Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My tard-o-meter..

is sky high with that last post! =/ Could you tell that I was bored yesterday? And didn't have much to blog about? Was it evident? =) I think I know the answer to that...

Anywho.. LOVE how the table turned out!! Can't wait to host Erin's shower on Thursday. =) She's been such a good friend... SO happy that it's finally her turn to get married. And yes.. so far Bailey has left the ribbon alone.. lil' stinker... he's a ribbon junkie.

Thought I'd share some pages I've done recently.

Here's the first one that was for a photo-swap for Jill. Such a sweet, sweet Pea, blog and email friend. SO happy to have you call me a friend, Jill. =)

Most of the time I try to steer clear of the word "Forever" scrapbook pages because of the cheese factor, but gosh.. these two have been together since high school.. since like forever!!! So, please excuse my cheesiness just this once. =) This gal is always scrapping her kids.. I had to search long and hard in her blog to find this pic. So fun to swap, Jill!!!

Okay, this one infuriated me. Yep, got it almost finished and tried to put the rub-on title on that big ol' red ribbon.. no such luck. Ruined a "t".. I thought rubons went on almost anything? So happy when this one was finished and the red and teal made me happy. =)


Elizabeth said...

Darcy blogged on a tuesday?
I accidentally clicked on your link.. and realized that was a new post..so of course.. I kept reading.
LOVed the LO you did for Jill.
SHE is such a good person, and I too,am glad to have become friends with her. She always makes me smile.=)
***now that I know other people read these comment things!*****
anyway, glad Bailey has not given up one of his lives yet!!

Missy said...

um yes. red and teal=yummy.
and you crack me up. honestly.

jes said...

darcy seriously...I want to see one bad picture of you and darin... you could even do a LO of it and call it, "saturday afternoon" just one where you guys dont look like you are about to say more vows or something. If you two ever dont have a happy moment. Take a pic and send it to me as proof. Sicko's

Mara said...

i likey your new LOs.
i have a love hate relationship with rubons.
i love the way they look when other ppl use em.
i HATE how they look on my stuff.

Michelle W. said...

the new layouts are so cute!!! Love it.


Michelle W. said...

the new layouts are so cute!!! Love it.


Beth said...

Love my sister's layout you did...adorable! Love "Tard-O-Meter" even more...may have to use that! Have a good day!

Niki L said...

Cute LO's and pictures!!

Felicia said...

Great LO's! I love all your stuff.

Kat said...

LOVE them!!!

RACHEL =) said...

Rubons on ribbons are VERY hard and definitely a big pain in the buckaroo -- have tried a few times and have not succeeded!!! ugh!
Gorgeous layouts... could you and Darin be any cuter?! Honestly?! =)