Tuesday, February 07, 2006


First of all, thank you guys again for being so supportive of my Gymnast of the Day. Seriously, it was a huge success and a lot of you will never know how much that meant to the girls. Thanks so much!!! And now you guys "know" the cutie-head's I get to hange out with all the time.

Secondly, I've missed you so much! I bet you guys have missed Bailey the fat cat more than you've missed me. I know you have. Maybe he'll blog some day soon again. I will treat you to a picture of Bailey the fat cat sun-bathing. He always crosses his legs to avoid exposing his man-parts. He's so modest.

For today's blog, I've got some randomness going on in my head so let's address those thoughts now:

- I have been caffeine-free for a WEEK AND A HALF now! Can you believe it? Not even a drop of caffeinated beverage has come even close to my lips. Yep, it's been horribly hard. I wouldn't tell my worst enemy to stop drinking caffeine. The headache last Monday was so unbearable.. it felt as though my head was going to blow up, no joke. Poor Darin. My next January 27th Resolution should be to quit complaining. Yep, I can't quit complaining until next January 27th because obviously that's the only day I can start resolutions. This is the LONGEST I have ever been without caffeine! Am I not pathetic? I actually had pizza today at lunch without a DC.. whoah... truly amazing.

- There's this guy here at work that I have probably said 8 words to my entire life and he calls me "Darce". Okay, I have a slight problem with that. "Darce" is my nick name to people who KNOW me. All of my blog friends can call me Darce, of course because I KNOW YOU MORE THAN THIS GUY. Strange. His name is "Bob" and I'm going to call him "Bo" from now on and see if he likes it.

- I will take ANY tips on advice in talking Darin into letting me go to CHA (Craft & Hobby Association trade show.. explanation for my non-scrap friends & dad) in CHICAGO this summer! Yeah, it's only 2 hours from my house and over a weekend so I wouldn't even have to take any time off work. Seriously, it's meant to be. If that's not a sign that I should be there, then I don't know what is. Come on guys, we need a game plan. The "Talk-Darin-Jay-into-letting-Darce-go-to-CHA Chicago" Campaign.

- Has anyone tried the Special K diet? If any of my family is reading this they are going to kill me.. but I'm getting a tad worried about a wedding I'm gunna be in April 8th. I ordered the dress in my normal size even though my mesurements said I should be up one. But this is the thing.. at my other old roomies wedding in Oct I got the bigger size and it was huge. Both of the dresses are from the same designer so the sizes should be accurate. Anywho, anyone ever lost weight on the Special K diet? I feel as thought my hiney is enlarging. =(

- Anyone watch the Bachelor? SO happy that Mr. T got rid of Sarah from Canada. She drove me NUTSO! She was always making horrible mouth sounds and groans. She was way too young and way too worried about the other girls. Seriously, you signed up for the Bachelor knowing that this dude was going to date a million other girls at the same time he's dating you. Deal or don't sign up. LOVE Sarah from TN but I'm pretty sure he thinks she's a little sister. Gosh, Susan's mom sure doesn't trust her own daughter! I don't think that Ms. Susan is there for the right reasons.

Okay, I think that's all my randomness.


jes said...

ok, I missed your randomness, thank you for this fill of it...and the fat cat pic was a necessity for the return into the blog. Very nice.
What is cha-chicago?
I can not campaign if I dont know what it is. Is it just a weekend out full of fun and sin or is it an event of some type. I feel like this may be some sort of cult scrap booking thing, in which case, I think thta he would understand your passion and would thin that you should go. It would be like him going to a colts game.
ok anxiously awaiting.

Angel With an Attitude said...

OMG!!! i totally thought you had put up a picture of a cat that had exploded!! ha ha ha...

and what do you mean LET you go to CHA?!?!? you are going...end of story...

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Jill said...

hey DARCE, hee-hee, cannot believe someone who doesn't know you called you that...but some people do think its ok. maybe he's a blog-stalker of yours & THINKS he knows you that well =) my mother-in-law either adds or takes away the last syllable in people's names, so she would absolutely call you Darce even if she just met you. She calls my sister-in-law Trace (Tracy), and if your name doesn't have a 'y' at the end, she'll add one (Jilly is what she calls me). sorry for blogging on your blog!
and love the Darcy randomness, it's good to have you back!

Wendy said...

Love the cat pic, so funny.
Bridesmaid dresses are always too big that is how they make their money. Explain to Darin that you will not stop talking 'scrap stuff' till he agrees that it is a great and super wonderful idea for you to attend CHA. That would work for my boyfriend anyway. He always listens to me talk about scrap stuff, but I don't think he would be too disappointed if I suddenly stoped.

Wendy said...

I soooo did not go to Purdue. I'm a hoosier all the way. Graduated in 2001. My boyfriend went to Purdue though. He graduated in 01 as well. I love wearing IU stuff to his family gatherings!

monica said...

You have to attend CHA in Chicago, tell your hubbie we're all going from AZ so then he has to let you go so you can meet all your 2peas friends!! Congrats on the caffeine-free diet, I praise you for that kind of strength!!!

Hailey said...

ohhh that pic is very funny!
tell Darin it is NECESSARY for you to go to CHA because you need to be up to date on all the newest and greatest scrap stuff out there!

Kat said...

ok, so yeah, love the randomness. congrats on being caffeine free! i have been for a few years now. i'll have a sip every once in awhile, but if i have too much it gives me a BAD headache! funny how that works.......
special k diet works, i'm pretty sure, cause you'd be cutting out a lot of calories. if you really like special k, go for it, but i'd be starving! maybe i should try it before hawaii though.........
oh, and totally got addicted to the bachelor in the past 2 weeks! i love sarah from tn too, she's so cute. whats up with drama girl? i can't believe he kept her- but glad he got rid of other sara, cause she was too young and kinda trashy.......... (did i say that out loud???)
love that you have a modest cat ;)

Elizabeth said...

yay for randomness.. I have not blogged for-ever.. and thought today I would just do random thoughts.. since that is pretty much my life!
I SO hate people who just decide to shorten peoples names. I have a good friend Stephanie...who prefers Stephanie.. although.. some who worked with us decided to just take it upon themseleves to call her *STEPH*. Oh, and I guy I worked with decided to shorten my name to LIZ.. His name was Steve.. and so I just addressed all my emails to EVE!! made for humor!!
You wonder if shortening a name..like Emily, to Em. or Jennifer to Jen.. makes those who use it feel important.. or like they are super cool..
I dunno, but I HATE it!!
your short name does not really make sence, considering it has the same # of letters and an 'e" sounds like a "y".maybe that guy needs to feel cool!
More power to you on DC withdrawl.
I have to hit McD's (or Starbucks) once a day!!
though I am thinking about lent.. and may give that up.. or FOOD!
Yes, I have bought SpK.. and yes I have done the 2 meals and sensible dinner.. although my dinner is not always sensible.(must get K with berries) it works.. but only with excercise..I sound like a commercial!

I am so going to go to CHA in CHitown..You'll be married a year by then, so you deserve a weekend away.. that is if u can stand it!
( I rellish in time away from the husband)!!
the bachelor:
my fave is Sarah from TN.. I was so laughing when the canadian got the boot.. and she thought by talking about the other girls would make her stay.. guys HATE pettiness.I don't really like Travis anyway.. too chizeled(sp) for me! I am a BOBfan!

Elizabeth said...

oops, sorry that was so long!

Jessica F said...

Special K diet... hmm. Never tried it. Basically you are substituting meals with cereal and cutting out a lot of calories. However, it seems so un-filling to me and I would have a hard time not eating more than that. I know some people like specific structured diets because its easier for them follow than just "eating healthy" but I wouldn't do it. For lunches and dinners I'd cut down to a small grilled (with no butter) piece of chicken (like palm size) and lots and lots and lots of veggies (also no butter, etc)- like 1/2 of the plate full. Thats way more filling plus giving you protien the cereal isn't. But if it works for you than thats awesome!

Ok that was really long. ;) xo

island girl said...

hahahah....the CHA campaign begins! i'm already working TJ on this one!! i want to go soooo bad!!

i have not tried the Special K diet, but am seriously tempted!

Sara said...

Hi Darcy..I always read your blog...I can't even remember now exactly which blog linked me to yours...but....anywhooo...I enjoy it. Just wanted to pop in and say that your love for God and your husband is inspiring. I loved your "God blessed our broken road..." LO. I love the words to that song. Your tribute to your mom was both moving and sweet. And perhaps most importantly, we are on the exact same page with the ol' Bach. I love sara from TN> but I think you are right....they are more like great friends. Susan seems to be a big user. The other girl acted so pyscho on the video....I just don't know. We'll have to wait and see, huh.

Nice to meet you! You are welcome to check out my blog...

Greg & Natalie said...

Darce, are you sure you want me to comment on the Special K diet? Why don't you wait until the dress comes in and then take it from there.:) I think that Jett and Bailey are the same size now, is that wierd? Okay, funny story. So Greg (yes I said Greg) and I watched the Bach. last night. I forgot how fun it was to watch a show like that...it brings back memories of the first Joe Millionaire:) We had a few good laughs...drama, drama, drama. We like the TN girl. Greg agrees with you about Susan - oh, who will he pick!

Mara said...

you have to come to CHA. Have to. That's all I've got to say about that :)

No Caffeine for a week and a half? Holy moly.

christy said...


What would you do without your oatmeal in the morning? The Oatmeal Guy would be crying for two weeks if you left him for Special K. I don't think he could handle that. I don't think you should do that diet. I'm sure there are other reasons, but I think that is definetly the most important one.

As for the Bachelor ... get rid of Susan. I love Sarah from TN (I'm in El Ed, so I can relate to the kiddo's) and she so down to Earth and real. Susan is just in it for the exposure. Moana needs to do some soul searching and figure out who she is since she has just now discovered something new about herself. Since those are the only ones left, then he has to pick Sarah. She's the only logical pick. But I think he probably does see her as a lil sis or something, too. I guess we'll have to see.


Valerie said...

I still can't believe you have lasted this long witout coffee. Good for you!! I couldn't do it!! I loved the randomness today!! Tell your hubby, it is necessary that you go to CHA this summer. Is he a Bears fan? Jared is a huge Bears fan!! I would tell Jared that it would help the Bears with their football season, maybe even the Superbowl. Hey it's worth a try, right?!

Niki L said...

First of all, I agree with getting rid of Sarah from Canada, she would not stop talking about the other girls to Travis!! HELLO, he doesn't need reminded of them when he's with just you!! Ok, that's done! The Special K diet I'm sure works, but it can't be healthy....your body needs more nutrients than what cereal can provide alone, Plus Special K doesn't seem flavorful enough to eat that twice a day, everyday for 2 whole weeks....you're already without caffine!! Callie lays just like Bailey, but she keeps her legs all spread out, she has no manners!! Thanks for sharing your random thoughts!!

RACHEL =) said...




K, I'M DONE!! =)

Lisa Dickinson said...

love the random thoughts, girl. you're crackin me up. and,doh! the one season i don't tune in to the Bachelor...i'd love to gab about, but alas, i have no idea who's who. And as for CHA - i think we can all assure Darin that the weekend away will make you a better wife, friend, and dare i say LOVER?!? ok, that may be a stretch, but seriously, if i were that close to the event, i'd be there in a heartbeat. (with camera in hand!!)

and no DC...you are my hero, woman!