Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Watch out BABE, there's a LOST DONKEY playing BASKETBALL on a CRUISE ship!

Okay, it's official.. I'm a tard. The title is totally random like the post you are about to read. Little bit of this-n-that.. little serious, little talky-talk about donkey basketball.. read below and find out what I'm blabbering about...

Last night we had over my friend that I can't even remember when we first met. Ever since I can remember, Karissa has always been right there with me. We grew up in church together so I am guessing that we were infants when we met in the nursery. Now, it feels a little weird calling her "Karissa", her first name, because I have always called her Babe. Her middle name is Babe so of course when I found that out, I HAD to call her by her super fab middle name! Last night Darin was a little jealous that I was calling my friend Babe, but seriously.. she's been Babe to me about 20 years more than Darin's been my "babe".

Babe's (to the right in the pic) been in Africa for the past 2 years as a missionary at an orphanage. It felt super weird to not see her for that amount of time. We'd gone for months not seeing each other through college, but being thousands of miles away on a different continent was a tad different. She hadn't been to our house yet and hadn't even met Darin! She saw a video of the wedding but hadn't met the man I married face to face. I felt so super shallow showing her my scraproom knowing that she'd just spend 2 years of her life ministering to kids that have NOTHING, yet alone an entire room dedicated to their hobby. She told me to not be stupid and then mentioned that she loved my paper rack. Way to not make me feel totally shallow, Babe!

It's amazing how many things Babe and I do not have in common. She was a basketball star in high school and college and I chose girlie, dancy gymnastics. She is so simple and is not into material possessions and I love my makeup and scraproom. She is so eloquent in her speech and always thinks before she talks.. Well, I'm working on it cues I am NEITHER of those things! Her passion is to live and minister to people in foreign countries, my passion is to be a wife, mommy and serve in my church to the best of my ability. We don't have a ton in common, but I know that she ALWAYS has and always will be there for me in a minutes notice... and I hope that I am that for her. She was my strawberry patch buddy, a person I go to for biblical guidance and the first friend that I called when my mom died... isn't it great to have friends like Babe?

Okay, I'll stop being so serious now. =) Anyone glad that LOST is FINALLY not a rerun tonight? I am kinda afraid that people are getting honked that they have to wait 3 weeks between new epi's. I've been dying to know if Son's knocked up since the end of February.. it's been THAT long since the girl power episode! President Jack, stand up for your viewers rights!!! We want fewer reruns!

Okay, so Darin is playing in a DONKEY BASKETBALL TOURNEY on Friday night!! Now, does that make anyone else kinda laugh? I'm afraid his long legs are gunna touch the ground.. he'll have the advantage by Flinstoning with his donkey or he'll be a 6 legged donkey. =) I cannot wait to see this game! I'm gunna have to figure out how to not make my scrapbook page of this event totally stupid but this is a memory we GOTTA have documented!

Starting to get excited about D and I's vacation coming up. We're gunna go on a cruise! It's the best bang for our buck and I'm pretty sure the cruise is gunna loose money with Darin. He can EAT! My boy has the metabolism of a horse... or a donkey if we go with the theme of the post. I looked into one today and including airfare and a 7-day cruise to the Carribean, it was $1000. Yep, for both of us. WOW they are making those things affordable!

I'll leave you with a page or two.. totally simple one of D and I's engagement pics.
Yes, we look a tad alike. You know that people say that as you grow older with your spouse, you start looking alike? We've got a jump start. We've heard that we look related since we started dating.. at least we'll know what our kids look like! Well, at least we think we'll know. I'm sure Nat and Greg (the parents of the cutest kid alive) thought they'd have a baby with brown hair.. NOPE! Fire red. =) But the kid is CUTE!!! Check him out HERE. =)


Angel With an Attitude said...

that picture is GORGEOUS!!!! love love love it...and love the layout...

Half Pint said...

That is such a beautiful picture of you and Darin. Really cool about your friend Babe. I have such admiration of people who follow their passions, and it's even better when that passion is helping the less fortunate.

RACHEL =) said...

Yep, so fortunate I have a friend like that - it's going on 20 years too!!!!
So awesome you guys are going on a cruise, definitely affordable and a great vacation!!!!!
Love the layouts and engagement pics - you are such a gorgeous couple! =)

Kirsten said...

You are very lucky to have a friend like that. Friends make life so worth living.

oooh, a cruise! That sounds like fun, something i've never done, although my parents went on one about 2 years ago and raved about it.

Jill said...

Babe sounds like such an inspiring person!! and i love her name. SO cool you've been friends since babies. i love those LO's, they are beautiful & the pictures of you & Darin are so great too!!!

donkey basketball? i've never heard of such a thing! take LOTS of pictures?!

Elizabeth said...

i have to say how much a like you to are.. you better think twice before pro creating!!

i remember you talking about a friend going to africa.. did not remember her name was babe.
makes me think of that little pink pig.. but he always was helping people too!!

a cruise for 1000k???
i hope they have life boats!!
what line are you on? i have never seen them that cheap!!

crazy how he got red hair.
my mom has dark dark, and my dad is blondish brown.
brother blonde.. and me with auburn!
what color hair does nat and greg's mailman have??
j/k , he is adorable =)

Mara said...

Mmm, cruise.
I wanna go :)
I love the LOs, Darcy.
You are rocking.

kayla aimee said...


and what the elk is donkey basketball?

In high school, all the boys played on a team we dubbed the "aardvarks" and us girls were the aardvark cheerleaders.

Wendy said...

My highschool used to play donkey basketball. So funny to watch. Hope Darren doesn't get hurt. Combinging basketball and donkeys can be dangerous.
I've been waiting forever to go to Hobby Lobby with the 40% coupon b/c you keep saying how they carry HS chipboard. I was psyched. If yours carries it then mine must as well. NOPE. Big disappointment last night. I did get a good idea book though so not a total wasted trip!

Valerie said...

Those pages are super cute!! Love them!! And donkey basketball, never heard of it but I can only imagine and it must be fun and funny to watch!! YAY cruise, that will be fun!!

monica said...

I love all your recent pages, where do you find the time to scrap?

Congrats on the cruise especiallly for only $1000, that's a deal. I've been begging my hubbie for a Carribean cruise since our last cruise but no such luck.

Take lots of photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, i wanna go on a cruise too!
tell me about how wonderful it is and maybe i'll be able to talk my husband into it!
can't say enough about your awesome talent.

Kat said...

fun fun post!!!!
yep- love having friends like that. awesome that you have her : )
and yes LOST rules!!!!!!!!! so glad to finally not have a rerun (and of coures, i missed the first half, grrrrr)
ok, and whats donkey basketball????
oh, and a cruise, i've alllllways wanted to go on one! sounds like a really great deal, too. have so much fun! i want to go on a scrapbooking cruise.......