Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm a grillin' chick that can't say "no"!!!!

~I was gunna make the title "Got my grill on" but I don't know what that means so I'll refrain. All I know is that it was a popular song during gymnastics season and my girls knew every word.. I hope that song's not TOO bad! =/

~TODAY is Erin's Birthday!!! Please link on over to her site and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love ya, Erin!!!!

~So yeah, I realize that grilling isn't that hard.. but man, was I intimidated!!! Last night I was craving a grilled chicken salad. Without Darin here, cooking for myself definitely does not include the usual foods that I make for the both of us. (meat and potatoes all the way.. and of course a vegetable.. as my mom would say, "For healthy grandbabies!") But.. I did it. I grilled my chicken and guess what? It was GOOD!!! Darin's is much better, but hey, for my first time it really wasn't all that bad. Heap on the lettuce, cucs, carrots, onions, grape tomatoes and that oh so good grilled chicken and I had myself a one foot tall HEAPING salad!! I couldn't even eat it all. You know there's a lot of salad when Darcy can't eat it all. =)

~With D being gone, I've had some great alone time with JC. I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately. Work, my side business, church commitments, being Darin's wife commitments, my youth group girls small group, nursery duty once a month, my 20-something small group, gymanastics, the decision of being our church wedding coordinator, the decision of leading an exercise group at church on Thursday nights.. last night I realized that something has got to give. Have you all had that feeling before? And guess what.. I have NO clue what needs to give. I just want to do it all and help everyone out. And I can't. I have a problem with saying "no". I'm so thankful for quality quiet time this week to hear what God wants me to do. I think God's timing with Darin being away was perfect for JC and I to figure out which activities need to be a priority in my life. Ahh.. I'll keep you informed to what He leads me to do.

~This week has spawned some mega scrap time. Bailey has taken Darin's spot on the scrapbook room chair. At least he lets me tune the channel into HGTV and not sports. (I DO NOT COMPLAIN when Darin lets me scrapbook and wants to hang out with me in my room.. even though the channels are either on ESPN, ESPN classic or Fox Sports). I can deal if it means more scrap time.

~Annnnnnd.. blogger won't let me post my pages. Maybe I'll try later or post them tomorrow. Does blogger realize how annoying this is?

~Jett just came and visited me at work!! gosh I love that little boy. =) He flirted with all the women and banged on my keyboard for awhile and then jetted. HA!! Pun intended.. I'm such a dork...

~AND yesterday I realized that we get 2 days off for the 4th of July. Um, how did I miss this amazing detail? A 4 day weekend.. SO excited!!

~ Yeah, so bored-at-work Darcy makes the mistake of looking at the local online classifieds for puppies. There are beagle puppies ON THE WAY HOME FROM WORK!! And D still says no. We gotta wait until the next house. sigh. ON THE WAY HOME, people. It's killing me. Wrigly is WAITING for me to pick him up. =/

~ Okay, so I made this post kinda like one of my random posts.. but I didn't NAME it a random post.. does that mean that I'm not rambling?? yeah, we'll go with that. =)

Alrighty.. peace out. Have a great Wednesday.


amber said...

LOL. Love that title! Wow girl, you do have a whooooooole lot on your plate. Best wishes with everything!

Hailey said...

Way to go on the grilling! hahaha! I probably would have burt my grill skills here :)
Good luck with your decisions on what to cut out of your life...that is hard but whatever you remove will allow you more quality time for everything else you decide to continue!

Niki L said...

Wait a minute....I want two days off!!!!! We only get Tuesday off, how crappy!! Oh well, I guess 1 is better than none!

Great job on grilling! I've grilled before, however I don't really ENJOY it like boys usually do so I leave that one up to Chrissy!

Keep praying about your schedule and I'm sure you'll rearrange it all to work out perfectly!!

Jill said...

YAY for a grilled chicken salad!!
sounds yummy. great job by yourself :)

pray & think, think & pray...& you'll get your busy-ness sorted out. figure out what YOU like to do & go from there =)

Wendy said...

So hard to say 'no' sometimes...I've been there too. Hope you figure out what you need or can give up.
Good Job with the grilled chicken. I get freaked out just cooking chicken on the George Foreman. It's always all cut up 'cause I'm afriad I won't cook it all the way through.

Half Pint said...

I'm terrified of the grill...and the lawnmower. Guess it's a good thing those are traditionally the man's domain. Too bad I'm not "terrified" of cleaning the bathroom, but I don't think that would fly. BTW, I'm trying to figure out when you sleep!

RACHEL =) said...

I LOVE grilled chicken salads, and since I've been on my diet I've been eating one (sometimes 2) a day!!! YUM!!! Can't get sick of them! =)
God's timing is definitely amazing - so glad you are finding the time you need to talk with Him, that's wonderful!
Sounds like you definitely have a lot on your plate - although it's hard to say no, you can't do EVERYTHING, then you'll get burned out. Decide what you REALLY want to do, and do those things, and then if something else comes up, you can decide if you have the time and energy to do it. But I know it's easier said than done!
Have a good one, babe! =)

Kat said...

love your random post : )
and yes, i know what you mean by something having to give, but you dont' know what. and you know what? it will all work out. did for me. i'll let you know what that means in a few months.........
can't wait to see your scrappy pages! hopefully i'll get some scrap on tonight : )
oh, and i'm ALL about the puns. my last name is post, how could you not pun with that??

jes said...

I am SOOOOO taking full advantage of that LONG weekend, i am driving off to chicago-land to see....YOU KNOW WHO.
My world revolves around that weekend right now. ENJOY the break. You definently deserve it!!!

Dina said...

I love your randomness! I am so glad to hear that you have had some good God time this week (I have too). Congrats on the chicken too!!! Hey I need your new email address. For whatever reason, I don't have it. I sent you an email to your yahoo account yesterday. If you can't get that one, I will resend it to your new account. Just email me at

love ya

Mara said...

poor wrigley needs a home :)
good luck with the decisions..

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I hear you on chaos in life!!
its just so hard to find a good balance. I am having one of this "meltdowns" right now too..
definately makes you stop and listen to the Father.
glad you're getting some pages done..
and grilling... you need to get your own apron now!!!

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