Wednesday, March 01, 2006

National Recipe Blogging Day

Okay, so that was totally made up!!

Some of my blog friends and I are bloggin' some recipes today! So fun to see what everyone cooks and bakes. Here are mine.. I'm a baker. The trifle is one that my friends request for gatherings and when my dad hears that I'm bringing my apple crisp, he makes the, "Oh.. that's good" grunting statement and runs to get his coffee brewed.

Strawberry Shortcake trifle
1 Box of French Vanilla Cake Mix
2 Cans of strawberry pie filling
2 Containers of Cool Whip
*No joke.. those are all the ingredients!*

~Bake 9X13 cake as directed on back of box. (Although I substitute applesauce for the oil to save calories and fat grams).
~Let cake completely cool
~In a pretty trifle bowl (or a glass bowl), crumble up 1/2 of the cake and place at the bottom of dish.
~Spread 1 can of strawberry pie filling over cake.
~Place 1 container of Cool Whip over pie filling layer
~Crumble the left over cake on top of the cool whip
~Cover with the other can of pie filling
~Top with 1 container of Cool Whip & garnish with fresh strawberries on top!

Refrigerate and serve!

This stuff is SO addicting. I could eat the entire bowl if I let myself. It's really light and fluffy. (and low fat if you make the cake with applesauce.. however this is NOT low sugar.. don't feed it to your diabetic friends!)

Apple Crisp
1 Box of yellow cake mix
1 stick of butter, cut into small cubes
3 Tbl of sugar
1 Tbl of Cinnamon
5-6 Granny Apples, cored, peeled and sliced

Place apples in the bottom of an 8X8 or pie pan. Mix cake mix, sugar and cinnamon. Pour over apples. Place cubed butter on top of dry mixture, making sure it is evenly distributed. Bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes or until the top is brown and apples are soft.

This stuff is awesome served warm with ice cream. ENJOY!

Do you notice how my recipes only have 5 ingredients or less? Yeah, I'm an impatient and an easy baker. Nothing takes long at my house!

I'll leave you with a page I did for Cindy Liebel's B-day. We all lifted a page of hers and this is the one I came up with! She is SUCH a sweet & talented Pea! This one is especially for Greg and Natalie.. the parents of this cutie-head nephew of mine. I think the Pout Face is funny but I'm guessing that this face is gunna get him in trouble in the near future.

PROMISE I've been working on some of my own scrap work. Just been doing a few surprises lately. =)


Wendy said...

Yummmm...I'm so hungry now and supposed to be dieting.
Hey, if you use fat free cool whip, fresh fruit and angel food cake on that first recipe it is even more fat free. My mom always makes it that way.
By the way...have you submitted any of you pages yet to be published?

Jill said...

those recipes sound YUMMY & EASY...two reqired things for me to try them!! i like the small # of ingredients.

love the lo lift, your nephew is such a cute little boy :)

Elizabeth said...

I always make a trifle for spring and summer gatherings.. they are soo pretty (and everyone thinks you spent a ton o time on it)
i have not seen with the cake mix though.. i'll have to try it!
that crisp sound super sinch too..
I'll need to do a nat'l baking day..sometime..
I do way more of that and realized i did not even put any of my goodies down on my blog!!
great lift even though I don't know who cindy is.. I keep askin.. but noone seems to know!!

Elizabeth said...

oh yeah,, that pout is way too funny!
but probably not for the parents, you're right!!.. how can you no laugh???

Hailey said...

love the LO - and those recipe's are making my stomache growl!

jes said...

YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY, I got truffle in my belly, YES! I totally wanted this reciepe and I am super gonna make that apple crisp too. we should do a fall party this year and make all kinds of fun stuff with aples and then you could scrap a page about it, so fun!

{ brooke } said...

dude. no scrap store update?
how was it?
what did you buy?
need full report. stat!

those things sound so yummy.
especially right now.
i'm starving!

dude, your nephew.
so stinkig cute!

Kat said...

um, YUM! those all sounds sooooo freakin good! and applesause instead of oil? seriously? i'm totally going to try that! awesome!
oh, and from last post- totally agree w/the bachelor. moana was horrible!!!!
love that layout! i gots to get my booty over to 2peas to leave some praise ; )

Mara said...

you're supposed to be SUPPORTING my eating healthy :)
those sound delish!!

Felicia said...

Darcy, those sound yum-o!

That LO is great!

Valerie said...

Those recipes sound so good!! And easy which I totally LOVE!! Love the pages!! Can't wait to see some pages done for you!!

Half Pint said...

Wow, we are total opposites when it comes to cooking. I can't think of the last time I baked or made any kind of dessert, but those sound great and super easy! I plan to post a recipe on my blog later today - just don't know which one yet. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog...I know lots of my friends read it, but you and Niki are about the only ones who actually post comments :)

RACHEL =) said...




Nichole said...

Ok I am pretty sure this is the shortcake thing i have gotten the pleasure of eating before. Let me know...cuz i am totally stealing the recipe. They look great.

Jet is adorable in this LO.

jes said...

I'm sick of reciepe day, I need some chaotic darcy stories!!!

Karen Carter said...

I am really enjoying reading your blog. I hope you odn't mind if I bookmark you and come visit again! :)