Monday, February 20, 2006

"Give me something to blog about"

Do you ever feel like a weekend never happened? That you in fact did not just have 2 days off from work? Weekend what? Welp, that's kinda how I felt today after a weekend jam packed full of activities. Most of them included the cutie-head girls pictured below...

so in fact, it was a great, lots of laughing, supa fun weekend!

Every year we travel two hours to participate in a Saturday invitational. We head up on Friday after school, have a great meal and stay at the hotel I used to work at. Of course there was lots-o-laughter at dinner. Lots-o-laughter plus these girls mean somone's gunna pee their pants. Yes, in fact, someone did pee their pants but I will spare you the picture. Yes, I took a picture of one of my girls peed pants because it's needed for the slide show at the awards banquet. We're gunna have to make the dad's turn their heads because I'm pretty sure they'll be grossed out. *&#$)@#, you know who you are.. invest in some depends!

Every year the girls have fun playing in the pool at the hotel. Very shortly after we got to the pool, the entire Penn State boys basketball team walks into the pool area. Seriously, none of my girls said a word.. just followed the poor boys with their eyes. The boys stared back... probably wondering how old the cuties in the pool are. You've seen my girls, they're hot! That's when my big sister mentality comes on overload and I wanna say, "THEY ARE HIGH SCHOOLERS, BACK OFF TALL BOYS!" But, I keep my mouth shut thinking to myself, "Hmmm, this could be a blogging opportunity." Blogging Darcy won over Big Sister Darcy. =)

So I tell Kristen, our little dare-devil, outgoing Kristen, to give me something to blog about. She gets the huge grin on her face and is up for the challenge. A couple girls follow her cuz they want to be in on the action. Here's Kristen and her posee, "giving me something to blog about".

Do you wanna know what she said? She walks up to those boys and says, "We're hear for a gymnastics meet. Yeah, we're gymnasts." Thank you captain obvious! Very blog worthy!!! Needless to say it made us laugh and in fact I AM blogging about it!

Then I take a picture of them taking a picture of the boys! Look at all of them! Isn't that hilarious!

That one tall boy not participating in the group picture is like, "Seriously! We're just college basketbal players." I was ready for one of my girls to fall into the pool. Fun stuff. Gotta love those girls!

And I made them take this picture of all of them texting.

SERIOUSLY... these girls are obsessed with their phones! If they aren't talking on it, they are texting! It makes me laugh and roll my eyes at the same time. One girl texted our other coach.. she was in the back of the bus and the coach was at the front of the bus. I got a call from one of the girls at dinner.. from the other end of the table. She wanted to know if I had IB Proffen. Gotta love technology. But, fun pictures like this give me reasons to scrap. =) I will stop complaining.

I'll leave you with a page I worked up last night.

It's of cutie-head Darin. Yep, this is our V-day page for this year. No lovey, dovey picture at a pretty restaurant for us.. Darin was in bed with the pukes! This older pic and a SWEET, SWEET email from D for journaling will do. In fact, it's 10x's better than a typical V-day page. =)


Jill said...

your girls are so cute and silly, brings back memories of high school!!

when you said "texting" I had to really think about what it was...I'm a old-fogey when it comes to technology :(

cute LO!

Valerie said...

I love your gymnast girls!! They seem so fun and you must laugh tons with them!! Love the pics!! And with the boys!! WOOHOO!! Good for them!! Glad you all had fun!! Love the page of your honey!!

kaylaaimee said...

hey, are you submitting as planned? b/c your pages are rawkin:)

your hubby looks like one of my ex's, makes me laugh everytime I think about it :)

jes said...

THink of how much you mean to those girls. You let them be a little crazy, you hold them on top of pedastles and you are a constant cheerleader. Wow darcy, you are such a blessing to those girls. How fun!!!
I love watching people who really love our kids. IT is just such a nice change of pace sometimes.
That is yet another reason why I love you

Elizabeth said...

i seriously don't think I could be around such " high schooly" stuff !
I would drive me nuts..glad you have the patience for that!
Since I dated mostly college athletes, I know how so many girls think.. oooooo... what big stuff these guys are.. I never that they were anything that big.. but now that 2 of them play in the NFL.. its kinda cool to say.. they're ex-es!!
so fitting that your girls had the pictures of them!
hope you all had fun and sorry you had to stay at UICC!!
glad to see you dined at Texas rh!!
one of my faves!!
fabulous lo.. and what a SWEET email!

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun darcy,
and your lo is amazing!

Niki L said...

Those are great pictures!! I'm sure the girls had an unforgettable time!!

That is a great lo, too!

Mara said...

you're so cute, darcy!
love the way that you take care of your gymnasts!!

Jessica F said...

hehe, you are your girls are just the cutest!!! And I LOVE that b-day page of yours. Seriously every time you post something new, it becomes my new favorite. This is no exception! ;) You should enter it in the KMA Heartthrob contest!!! xo

LindsayT said...

Those girls are too funny. I love the pic of them with all the texting going on!!!

Great LO...I love it!

Linz said...

How funny! Good job on showing the obvious hilarity that we both experienced with our silly head girlies:-) Especially the pool scene! They are hooked so bad on those phones! HA HA!

island girl said...

haha...i totally love the pic of the girls texting!!! and seriously? peed their pants?!