Monday, March 20, 2006


I made a few realizations here lately:

- We do, in fact have a wenis. Jeni, the recipient of the wenis chart, called me on Friday night to tell me that she looked up the word wenis. It is the excess of skin that is on our elbow. Who knew?

- I realized I could scrap for days at a time without stopping. Friday night Darin was at a coaching clinic for football so I was home alone. I scrapped from 6pm until 11:30 and yes, forgot to eat dinner again. About 8:30 I felt a tad hungry so I grabbed a yogurt and continued scrapping while dishing the yogurt into my mouth. An hour later, realized that my hands, feet and nose were extremely cold. Yep, the thermostat was set at 63 degrees... our daytime thermostat setting. Wow, I'm OBLIVIOUS to my hunger, temperature of extremidies, phone calls, and when I have to pee while scrapping.

- I realized that I am a horrible liar and cannot be the Mafia in the game Mafia if Darin is playing. He knows when I am guilty every stinking time! I was the mafia yesterday at our small group (for those of you that do not know what this game is I have no clue how to explain it cuz I'm the worst at explaining games.. skip down to the next realization.) He voted me out in the second round because he knew that I was guilty. I STINK!

- HANNI is amazingly talented!! Wait, this isn't a "realization" I've come to.. I've known it all along and so does CREATING KEEPSAKES!!! She got honorable mention in the 2006 Hall of Fame Contest. SO proud of her!! Finished up and posted our photo-swap today..Way to go with HM and hope you know that we're all proud of you!!!

- I realized that I did not live my scrapbooking life to it's fullest since I recently found Heidi Swapp products. She makes it on almost all my pages now. How did I live without her? (Oh.. and this week Hobby Lobby has a 40% coupon.. use it on HS chipboard and they ring up to $2.39!!!)

- I came to the realization that D and I are landlords. Still hadn't completely set in until we went to our "new" house on Sat. I was excited and wanted to puke at the same time. I was excited because I know the potential that this house posesses. We've still got to wait 6 months to get in, but man.. that house is gunna be cute when we're finished with it! And I wanted to puke because even 10 feet away from the door, 30 years of smoke that's been brewing came wafting out the door. GROSS!!! I'd call us slum-landlords but hey, the same people that created that mess still live in it so that doesn't make us "slummy".

- I have finally come to the realization and love that I live in a small town. I like to walk into the postoffice and know everyone in it. I like it that people knew my mom and knew what a wonderful woman she was. I love that my dad lives 10 miles away, Darin's mom is 5 miles and I get to watch the worlds cutest newphew grown up. I love that at my local authentic Mexican restaurant, I can tell them I want my "norm" and they know it's a chicken soft taco, no queso, with a side of refried beans. Sometimes I complain that I live in good ol' Indiana, but gosh, I really do have it made!


Hanni said...

Darcy you are too cute!!! :)LOL!
I *adore* the page!!! thank you so much!
and i love small town living's funny to make fun of, but i wouldn't trade it for the world!

Kat said...

love all the realizations! good to know about the wenis..... still think its sounds way more gross then skin on an elbow
small towns are fun! my family lives in a small town and its fun to go and eveyone knows me! (even if i don't know them)
LOVE that lo! i really hope i get to scrap tonight......

Jill said...

hah, the word "wenis" is still cracking me up...i thought for a second there that your blog was gonna go further than G-rated =)

the Mafia game sounds interesting, sadly, i'd probably stink at it too -- not a good liar here either!!

i'm SO excited to move to our new small town, however much my kids will dislike it growing up (everybody in their business!) i know it'll be sooo good. i've noticed how nice the people there are already.

HS products -- i am feeling the same thing, cannot believe how really affordable & high quality her products are =) i LOVE them too!!

and that LO of yours!!! oh my goodness, Darcy, it is SO beautiful!! that photo of her is gorgeous too.

Elizabeth said...

so when did you have your ah ha moment? probably when d was gone for the night and you had plenty of time to think!!!!
i realized last week that i had been working on the same lo for over a week!!
slumlords... well at least you're only hurting yourself with that grossness.
small towns... i don't know how you can stand it! i could never be in a place smaller than Purdue-town.. . I hate when everybody can get into your business. in a big city you can be incognito... for a long time!! right now, going to the grocery takes soo much longer, b/c of all the friends I run into. its a given!
but there is a certain sense of security of small town folk.
HS.. she is completely awesome!

Erin said...

i adore that LO of hanni you did,
and i'm right there w/ you in the scrapping dept.
i lose all sense of time while those creative juices start flowing!

Half Pint said...

I love your realization about living in a small town! Of course, I have the complete opposite sentiments since I could never imagine being back in small town Indiana. I must admit, it is fun when I run into people I know unexpectedly in the Lou.

Scrapping sounds so surreal...losing all sense of time and space. Maybe one day I'll try this "scrapping" you speak so highly of : )

Michael and Erin said...

I think it is absolutely hysterical you forget to eat dinner! Ha Ha!!!

Wendy said...

Cute page! I think I was okay not knowing we have a wenis. I agree with living in a small town. When I was in college I really came to appreciate it, although my 'city' friends sometime treated me like I was raised in a 3rd world country. I met one of my friend's friends in Chicago and she asked me if it was weird to be in the city. Like maybe I had never seen a stoplight befre. LOL.

jes said...

I love your realizations...and i love the small town feel too. Growing up in chicago-land I have had a taste of both worlds...and in my "adult" life, I still choose to be here. It is so nice and I feel like I am more accountable for my actions. I Love it and I agree with you absolutely.
Love this blog!
ps did you hear that we pulled dave over to the dark side? He is a blogger now. check out his page from a link on mine

{ brooke } said...

oh, darcy!
can you believe it?!
i'm back in blog world.
on small towns...
i grew up in a town of just over 1,000.
and while i used to pretend to hate it, i do miss it somedays now.
indy is kind of like a big small town least that's what i tell myself.
it has small town feelings.

mmmm, love that hanni lo.
totally beautiful.
and the hs -- how did you live w/o it? oMg. i would die without the heidiswappage!


Mara said...

love that LO of miss hanni!!

RACHEL =) said...