Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Okay.. it's been awhile since a Darcy random post!! You guys have been missing it.. haven't you??? Here we go...

* The picture I promised of my sis and I last post... isn't she pretty? Yes, it's a "hold your arm out as far as you can go and hope that people don't stare at you while you do it" picture. We were all cutsie in our wedding attire and had someone take pictures of us with a beautiful mansion's garden in the background.. and this was my fave pic of the two of us. Go figure. =) We are both growing out our hair for locks-of-love. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures once we chop!!

* Does everyone see that rather large blemish on my chin? Yes.. I cannot grow my own zits, I can grow my own CYSTS!! Gross, huh? But seriously.. I get so stressed when lots of things are going on in my life, that I can grow one of these things on command. Not that I PLAN to grown them on command, but I do without realizing it. If you want me to teach you how, I'd be happy to show you. =) It's called, "Have too much on your plate at all times!" Works wonders for the face.

* Okay, FINALLY switched my email account!! Aren't you guys proud? I LOVE my new account. It's seriously the coolest. It autosaves the email that you are writing like every 2 minutes... you can chat with other gmailers.. I have no junk mail.. I don't have to refresh to know when I have mail, it tells me in my little window at the bottom of my desktop.. it's just wonderful. Seriously, why did I wait so long? If anyone wants an invitation, let me know!! Gmail is genius.. just like Mara. =) Yep, she gmails too. =)

* AND switching my email account popped up two of my friends that I hadn't talked to forever!! One is a college friend that had a baby and I've been trying to call her cell like mad and the phone number obviously isn't hers.. she tried to email me once Chloe was here and I didn't get it. She had her baby on April 1st so I got to see pictures. =) AND.. this bit of information for the day is fun.. a friend from high school emailed me after I sent out the mongo email with the address change.. she checked out my blog and saw that 2Peas was linked and guess what?? Her COUSIN is Christina from 2Peas. The founder/owner Christina. So Amy offered to give me a tour of 2Peas if I ever wanted to treck up to Wisconsin. If I go, let me know if you want me to slip her some cash in exchange for a garden girl position. =) We could always try, right?

* Here is the ad challenge page that Erin, Nichole, Rachel and I did!! So fun.. I gotta do more challenges.

Challenges stretch me and that's always good. =) The questions were from an American Express ad. So fun. =)

* Here is another page that I worked up for my college friend Niki.
----annnnddd... it won't let me post the picture... this is getting old!!!----
Niki, I'm posting this baby as soon as Blogger let's me. =) I hope you liked the page more than blogger does!! grrr... what is bloggers deal? I even tried to open another page of my blogger account and start a new post and tried to load a picture so I could copy and paste it into this post and no.. Blogger is too smart for me. Anywho, it was easy to scrap such a beautiful couple!!

* I. Am. So. Bored. At. Work. Seriously, there is nothing to do. It's the slow time of year for me. YAWN!!!

* Who else loves it when you've planned ahead for dinner and it will be in the oven baking and almost ready to eat by the time you get home from work? (Raising hand!) I made lasagna rolls last night and Darin's putting them in the oven when he gets home from work so we can eat before the extreme busy-ness starts tonight. Rack up the bonus points with Darin for all those times that we get home at 9pm and have to eat sandwiches. =/

* Darin's been doing things with our youth kids since it's summer break and all.. he's taken them to play frisbee golf, taken them for lunch or ice cream and runs with Taylor, our cross country star, on Wednesday mornings. This morning he called me and told me that he ran 4 miles with Taylor in just over 21 minutes!! HOLY COW!! That's a 5 & some change minutes a mile! This was after he told me that he recently weighed himself and has lost 15 pounds over the last few months. Yeah, does that make you sick or what ladies? Him playing in all these leagues and and running with Taylor make it impossible for him to eat enough. Hence the lasagna rolls.. gotta fatten the boy up!!

* Last night we had gymnastics open gym!! Loved seeing the girls. Yeah, and the other coach told me to demonstrate a dive cartwheel for some of the middle schoolers.. I'm sore today. Wow, I'm getting old. The big 2-6 is around the corner, but seriously.. I should NOT get sore after a cartwheel. Maybe it was the dive part.. yeah, that's my vote. I had such tremendous flight and the cartwheel was so stinking superb that my muscles just couldn't handle the cartwheel greatness. And I spotted some girls so that's probably the real reason. =)

AND you all are probably sick of reading randomness now. =) I'll go try to find something to clean or organize at work. Wish me luck.


Niki L said...

You gals look so beautiful!! Can't wait till blogger starts cooperating and we can see more pictures!!

I could only read your answers on the scrap page, I couldn't see the 'questions'....Sorry, but I think it's a neat page anyways!

Kat said...

i love your randomness!!!!! LOVE That layout of you! i've alwasy wanted to use one of those ads for a lo, so glad to see someone do it! and that pic of you is so cute.
your sister and you are gorgeous- so jealous you can do locks of love. apparently you need "virgin" hair, and sad to say- my hair has been getting dyed since a very young age : ( but you rock for that.
oh, and my skin does the exact.same.thing
and gmail rocks!!!
there's thats my random comment for your post : )

Jill said...

love the random posts :)
LOVE the challenge layout, i gotta go search for the other girls' pages...FUN!!

RACHEL =) said...

Love your randomness, girl!!!
That's a great pic of you - you two look soooooooo much alike, you're beautiful!!!
And how awesome to grow your hair for locks of love!! HOW MUCH WILL YOU GET CHOPPED OFF??
Trying to picture you w/shorter hair and I can't. But you'd look good bald!!!
Yum on the lasagna rolls - I love my crockpot - throw stuff in in the morning, and it's done and ready to eat at dinner time - vwala! Love it!!
I've been HATING blogger lately w/not letting us upload more than 2 photos, what's the deal?!

Hailey said...

lasagna rolls!?! those sound so good!!!
I love the randomness too ;)
and blogger has been a pain in the butt with posting pics but the one you were able to post is very cute!

Half Pint said...

Weird how finicky blogger is being...letting all of us post some things, but not others. I loved reading your randomness!! I keep hearing about g-mail, but I think I'll hang onto my hotmail account for a bit since that is the address splashed all over my resume that's in major circulation : )

Elizabeth said...

oh the darcyrandomness is so fun!!
you and denise don't look so much alike in that photo.. but that is so sweet that youre both doing the lol brother donated 12 inches last month!!
yay for your new email acct. GMAIL is pretty cool.. and easy to work with.. i wonder why I have not switched long, long ago!
thats cool that you were able to get back in touch w/ past friends.. always so neat the way people come in and out of our lives!
kudos for dinner ahead.... I am lucky if we are eating take out by 8pm!!
hope your boredom ceased quickly!

sarah said...

found your blog via mara's blog . . .
love it!
your scrappy style rocks! :)

Felicia said...

i love all the randomness too!
blogger is getting to be a big pain. it totally erased my entire post last night. ugh...

Great LO!

Mara said...

ok, you and your sis are both so pretty!!
and also... i love that you think i'm a genius. wait til you meet me IRL... oh boy. :)

island girl said...

wowza's that layout, and the and your sisters are gorgeous!!