Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lovely Laura!!!

Today's Gymnast of the Day is the evah so Lavishing, eLegant, Lovely, exceLLent, Laughable:


Wohoo! Today's your day, chica-a-de! Lovely is a good word to describe Laura. She's so elegant and pretty. She's really soft-spoken and such a sweetie! She is so fun to watch.. she has such good gymnastics fundamentals.. the girls legs are always straight and her toes are always pointed. She has led us in scores the past 2 years. (Yep, she's only a sophomore!) She is such a good gymnast and has a lot to be proud of.

What I like about Laura:
I like how she's led our team as a sophomore! She is such a naturally talented little gal. It's easy to build on her skills because she's got a very good knowledge of gymnastics. I also love Laura cuz she's got high ambitions. She's ready to do whatever it takes to make her routines better.

Greatest Accomplishment:
Laura's greatest accomplishment would probably be conquering her fear of the blasted fly-away dismount on bars! Last year she HATED her bar dismount.. Nika and her went around and around about this STUPID dismount. This year, she freaked out a few times but has decided to OWN the fly-away.. she's no longer afraid of them. (It helps that your looking forward to trying your new dismount soon, isn't it???)

A funny story about Laura:
Hmmm.. it's gotta be your new release move on bars that you accidentally tried out for us at Monday's meet. She was in the middle of her bar routine and her hand slipped off on a clear hip. Her body all wacker-jawed flew off and she looked at us coaches TRYING not to laugh. She knew she had to finish her routine even though the skill she had (accidentally) pulled off was hilarious. I don't know how judges keep a straight face sometimes!!!

What makes Laura, Laura:
Okay, the first thing that makes Laura, Laura is the way she freaks out about equipment! Yep, this girl flips out if something's not perfect with the equipment! She's our equipment natzi.
She's also queen of the phrase, "Just stand there, don't touch me.. but just stand there!" This happens when she's doing a skill that she's still freaked about but wants to do it on her own. =)
But Laura is also a natural born leader. I know many of the girls look up to her and her abilities.

How I am proud of Miss Laura:
I am proud of Laura for all she's accomplished this year. She has a completely new and revamped beam routine from last year and her scores have been showing it. She's also inserting 2 high superiors into her bar routine within the next few meets (Lindsay called me last night about you getting your uprise! YEAH!!!) You've improved a ton this year and I can't wait to see what next year brings!! Keep up the good work, Laura!

Alright.. I'll spare you by not writing a poem or singing a jingle. Just help me out by honoring LAURA as today's GYMNAST OF THE DAY!!!


kaylaaimee said...

sweet job! You look good on the last beam picture, nice form :) Once I fell off the bars doing a back hip circle- just never know what's gonna throw ya! congrats on being super fab!

Jill said...

wow, Laura, is sounds like you've got great skills, and if you keep working hard you'll have a couple more great years ahead of you! nice picture of you on that beam, lots of concentration in your face! (a little jealous here!) great job, keep it up :)

Elizabeth said...

laura, laura, you are amazing!
great job with beam.
great job with laughing.
keep it up that spirit and tenacity will get you FAR!!
good luck thru the season =)

Felicia said...

I have just been loving these blogs about your girls. They are very blessed to have coach like you.

Anonymous said...

darcy, you are so sweet for doing this for your team!
where were you when i was in high school????
oh wait, you were probably in elementary school!!!!

Kat said...

awesome! dismounting off a bar sounds freaky to me........ love hearing about your girls!

Wendy said...

Laura sounds like you've got determination and skills. Good Luck!
went to PIT yesterday! Love it!
Got some good Heidi Swapp stuff.

jes said...

Laura you looked great on that beam. Keep up the hard work. Laughing will get you everywhere, so keep giggling too.

Darin said...

You're a fun gymnast to watch. You definitely have a grace with your performance. It is cool to hear stories of how you are getting new things. Keep working hard and being a team player. You will be one of the girls to put WHS back on the way...who has the most Sectional Championships of any sports program in Indiana?

Linz said...

Two words: Super Talent! You definitely own that, Laura! I'm so glad you have such awesome abilities with amazing form! It's the best! Keep reaching for your potential! We know you have more in there somewhere!:-) Can't wait for the next 2 years with you! Love ya girlie:-) Linz