Monday, June 05, 2006

A numbers kind of vacation...

I'm Baaaaa-ck!! What an amazing vacation we had. It was filled with sun, beach, relaxation and rest. It was definitely a needed vacation. Here we go with the numbers recap...

1 - 14 lb fat Bailey cat left in Indiana. =( He tried to be a stole away but I caught him in my luggage. He got to stay at grandma Kathy's.. yeah, she brushed him, has super huge windows in her house and pet him while he ate.. he doesn't like us anymore. Wouldn't pay any attention to me last night. =( So sad.

1 - road kill seen in Tennessee that is hard to believe... A BLACK BEAR!! No joke.

1 - 1st anniversary celebrated =)

1 - Cake topper that survived a 1,000+ mile trip to Florida in a cooler. And it was GOOD, real good!!!

room 808 - On our anniversary, our room number at the hotel was 808... Significant because we met at a church called Downtown at 808. Such a cool coincidence!

1- extremely perfect anniversary gift given by Darin. Our wedding photographer had a friend starting up a videography business and asked us if he could do our wedding for free. Well, 12 months later and we still had not seen our wedding video. Darin made a few phone calls (without me knowing) and arranged the unclipped footage to be sent to him. He spent HOURS piecing the video together for me.. and surprised me on our anni!! Seriously, is he sweet or what?

1 - bummed out Darcy because she drove through Atlanta and didn't stop to see Kayla Aimee cuz she was on vacation too. BUMMER!! Next time, KA, next time. =)

-2 - the number of strokes that I lost in a game of putt-putt to Darin Jay. =( SO CLOSE!!

3 - days we spent on the beach doing nothing but being bums. So relaxing!

5 - dolphins we saw in the ocean as we were swimming.

1 - hottie head husband looking hot in his swimsuit all week. =) Grrrr!!!

2 - movies seen in a theater.. that's big for us. =)

1 - puppy held at the pet shop in Bradenton. Um, yeah, pretty sure we need a dog and now Darin's getting more convinced as well. I think we've decided on a beagle.. perfect size and not to "yip-yippy" for Darin. We are going to name it Wrigley.. somehow we are STILL Cubs fans.. Crazy, huh?

1 - Suduko "easy" puzzle I finished.. 1 "medium" puzzle I erased 3 times and still didn't figure out. I HATE SUDUKO & SUDUKO HATES ME!!!

2- Yada Yada books finished. SUCH a good series!!! Book club time, Jill!
1,934,898 - Love bugs seen while in Florida. Um, took us a sec to figure out that they were having some hanky panky as they were flying around. Gross. Get a room.

132 - splats of love bugs on our windsheild. Yuck.

1 - breakfast with my great uncle JJ. Had to giggle at him because he told us to "go buy some spray SPAM and spray it on our windshield so that the bugs wouldn't stain our windshield". Um, pretty sure he meant PAM spray!! Darin and I laughed at the thought of us smearing SPAM all over our windshield so that the bugs wouldn't stain it. =) HA!

2 - days spent at a water park in Orlando. Does anyone else get grossed out when you are standing in line for a water ride on those spiral stairs and there's water dripping on you? Seriously, that water is either from someone's groody feet or their bathing suit. Ewe.

1 - ride that I got yelled at by a lifeguard. It was this slide thingy with a huge funnel at the bottom. You swirled around and around until it dumped you in a deep pool. After plummeting to my death, or so I thought, I get to the pool at the end of the ride and the lifeguard is yelling at me to get out of the pool. "Um, I will as soon as I figure out if my bathing suit is on or not!" Yikes. No me gusta the gigantuan funnel ride.

1 - Book on tape listened to on the way home. Did you know you can rent books on tape from Cracker Barrel? Seriously, the coolest idea ever.

60 - minutes spent in a dead stop trafic jam on the way home. =( Yuck.

6 - AM that we left on Sat morning and...

12 - PM that we arrived in our home on Saturday night. Ahhh.. long drive!!

All in all, this equals 1 AMAZING vacation in Florida!!!


Michael and Erin said...

YAY!!! So glad you had fun Darcy!!!

*nichole* said...

sounds like one grand vaca, darce!! i am so happy you guys had a great time & ohmygosh!! what a sweetie that hubby of yours is..with the wedding video!! wayyy cute! can't wait to meet you saturday! :)

amber said...

Glad to hear that you had a great vacation. We leave for ours on Saturday. How sweet is that anniversary gift?? Oh yeah, and baking soda mixed with water, made into a paste works wonders on getting those love bugs off of your vehicle. We are pros at that!

jes said...

so glad you are home. SOunds like you had a ton of fun and now you are ready to hang out in idiana...and soon we get to prepare for the FAIR. Come on you know you are excited for the fair!!! Its a good time. and foreigner is coming too...its gonna be a party!

Jess said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!! That is awesome and you can just see the happiness pour out from both of you! I just wanted to say hi and Congrats!

Sara said...

Sounds so fun Darcy! I just put a post vacation post on my blog, too...

Aren't vaca's grand!


Wendy said...

Sounds like you had a fun vacation/anniversary celebration! I agree with the dripping water. Way gross. I also hate walking on the steps b/c they're wet and dirty. Books on tape are the best. I always listen to them on car rides and when I'm working out.

Kat said...

sounds like you had an awesome vacation and anniversary!!!
such a cool coincidence about the 808. thats trippy.
love the spam. lol
glad you're back!!!!

Niki L said...

Yeah! You're back and thanks for sharing all your photos!!

FYI to all about Love Bugs, they land on peopel too and when I lived in FL. and figured out they were gettin' busy in the air and landing on me I was SICK!! AND.. when they smash on your car (on the paint) it can eat away at the paint on your car!!! For crying out loud, that's some serious guts!!

Anonymous said...

wow, looks and sounds like you had a fabulous vacation and anniversary!!!! the wedding video present is so sweet ;)

To The Moon said...

Glad you two had such an amazing time and are back safe!

Felicia said...

Glad you are back and had an awesome vacation.

Thanks for the b'day surprise by the way. I loved it!

Elizabeth said...

glad you had such an amazing time on your vacation!! you two have to be the most luckiest kids in the world. I mean celebrating the first anni.. and still like on a honeymoon??? hopefully you two had lots of needed talk time on the drive to and fro..
we need to catch up... its been forever=/

Mara said...

so glad that you had a great vaca, darce!!
love the pics.
and p.s. cubs fans don't complain, they just are... ok?! :)

Jill said...

yay!! glad you guys had fun =)
love the 808 thing, so cool!!

Lisa Dickinson said...

I'm laughing my butt off at the SPAM thing! :) Sounds like a quality vaca, girl! And the video gift is so cool! Mike & I always watch ours on our anniversary to be sappy:) Here's hoping your tan lasts awhile....try the Jergens natural glow lotion - it might stretch out the lifespan!

I'll email ya soon-


Hanni said...

yay for vacations!!! :) so glad you had a good time, friend.
and do you know what?
we still haven't seen our wedding video yet either! :)

Kirsten said...

Sounds like the vacation was a total success!!

Kirsten said...

Sounds like the vacation was a total success!!

Emily said...

sounds like an AMAZING vacation and anniversary celebration! enjoyed reading all the tidbits!

monica said...

Sounds like you had such a great time even if you got yelled at by a lifeguard and had love bugs all over your windshield.

You make me laugh!!