Thursday, June 29, 2006

The best day of work. Ever.

Okay, so yesterday was the best day of work in my entire life. You all know I work in an international department, right? We have distributors from everywhere in the world visiting our offices all the time. Most of the time is a bunch of dudes that come for meetings and to tour our plant. Yesterday our best distributor was in town. And he brought his wife.. yeah, um she didn't want to sit through meetings or go on a plant tour to quench her desires to know how grain silos are built.. she wanted to see AMISH people. So who gets the privledge of taking Felicita to Amishville? Oh yeah.. you guessed it. =) Yours truly. Since one of my old roomdogs was a Jo (Jerk-over amish) and I actually dated a Jo, somehow I became the scholar-amish-knower-tour-guide. Um, shopping all day instead of sitting at a puter.. I think I'm game. =)

I decide to take her to Shipshewana. For any of you that live close and know what Shipshewana is, you know that it's a tiny, tiny town filled with Amish shops and a huge flea market. Let me tell you about Felicita and I's day.

10:00am - We pull into the ATM at a bank. Felicita tries 3 of her different bank cards and none of the pin numbers she uses are correct. She can't seem to remember what pin number goes with what card. I look in my rear-view mirror and see 4 cars backed up behind me. Shoot. Finally she figures out one of the pin numbers and gets $500 out.. um, does she realize that we are going to a flea market where most things are either $1 or 6 for $5??

10:00-10:30 We drive through amish land. Every time she sees an amish person, she nudges me and points at them. First of all, she must have forgotten that I live around here and see amish every time I go to Walmart and second of all, I didn't know how to kindly tell her that they really don't like it when you point at them. =/

10:45 - We get to the flea market and the first thing she buys is a pair of flip flops for $1. Now mind you, this woman is decked out in designer clothes, has a Louie Vuitton bag slung over her shoulder (which I was told later cost $1,100), is kicking in leather heals and has carets and carets of diamonds on her fingers, wrist and neck. And the first thing she buys? Oh yeah, $1 flip flops because her feet hurt... crack me up.

12:00pm - We walk around the auction at the flea market. Um yeah, she rubbed her nose and the auctioneer thought she was bidding. I start shaking my head and telling him "no" as she is giggling and asking me what's happening. Um, you almost bought a horse, that's what's happening. Whew.. that would have been hard to ship to her.

12:30 - We started to head out of the flea market and I stop to finally buy the metal star I had been eyeing the entire time we were there. (I took a picture of what I did with it in my house and Darin has the digital camera cords today.. I'll post the pic later) She insisted on buying it for me because I made a huge sacrifice to take her shopping instead of working all day. (Wow.. I REALLY like Felicita!) As much as I insisted that I would purchase it, she stepped in front of me and bought it for me. Wasn't that nice!? It was only $12 too.. at Potter Barn they are $99!!! Yeah, I'm in love with my new star. =)

12:30-2:00 - We leave the flea market and drive downtown Shipshe. As we are stuck in traffic she sticks her camera phone up to my car window and takes pictures of buggies and amish people walking down the street. Yeah, still couldn't muster up the guts to tell her that they don't like their pictures taken either. =/ She then buys a quilt for her daughter. Um, they live in Miami and El Salvador... and she bought a quilt... maybe they crank their AC way down?? I'm still puzzled about this one.

2:00 - I took her to the Blue Gate for lunch and now she is in love with amish peanut butter. She has now truly lived. =)

So all in all, we had an awesome day and I have a new best friend from Miami. =) She gave me the hugest hug when she left and grabbed a catalog with homes for sale in the area because she liked it here so much. She would have hyperventilated if I would have been able to get ahold of Alice (old room dog) to set her up with a buggy ride. Maybe we'll save that for when she moves here. =)


Maybe I should have taught her the little dutch that I know.. "Eek ben fatty, com butz me!" Which means, "I'm finished!! Come wipe me." Very useful, I know.


Niki L said...

That was such a fun day!!! You would hate to have me up there with you then, b/c everytime we visit Chris's parents I always want to go see Amish ppl and when we do see them I almost run into things b/c I'm staring at them.

I think their way of life is SOOOOO interesting....I'm just amazed they live without all of the stuff we "HAVE" to have!!

Thanks for sharing your day with us and you are totally taking me on a buggy ride whenever I'm up there!!!

Elizabeth said...

amish country is so much fun, we have a trip planned up that way soon... I am sure someone from another country.. really finds it ODD. You about lost me with your randomness and cut off words.. was not sure if you were in amish country or escaped to PB.Your escapades almost sound a bit to farfetched...the horse? funny.
yep, i have that star.. well, two.. they are SO much fun!
you should mail your new friend a copy of amish in the city!!

Michael and Erin said...

Oh my gosh Darcy - you sooo make me laugh! This is my favorite part:

Um, you almost bought a horse, that's what's happening. Whew.. that would have been hard to ship to her.


And I thinkg "I'm finished!! Come wipe me." will be very useful to your future children! :)

Anonymous said...

what, what a great tour gide you are! hehehe! sounds like an awesome day and can't wait to see a pic of this fabulous star!

Jill said...

hahahaha!!! my favorite Darcy post...ever!! too funny. love your Dutch phrase.

Jill said...

oh and by the way...i don't think your story is 'farfetched' at all...crazy stuff happens to us all!!

To The Moon said...

Hearing your story makes me miss home so bad!!! I loved going to Shishe for great finds. And miss seeing the amish. :)

p.s. Thomas bought me a star like that for christmas last year- and a littler one. Love um. :) They're so fun.

amber said...

Hilarious girl!!! You crack me up, sounds like you had a fun day! Love the phrase at the end, maybe I could teach it to Payton, LOL!

Kat said...

how fun!!! i want to see amish people. dont' worry, i won't point and take pictures. but i will buy a quilt for my mom (she lives in iowa, it does get cold there.........)
too funny!

RACHEL =) said...

ROFL, ohhhh Darce, you always make me laugh!!
Just picturing all those scenarious, too funny!!!!
Glad you had a great time, HOW AWESOME that you got to do that on a work day, and that you and her are now BUDS!! =)

jes said...

my favorite part is the amish/dutch quote!
Nice touch. and you yet useful, you never know when you may need to be wiped...but I hope they are done Eating when they say that...and not done pooing....ewwwwwwwwwww

beckany said...

Oh I'm jealous- we have nothing like that here in Aus! I think that I should pop on over and visit all these awesome places :) Glad that you had a great day and got your star! I say that next time, let her buy a horse! ;) xoxo

Megan said...

This is so funny! I had a roommate who was from Amish country, and I always wanted to hear stories about them. They really are fascinating. I have never seen any real Amish people, but now I know not to laugh and point and take pictures. Well, I probably knew that already, but now I know for sure!

monica said...

I love the way you tell stories Darcy, they're always so funny. I really like the Dutch you know, classic!!1

Felicia said...

That sounds like so much fun. I want to see Amish people! I promise I won't point at them...but I can't guarantee that I won't take pictures. =)

Hanni said...

bwahahaha!!! hard at work, i see...:) sounds like an awesome day, and i LOVE your star!