Friday, June 30, 2006

LLLLLLLoooonnnnnggggg Weekend!!

In honor of the 4th, I will share the pic of my beloved new STAR with you guys!!!

The pic is of the top of our entertainment center. We're trying to simplify and get the house ready for the FOR SALE sign we'll {hopefully} be putting in front of the house this weekend!!

And I have the tiniest, tiniest toot ever. Memory Makers emailed me and asked if they could post one of my pages on their online gallery!! Whoo-hoo!! She actually said the word "publish" in the email so I was happy that she dropped that super sweet word!!!

Any time you guys want to come visit Amishland, you just give me a ring. I'd be more than happy to be your tour guide. =) I know many more dutch phrases.. "Duma fats" means "dumb fart". Yes, yes.. ALSO very useful!!

I have Monday and Tuesday off so I won't have puter access until Wednesday... I'll be MIA for a bit. =)

Have a happy, happy 4th!!!


Niki L said...

We'll miss you like crazy, but so glad you get a long weekend!! I only get the usual days plus Tuesday so it's not THAT bad!!

Congrats on being published!! So happy for you!! :) What page are they using? You'll have to share that with us.

The star looks great and I like your candles too!! Have a happy **BOOM** day!! (That's a firework exploding for you ;)

Felicia said...

Congrats on the pub!

amber said...

Love that star! It's awesome & very fourth of July-ish (sweet word, I know). Big congrats on the on-line pub. That's a great first step! You'll be in the mag in no time:) Have a super, fantastic, wonderful weekend!!!

beckany said...

I'm suprised that they haven;t published you sooner(it is a super sweet word isn't it?!). :) That's VERY exciting news!
The star looks very sweet on that wall- be sure to remove it when your place sells!!!
Enjoy your 4th July loooooong weekend and hope you get lots of scrapping done between beautifying the house- me... I'm back at work on Monday- no 4th July holiday celebrations in Australia. :(
Smile at a firecracker for me! :D

Mara said...

Hey... a pub is a pub, dear :)
Have a fantastic weekend!
Wave to me :)

Kat said...

have a happy happy and safe 4th of july!!!!
LOVE the star : )

Elizabeth said...

the star looks great.. can't believe it looks so similar to the one(s) i paid... um.. a lot more for!! I should learn to love flea markets!!!
congrats on putting the sign up.. its a crazy, stressful, fun time!
thats cool about your email.. even if its online...that is just about as popular in the scrapworld, now isn't it?

RACHEL =) said...

Ooh, LOVE that star, so cool!!! Just awesome that she bought it for you!!!
YAY for the email from MM, that's awesome girl!
Hope Chicago is great and you and D are getting lots done at the house!!!! =)

onfoyou said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.