Monday, April 03, 2006

ribbon = naughty kitty

bailey the fat cat here. it's been awhile.. darcy hasn't let me post since i told you all about the fun-filled week of her roommates shaving me. glad to be back.

this past weekend, darcy decided that she has to get ready for a shower being held at our house on thursday night. shower for my old roommate, erin. yeah, one of the culprits in the shaving incident. guess she's getting married and needs scandelous things to sleep in. "married people" ditties like darcy's friend miss kayla aimee refers to them as. darcy cleaned like mad on saturday and then tried to fancy up the kitchen table for the weeks' upcoming festivities. she got the idea from emily's blog. i hope emily doesn't have a cat. when owners go on honeymoons.. horrible things happen. although i love her idea for the tables at her reception because of the massive amount of ribbon that is used...

ribbons.. yep, my downfall.. the way i get in trouble when darcy's scrapbooking. most of the time I get locked out of the scraproom when the box-o-ribbons come out.

i immediately hear a, "no, bailey!" even before I did anything! so I went to a different chair so i could hide under the tablecloth to steal the ribbon...

yep, another "no, bailey!" is is she really that mad at me if she grabs her camera to take a picture of me? she must not be too mad.. although she put the ribbons around her neck..

found out she doesn't like it when i bat at her chest. wonder why.. there's nothing there! flat as a board.

she finally finished..

she knows erin will love it, but i like the table runner better.. i don't get in trouble with the table runner. wish her luck in keeping this up until thursday.. hehehehehe...

do you think that darcy let's me blog when nothing else eventful has happened? probably so. do you know that she still hasn't scrapped those pictures of my shaving incident? complete slacker, she is.


Niki L said...

Way to go, Bailey!! Callie would be so JEALOUS that you got to play with all that ribbon.

Tell Darce that the table looks great and try to avoid the temptation ;)

Elizabeth said...

you're gonna have to have kitty self control.
have they taught you that yet?
it is a very important fruit to posess.
that is if you wanna get to your 9th life.
seems like you were close to losing one during the shaving epi.
stay away from the ribbon.. or you will feel the wrath.. and know doubt it will be caught on film!!

Darin said...

High quality post babe! Sorry I missed the episode. Maybe next weekend Bailey can come play with me in a big pile of sawdust.

Kat said...

bailey the fat cat cracks me up!!!!
loooooooooove the ribbon idea!

jes said...

I love the ribbon idea, I am hosting a baby shower in chicago soon, and I am SO stealing this idea. Thanks
and I love it when Bailey comes around for a post.
Kind of strange that our pets were featured at the same time
man we are so funny

Missy said...

awww hi bailey!!
tell your mama hi.. and COOL table!!

Greg & Natalie said...

Funny post, Bailes. Tell your owner she is one crazy sista'! (from big bro)

Mara said...

you. crack. me. up.
and dude.
the ribbon.

Michelle W. said...

lol. Love it!

Emily said...

the ribbons are looking good, Darce.. no cats here (very much a dog person, heehee!) I'm going to have a few people helping me with the ribbons, so hopefully it all looks good :)

Dina said...

Billy! That was a great post! Darcy never told me about the ribbon incident!!! hahaha! Way to cause trouble - i've never doubted you (even after you scratched me and growled at me for holding you down). Have fun being shaved again, although it won't be as much fun without your lady-friend shaving you!

Love ya, Dina