Monday, June 19, 2006

New Pages

Did everyone have a good Father's Day? We took my pops to the Camino. (Best mexican restaurant evah!!!) The Jettster was there and *sigh* he's walking now. SO cute. We were standing outside the restaurant getting ready to leave and the little guy sees a cob-web hanging on the window and yes, eats it. Natalie and I yelled "No!" at the same time and scared the pooh out of him.. literally. Poopy diaper. =/ But yeah, I think dad had a good time. =)

Okay, there's a chance that I'm gunna be posting many pages this week. Last night between 4 and 9:30, I whipped up 3. Although I'm a fan of scrap time, I am not a fan of Darin being gone. =( I miss him so much. I also woke up 287 times last night realizing he still wasn't there. Soooo.. since I don't have anything else to blog about and you all may puke if I keep saying how much I miss him, I will post some pages!!!

We'll see what Niki thinks of this page!!!

I don't like this one as much as the other one.. I tried to keep it simple because the picture was way cool. Isn't the ocean sooo vibrant blue? Yeah, such a cool picture and Niki and Chris are such a gorgeous couple!! Darin did the journaling again. Man, he's good!! Those are shells that I picked up from our vacation last month. Hope you like it, Niki!!!

Next one...

This is a thank-you page I did for the couple that let us use their condo in Florida. They are the kind of people that just give, give, give. Darin thought a scrapbook page may be a creative way to thank them because we know they wouldn't take a gift from us. =) Love how bright this page turned out!! And those letters.. pressed petals chip chatter.. Oh. my. goodness. Heaven to work with, pure heaven!! Nichole talked me into purchasing them at Archiver's last week and yeah, I'm totally in love!! They even came with a file to distress them. Genus, pure genus. So yeah, I may have to make a color copy of this one for D and I cuz I love how bright it is. =)

Alright, have a great Monday and pray that my week goes fast. =/


Niki L said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE this page!! The colors are perfect and you used your own, personal shells??...that is so sweet!

Thanks so much for doing these pages for me!! I love them both and I am framing them to put in our house!!

I can't say enough times what a great job you've done on those!!

I hope your week goes really fast and you sleep better tonight! Just snuggle up to Bailey!

Niki L said...

Wait, Wait, Wait...I forgot to say....Is that your own handwriting you used on this page??? I am so stinking lucky that you used your writing b/c I know you don't use it often!! Thanks for making my pages so personalized!! :)

Elizabeth said...

those pages are aweosome, Darcy!!
those pics of Niki and Chris are just breathtaking.. her photograper really did an amazing job.. I love how you focued on the blue of the water!
she will love it to pieces!
and so will your friend, love the handmade thankyou!.those are the best kinds, especially for those that have everything.. and are such givers!
i am sure you'll do fine, solo..
seriously, if you want to chat.. I am just planning on scrapping while A is away this week!
i'm sorta in a funk.. so I could use some creative inspiration..=)

To The Moon said...

I so feel for you and the husband being away!! It will go by fast. Just remember, it could always be worse- there's nothing like 6 months apart. And reunions are the BEST!

amber said...

Those pages are fab!! And the "thank you" layout--what a great idea, so thoughtful you two are! Hope your week flies by!

Wendy said...

Hope this week without Darin goes by fast! Loving your pages lately. The thank-you page is a great idea!

Hailey said...

The pages look Great!
maybe you should have a marathon of your favorie movies/shows with Darin gone...;)
anything that will make the week go by fast!

Felicia said...

Great LO's Darcy!
I'll be praying for ya!

RACHEL =) said...

LOOOOOOVE the layouts, girl! LOVE THEM!!!! =)
Can't wait to see what else you whipped up!!

Missy said...

Simply GORGEOUS :)

Jill said...

ooooh, a scrapping frenzy :)
LOVE those pages, the one of Niki's wedding photo is sooo gorgeous, those blues & the shells!!

yep, scrap & watch girly movies while Darin's away =)

Kat said...

love love love all the pages!!!!!

Nichole said...

Great pages...Darce.. love the idea of a page as a thank you. Your man is so smart. I know what it is like to miss your hubbie,...mine is gone tonight and tomorrow, too.

YOu could come in to the store...we have an epson scanner and it prints great copies..just a thought.


monica said...

I LOVE these LOs, but then again I love all your work!!!!

Hope you're not too lonely without your hubby.

Mara said...

those LOs are gorgeous!
are they actually standing in the water?
awesome pic.
love the shells!

Michael and Erin said...

Great pages Darcy! And I totally understand what you're feeling - Michael's leaves for a week every spring break to take the baseball team to Florida. Although I think next year we're going with him! :)

Toya said...

i saw these on 2 peas they are beautiful layouts