much for me,
but as far as babysitting goes you're gonna be set one day!
cup half full i tell ya!

monica said...

So happy you got lifted, that page of yours was so pretty!!

And congrats on the new house!!

Darin said...

That was good stuff! You had me laughing through the whole thing!