Thursday, May 25, 2006

50 Reasons why I LOVE DARIN JAY!!!

This post is IN HONOR OF DARIN JAY AND I'S 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Whoo-hoo!! It's actually on Sunday but we will be on our way to Florida so I'll post today. =)

50 Reasons why I love this man:

1. He cares about me more than anyone EVER has.
2. When he first held my hand, he asked me permission. =)
3. He is an amazing youth minister. He's not afraid to attack the hard subjects, hang out with kids and "play", get dirty or love them even when they are hard to love.
4. He is an EXTREMLY hard worker. Such a hard worker that I have to TELL him when he really needs to relax.
5. Okay, he's hot. (I had to get that one in there!)
6. He is an amazing speaker.. God has given him an amazing ability to speak.
7. He completely cracks me up!!!
8. He always remembers our special dates.. and give me the most thoughtful gifts!!
9. He's a heck of a coach. has SERIOUS talent for it.
10. He is self confident but is the first to admit when he's wrong.
11. He's EXTREMELY motivational. Just talk to him once and you will notice it. =)
12. He treats his family and mine with the ultimate respect.
13. He's humble.
14. He's wise with finances.
15. I never have to worry about him lying.. he's a man of his word.
16. He puts me above himself.
17. He rarely complains.. I know something's REALLY bothering him if he complains about it.
18. He loves Bailey the fat cat.. even though he hates cats.
19. He's compassionate.
20. He treats me like a queen, ALWAYS!
21. He's not afraid to show emotion... he'll cry if he misses his dad or scream the loudest he can scream at a Colts game.
22. He is an AMAZING leader.. a leader that is consiterate and listens to the thoughts and feelings of everyone.
23. He has THE most amazing smile.
24. He makes me anything out of wood that I want.. and FAST!!!!
25. He's athletic.. I don't know what we'd do with our free time if he didn't play a sport 3 nights a week!
26. He is just the sweetest around kids.. he is going to ROCK at fatherhood!!!
27. He's my cheerleader.. especially when I don't believe in myself.
28. He laughs at my jokes.. even if they aren't funny. =/
29. He lets me scrapbook whenever I want.. he sits in the scraproom in his "chair" so he can be with me.
30. He SO appreciative.. to everyone, including me.
31. He's never made me feel stupid or dumb if I don't "get" something during my blond episodes.
32. He doesn't care what others think.
33. He takes my side... every time.
34. He's WISE.
35. He has a servants heart.
36. He's romantic.. nuf said. =)
37. He puts other's feelings above his own.
38. He's not afraid to stand up and do the right thing when it's not popular.
39. He reads his bible every day.. and makes what he reads applicable to his life.
40. He never gets me flowers on important days.. he gets them for me when I least expect them.
41. He's not afraid to do the right thing.. even it it's not popular.
42. He's encouraging to EVERYONE he meets.
43. He doens't drink... ever. I'll never have to worry about alcohol being in my home or around our children.
44. If he's wronged someone, he'll humbly appologize.
45. He is THE most thoughtful person.
46. He's the most handsome man on the planet (okay, I'll only list it twice!!!)
47. You should see this boy without his shirt on.. WHEW!! He's ripped.. okay, 3 times is it.. I promise!
48. He's a cuddle-bug. =)
49. Awe.. those big blue eyes!!!
50. And best thing about Darin is that Christ is the center of his life.

I love you, Darin Jay!!! I look forward to 75 MORE anniversaries...

With all my love,


Wendy said...

Darcy, that is sooo sweet. I enjoyed reading all your reasons. What you and Darin have is amazing:)
Enjoy Florida!

To The Moon said...

How sweet is that!!! Happy anniversary! And have a great time in Florida.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that is just the sweetest list ever! hope you two have a wonderful vacation!!

Niki L said...

Have a great trip to FL. and DRIVE CAREFULLY!! I'm so happy for you two and what a perfect pair! Thank you for blessing my life with your friendship.

Oh yeah, I love the one where he can make you stuff out of wood!!! I would think of 1,000 things I would absolutely HAVE to have if Chris knew how to make anything!! ;)

Elizabeth said...

wow!! you are about the most blessed person I have ever met!!!
I don't think myself nor any of my friends could come up with 10 things let alone 50 about our husbands!!(seriously, we tried once!)
he surely is the greatest man in the world... and you got him, you lucky girl!
God is certainly watching over you=)
have an amazing time in Fl.. and don't celebrate too hard!!
can't wait to hear about your trip.. I owe you an email too =)

Kat said...

you guys are the cutest couple! seriously, you're going to have gorgeous children : )
fun fun post. happy 1 year anniversary- and have so much fun on your vacation!!!

amber said...

You two are the cutest!! Hope you have an awesome trip!!

RACHEL =) said...

Sigh... my heart melted about 30 times in this post!!! You two have the most sweetest, precious, truest relationship I've ever known. I am soooooo very happy for you - God has blessed you both!!!!
Have a WONDERFUL 1ST ANNIVERSARY, and enjoy Florida!
Love ya chikee!! =)

Megan said...

I've been a reading your blog for awhile now, and I feel the need to come out of the woodwork to say happy anniversary! This is such sweet post and a great tribute.

Keep up the great's really one of my favorites!

(And I promise I'm not a stalker...just a fellow scrapbooker. :)

Valerie said...

So sweet!! Congrats on 1 Year!! Have a fabulous time in Florida!!

Mara said...

this might be THE sweetest post ever. Your relationship is the cutest, really.
Happy Anniversary! Enjoy FLORIDA!! :) XO.

Mara said...

this might be THE sweetest post ever. Your relationship is the cutest, really.
Happy Anniversary! Enjoy FLORIDA!! :) XO.

island girl said... two are the freakin' sweetest!! and why is i didn't know you were going to florida?

*nichole* said...

congrats to you guys!!! beautiful post & have a fantabulous time in florida!!

Michelle W. said...


happy anniversary!!!

Love all the pics! You two are just adorable!

erika said...

awww! SO SWEET...
happy happy anniversary!

rev said...

Ok, Darcy, that's such an awesome list!! Is there a second one of him :) LOL.
Enjoy it!!

Jill said...

awww, you two are the sweetest :)
congrats on your 1st anniversary!!

Jessica F said...

My deepest congrats to you both! Love that super sweet list and all the cute pictures of you guys!!! xo