Monday, February 06, 2006

Sassy Samantha!!!

Today is {sadly} the last day of GYMNAST OF THE DAY and today we're honoring the sensational, sassy, splendid, supa-dupa...


Samantha is our other freshman this year. This girl is ultra competitive. She will hardly work something in a practice and then whip it out during a meet! She warned us early on that she does well in competitions.. she was right. She's been a great competitor for us so far and it's so exciting to see what she will bring to the team in the future years.

What I like about miss Sam:
I love it that Sam is not afraid of ANYTHING! She's reminds me of a 3 year old that is in her "I can do it myself" stage. Sam will have us spot a skill a couple of times and then throw it herself.. doesn't matter what it is! It's such an AWESOME quality to have in a gymnast. So many times girls play mind games and Sam.. I don't think she has EVER played a mind game! YEAH! We love that about her!

Sam's greatest accomplishment:
I would think that Sam's greatest accomplishment would be getting 1st all-around for JV at every meet so far this year! We have great expectations for Miss Sam and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the next 3 years that we have her. =)

Funny story of Sam's:
She does this birdie song thing and twitches in the middle of it. I really can't explain it very well but it's very humorous! That was a horrible explanation of her funny story but I can't remember what song it is! I'm fired...

{Okay, I'll explain this pic a little bit. Sat at our meet they were taking FOREVER to tally up scores so we decided to perform the Wawasee side show! Sam's arms are inside her shirt while Kacia is behind Sam with her arms inside Sam's jacket arms. We were throwing a ball at them and they were trying to catch it and I was crying I was laughin' so hard! It was SO funny!}

What makes Sam, Sam:
Sam's toughness makes Sam, Sam. The fact that she's not afraid of anything and she never complains about soreness or injuries.. the girl is just plain tough! But the girls all comment about her when they try new skills.. they know that our no-fear Sam would try it! (I think it's a little incentive for them to try it)

How I am proud of Sam:
Okay, first of all, I am proud of Sam because at our last home meet, her music completely stopped during her floor routine. Yep, the poor thing had to finish her routine without music. She did a WONDERFUL job and her score didn't reflect a musicless routine at all. So proud of you for not quitting!

Alrighty, bloggers.. it's the last day. ~sigh~ You guys have been SO good to my girls and I want to thank you all for participating in my GYMNAST OF THE DAY bloggin'. I really appreciate your support!!!


Elizabeth said...

way to dance to the music in your head!!
Sassy is a great way to be..
I am always getting told I am full of sass!
it is just so fun!
your glasses rock..very studious!
I have always loved the name SAM!
good luck the rest of the season!

jes said...

WOW, sounds like you are an impressive individual. It is nice to hear that you are a woman of integrity and honor. Mind games are stupid and petty. Way to hold your head HIGH. Enjoy these years of competition and keep showing everyone what you are made of.
Good Luck!

Kat said...

sounds like sam is a SUPER gymnast (haha, i'm a dork- had to throw in an "s" word.) love that she's 'sassy and a tough chica!
so fun reading about all your gymnasts- what a fun idea ; )

Valerie said...

You know my best friend is named Sam!! I like your Sam already!! I wish I could hear this birdie thing your talking about!! Looks like gymnastics come naturally for her!! Go Sam!!

Jill said...

great job Sam on not being afraid to try NEW things!! that kind of determination will help you figure out what your passions are in life, whether it be gymnastics &/or others...keep it up!!

Emily said...

very cool :)

Nichole said...

I had begun to believe that there were no tough girls left in the world...way to have rekindled my belief. Way to not let the mental aspect of the game get you. Stay tough and confident.

Niki L said...

Great job on performing without music!! What a tough thing to happen and you DID IT!!

Keep up the good work and what an awesome quality to have your courage to try any skill they ask of you!!

Darin said...

You have a lot of tallent. Make sure you learn from the other leaders on the team, so that in a few years you'll be a good gymnast and a good leader. Keep working hard. Good luck on Thursday.

Linz said...

You definitely win the prize for our fearless gymnast! Keep up the competitiveness! What I've noticed most about Sam is her transition from the first week of practice until now....the girl did not talk! How funny she is now! Keep up the talent girl! Linz