Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let's Talk about Pet Peeves

Yeah, I got a few of them. Let's make a list cuz lists are the way my doofy brain works..

- I hate driving. Period. I hate it. Why, cuz there's OTHER MORONS ON THE ROAD! Don't you hate it when your driving along.. do, de, do-do.. and some pookey pulls out in front of you? Making you slam on your breaks and then you get the priveledge of following them going 10 MPH under the limit? And I LOVE it when there's NO ONE behind you. Seriously, get off the road. Sweet, innocent Darcy becomes a raging lunatic when behind a wheel.

- I strongly detest noisy eaters. Yeah, the kind of people that smack their lips while eating. Ewe. I think my dad made me a psycho about this one. He was s stickler about closing your mouth while eating & chewing gum. No one wants to hear the process of you consuming your food.

- I don't like "one-uppers". The kind of people that always have a story better than yours, an injury that hurt worse than yours.. a nose hair longer than yours.. I don't care! It drives me nuts! I'm all competitive and stuff, but not about stupid trivial crap. I stay clear of one-uppers.. it drives me that nuts.

- When someone is shaking their leg on the ground, you know, the figitity thing that makes the entire floor shake. I once went on a date with a guy that had this habit.. didn't quite like him as much after than date. WOAH, I just re-read that and it sounds so shalllow! It seriously drives me batty, though!

- When public bathrooms have the blow-dryer-hand thingies and no towels. I'm too impatient to let my hand get "blown dry" and then I have to walk away with wet hands. When I come out and grab Darin's hand, of course I tell him that I peed on my hand. I'm such a dork!

- Oh.. don't you hate it when your grocery shopping and people leave their cart in the middle of the row and walk away from it leaving you stuck behind the abandoned cart? This one really burns me..

- The statement, "I know how you feel." This one was definitely hard when I lost my mom. It's such a powerful statement and I try to never say it to anyone.. how do I know how they feel? Circumstances are always SO different from person to person.

- Oh, what about this one.. the people that ask to have a sip of your can of pop and leave a river? EWE!!! (AKA a "river" is that little dip in the can where the drink comes out) That has GOT to be saliva! GROSS!! A lesson to all: sip your rivers!!

- My biggest pet peeve is when scrappers post their LO's on 2Peas, KMA and on their blogs.. gosh, get a life! hehehehehe.. So Jessie has me all hooked on KMA now! Yesterday I accidently posted my "Cyber Love" page twice (newbie, here) so I covered it up by putting my "Fall Festitivites" page on top of it.. and I had already posted it on 2Peas. OOPS! And I post my pages on my blog so that my fam can see them. So please don't get sick of DarcyH pages! Here you go, familia:

Okay, I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton-0-peeves cuz I'm so easily annoyed.. but comment on your peeves too. We gotta see how weird everyone is. Or is it just me???


Jill said...

oh Darcy i'm loving this post!!

i'm with you on the driving & noisy eaters. my hubby is a noisy eater & i have to hold back my comments or try to comment nicely which is hard! still working on him after 12 years together ;)

"i know how you feel" is a hard one, people try to mean well but gosh that is really not true is it?

one of my pet peeves is when people (children) fight with siblings over a deceased parent(s) they think Mom/Dad is proud of that behavior & UGH, that one just really gets me fired up.

another is people not respecting/desecrating historic sites & antiques -- cannot stand it when this happens. just this week i heard a blip in the news about some monument or something getting destroyed at Gettysburg?? not sure if that's correct but i about got sick hearing that. ya know, historic things & their history can never be re-created so it just gets me going.

now that i've blogged on your blog, that's one of my pet peeves too!! hee, hee.

Hailey said...

I completely agree with ALL your pet peeves!!!
gotta add mine to the list though: chewing with your mouth open....especially GUM!!! i HATE that!!!
OH, and people who will be walking in the mall or on the street and just stop in the middle of the walkway to look at something! hello, you are blocking the whole lane!!
ohh what a great way to start the day ;)

wog said...

hey Darcy - I'm gonna add some of my own...since i've worked in an office, i think i've developed some more.
-whistling along w/ the radio. if you're alone, fine. but in the workplace, no.
-i also can't stand it when people are nosey - they jump in on a conversation or stop and read your computer screen over your shoulder. really rude.
enough venting for me :)

Half Pint said...

Absolutely agree with your pet peeves 100%. Also hate it when:

- you ask someone a question via e-mail and they take forever to respond because you know it's as quick as clicking a button

- people who "lose" or "forget" things constantly, I just don't know how they got this far with that much disorganization

BTW, here's my e-mail if you ever want to get in touch:

And my blog, which is pretty boring compared to yours : )

Felicia said...

Oh, we don't have enough time for me to list pet peeves. I got tons of them. People are always pissing me off.

But on to nicer things. Your LO is so cute. I love looking at your stuff. Keep posting it everywhere!

Mara said...

oh ya, well my peeves are way better than yours! :)

love that LO. Love that you post them on the bloggage b/c I don't have time to look at 2Ps much these days :( Sad sad....

Tracy said...

we have a lot of the same pet peeves! lol
I also hate when people in my family use the last paper towel or toilet paper and don't bother to replace it for the next person. drives me nuts!

christy said...

Ever heard of Brian Regan? He's a hilarious (and clean, as in does not feel the need to be totally vulgar and disgusting in order to be funny) stand up comedian who did a bit on ME monsters! I love it. Its so true. No one likes me monsters .. the person who always talk about themselves and one-up everyone else. Big pet peve of mine too. They are so annoying.

Becky said...

LOL! We have alot of the same pet peeves. Experienced the shopping cart one yesterday, in fact. And I'm married to a leg shaker...sigh...LOL! Beautiful LO, BTW!

Lorrie said...

No pet peeves here. I'm perfect. I never get irrated with people who are driving...
or with people who leave their grocery carts in the isle...
or when people try to one up me...
Bwaaaahaaaa! great blog!! I had fun reading it. Oh, and I have a TON of pet peeves.... just not enough time to start listing them! lol!!!!!! And I am SOOOOOOO far from perfect it ain't even funny!!!!!!

jes said...

I love this one. I am a road rager too, and I hate the "I know how you feel" (the divorce time for me though) and I was clapping my hands and singing a hymn during the loud eaters part. and when you talked about the one-upper, I fully agree, but sometimes fear that I do that. I am working on it. I just like to contribute too much sometimes. Problem and I am aware of it!
This was a way fun post.
by the way I love your LO's (look at that use of lingo) and I really enjoy seeing them all the time. Just in case you wondered. I think that you are really good at this stuff...but I am still not addicted to it
Super fun.
Maybe we should install a blog-ing cafe in Jessica Land?!?!
We can call it the SOAP BOX. that would be cute

Elizabeth said...

so funny.. yet so true!
I probably have a slight case of road rage.. I used to think.. do people not have a life or care to get where they are going.. I don't like slow drivers!
HATE, HATE, one uppers.. drives me crazy... if you are giving sympathy or empathy.. ok.. but not just to show someone up.. get real.
i would have to say I don't like it when people just stop in the middle of the mall..for NO reason
or when people constantly have to give drama.. really bad drama to every situation.
and I really can't stand when coughing up some mongo loud, slurpy, chunky bodily function or blowing one of these into a napkin..IN PUBLIC!!
especially in a restaurant!!

RACHEL =) said...


Erin said...

we share a mind!!!!
girl, we have the exact same pet peeves.
when i was ready this i was totally laughing and saying "heck yeah!".
love that lo!

Valerie said...

You and I share the same pet peeves...yup!! Especially the one with driving that drives me nuts!!! Love the page, looks awesome!!

LindsayT said...

OK.....I share all these pet peeves with you..PLUS many more!
My boyfriend compares me to Monica from friends because I can be so nit-picky! I always "take your friends" when someone drinksout of my pop so they dont leave the "river" hehe.
Love your LO!

island girl said...

ok, i'm so with you on the one upper deal...and you tell Darrin you peed on your hand? i so have to use that line on TJ!!

Jessica F said...

I totally hear ya on most of those!!! I think I'm a cart leaver, but never in the middle of the aisle!

"I know how you feel" is SO huge with me too. I've been told that when a loved one of someone dies that is like the #1 thing you don't say to them. "I know how you feel", "they are better in heaven," and stuff like that because it doesn't really make the person feel any better.

hehe you've got my mind going now to do a pet peeve entry!!! ;)

I love seeing your posts on 2peas, KMA, *and* your blog!!! The more the better in my mind so post tons and post 'em everywhere! hehe xo