Monday, June 12, 2006

Nice to finally meet ya!

Okay, I love Ohio!! Why? Because 3 of my favorite scrappers are from there.. AND I got to hang out with them on Saturday!!! We had so much fun. =) We had a little lunch at Chipotle and then looked through each other's albums. Man, it was AWESOME to see all the girls' pages up close and personal. They are a bunch of talented bunch of scrappers, that is for sure!! We revealed our ad challenge.. of course everyone's was beautiful!! Erin's wasn't quite done.. hey, totally forgiven.. she's got a CUTIE-HEAD baby to keep her busy! We went over to Archiver's to shop after lunch. It was so fun to roam through the store with all the girls.. we all had different ideas for different products and yeah, it was just awesome. =)

I'll do a little recap of each of the girls and how I met them and what they mean to me. =)

Erin was the first pea friend that I met from 2Peas.. so yeah, she holds a special place in my heart. =)Gosh, I love this gal! I originally emailed her to tell her how much I loved one of the pages she did of her dad. We both share the loss of a parent so we've chatted about that and EVERYTHING else! (hehehe.. you KNOW what I'm talking about, Erin!) There were lots of emails that had to do with lil' miss Emma.. "Um, is she here yet?" And then Erin followed with a big fat "NO!" I also got to meet Miss Emma on Saturday and Yeah, she is the SWEETEST, most adorable baby!! Erin's scrap style is one that I probably relate to the most. =)

Gosh Rachel, how did we even start chatting? I can't even remember!! I think it may have had to do with the loss of our parents too!! (Seriously.. this is NOT a good thing to have in common, but man, do these girls understand.) Rachel is just the sweetest.. she's also been an amazing friend over the past months. We've been known to send book long emails talking about awesome and not so awesome things going on in our lives. I just love this girl!! And don't we agree that she works MAGIC with ribbon? Gosh, LOVED seeing your work up close and personal!

Grr.. blogger isn't letting me post anymore pics!! Imagine Rachel and I's picture.. HERE.

Oh Nichole.. Our friendship started after I'd left her fun praise (Prolly about your handwriting or your gorgeous circles!) and she emailed me to tell me that she liked my praise. =) We started chatting after that about her wedding and such. This girl has MAD scrap skills and yeah, she doesn't plan on selling her handwriting as a font any time soon, but if she does... she said I may possibly be the only one that's allowed to purchase it. YES!!! Nichole is SO sweet and just the cutest!! You are going to be a beautiful bride and I'm so honored to call you a friend, chica!!!

Again, imagine Nichole and I's picture, HERE!

Okay, maybe blogger will let me post my recent ad challenge. On top of our Am Ex ad challenge with the questions and use your handwriting funness Erin added, I challeged myself to use this pretty red Cloe's closet patterned paper from Imagination Project.

And.. it's not letting me post. Ahhh.. the suspense.. yeah, I'm humoring myself here. =)

My sister and I also had an amazing time.. but I'll dedicate an entire post to her next time including pictures from Saturday =)

Loved meeting you guys and we've got to do it again sometime soon. =) Saturday was a blast!!!


Elizabeth said...

i just felt like it was deja veux!!
your recap sounds VERY similar to Miss Rachel's post today =)
so fun that you girls got to meet up.. THEY are all so busting with talent, its scary!! (for the scrapstores, that is!).
yep, I'd agree that Nichole should sell her amazing self..
GOd has an awesome way of bringing just the right people into our lives, don't ya think?
glad you had a good visit with your sissa!

RACHEL =) said...

YEP, it was a blast for sure!!
I loooooooved meeting you, you are even more beautiful in person!
I have to tell you though... before you post any close up of me, feel free to photoshop my underchin away, LOL!!! =)
So glad you and your sis came up... we'll have to do it again soon FOR SURE!!!!!
Love ya girlie!
Oh, and how we first started talking? ummmmm, I can't remember either, just glad that we did! =)

Missy said...

That looks so fun!
so jealous ;)

Jill said...

awww, sounds like so much fun!!
glad you girls had a great time. Erin's baby is such a cutie & you look soooo natural there holding her in the picture!!

Niki L said...

Darce, you look so beautiful with your lovely FL. tan!!! ;)

Glad you had a fun trip and got to meet the girls!

Emily said...

LOVE the little snippets about how you met the girls on 2Ps and then IRL. fantastic!

Mara said...

oooh, so jealous!
you know,chicago is close too!
can't we just do a midwest croparoo?

Felicia said...

That sounds so cool. Those girls are really talented, well then so are you. =)
I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

island girl said...

love meeting peasies in person!! the pictures look fun, even the one's that I imagined were there...and look how cute you look with the baby...maybe there will be a little "D" runnin around one day!! hehehe!

Kat said...

how much fun! i love meeting 2pea-ers irl, so fun!!!! : ) and yeah, blogger's been being stupid and not letting me upload pics too. grrrrr

*nichole* said...

love this, darcy!! goodness, you are too sweet! made me smile the whole way thru! thanks for the shoutout & i gotta say, i am beyond blessed to call you & rachel & erin all friends! so happy you liked OhiO & hope the wedding was good! and yesss...DEFINITELY submit your challenge LO! it was incredible!! :) have a wonderful week, girlie!

monica said...

Archiver's? Meeting Rachel, Erin, and Nicole? Getting to see everybody's work up close and personal? I'm so jealous!!!

Can't wait to see those pictures!!

Muriel said...

your pics are so pretty!!

Michael and Erin said...

Hey Darcy!!! So, so glad we got to meet! I had a lot of fun Saturday - just wish it could've lasted longer. We so need to plan that meet in Toledo!