Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our Flowers


Yeah!!! Our flowers didn't die while we were on vacation!! In fact, they grew like weeds. I always wanted window boxes and gosh, I just happened to marry a guy that could build an airplane out of wood if I asked him to. Darin hooked me up with the CA-utest little window boxes. We had worked so hard on the inside of our home that our outside took some neglecting until last fall. Darin's bro is a master at landscaping so for our wedding gift, he spent a week at our house planting, digging, and creating our yard bling. These boys are a dime a dozen.. NO JOKE!! And no, there are only 2 Holsopple boys and Eric is also married off.. SORRY bachelorette blog friends!


LOVE that picture. I played around with it on Picassa and that is what I came up with. Gosh, I LOVE FLOWERS especially in my window boxes!!!


You know what's sad? A FOR SALE sign is going to be put in our front yard very soon. =( Ah... bitter sweet. We got our house appraised and we should make out extremly well since it used to be junk and now it's pretty, but this was our starter home, you know? So sad. And to think about all the time and energy we have in this home and will start from scratch in our next junk home.. AHHH!! It's a tad overwhelming!

For now, I'll look at my window boxes and get happy again. =) Yes, it is that easy to divert my attention. Gosh, I love those things!!! Posted by Picasa


jes said...

I love that you didnt know that it was 6/6/6 yesterday, but more than that I loved your flowers. You are just so fun and cute I want to put you in my pocket and carry you around all day long!
Just a reminder that I am a darcy fan club, card carrying member.
ask me I will show it to you sometime

Nichole said...

my flowers just bloomed this week. They are awesome aren't they. It is amazing what we homeowners are awed by isn't it. Window boxes are adorable.

Jill said...

i love the window boxes!!
i can see why you'll be sad...but you'll make so many more new memories at your next 'junker' :)

Felicia said...

Just beautiful! I'm sure your next home will be just as lovely and will even more great memories. =)

amber said...

Love the flowers Darcy!! I'm jealous because mine have all died since it's been 95 degrees here:(

monica said...

Man, can I hire your family to fix up my house????

Beautiful flowers, are those petunias?? Mine all died since it's now 105 degrees out here.

Good luck with the sale of your home!!

Elizabeth said...

great minds think alike.. my latest post showcased my flowers too!!
i love this time of year.. so fresh and colorful.. i love seeing GOd's handywork =)
the window boxes are cute;I had them in two apts, but the look of our house does not go well =(.
you'll have so much fun with your blank canvas.. more power to you, I could never "live" in a project in progress. it will be fun to watch the progression in your new home!

Niki L said...

You have a green thumb!! Love the flower boxes and the flowers are so pretty!! Great job Holsopple Family!

RACHEL =) said...

Oh, I have missed you, girlie!!! Just caught up on your trip, LOVE the pics, you gorgeous couple!!!
So glad you had a great time! =)
Your window boxes are beautiful... really beautiful!!! Bummer about the move, but I know it's a good thing.

Angel With an Attitude said...

i'm soooo fair rachel! ;-)~

Lisa Dickinson said...

hee hee i have red petunias on my porch too! :) i'm jealous you get to start a new house project - renovation is my fave!! good luck - don't be sad! New doors are opening...

have a good weekend girly! Give that Rachel a hug from me!