Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's my birthday, I'm gunna party, like it's my birthday!!!!

Okay, anyone that knows me, knows that IM IN LOVE WITH MY BIRTHDAY!!! It's a big deal... well, at least for me and for Darin cuz he has to put up with me on my birthday. =) This morning he woke up and said, "Happy Darcy Day, sweetie!" And my reply? "Um, how is it different than any other day?" Yeah, we both know he treats me like a princess. =)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that participated in my b-day love on 2Peas!!! Man, did I feel the love!! The embarrassing/ditzy stories? And the pink love? You guys are too much. =) Thank you SO much, girlies!!! It was SO fun to see them all in the gallery!!! And Jes, Christy, Niki and the fam.. thank for the emails and phone calls!!

So, for my birthday's sake, I'll cue you in on some things about me that you may not have known. Ah ha.. but one of them is slightly wrong. Pick the one that you don't think is true! Um, I smell a RAK coming on!! (RAK means Random Act of Kindness for all those non Pea-ers) And if you don't scrap, I'll do something else for you. If more than one person guesses the wrong response, I'll put your names in a hat and draw the winner, K? You guys have blessed me with my birthday, so now it's time to pay it forward!! Ready?

- I lived in the same house my entire life until college. Yep, same house. My dad still owns it even though he's remarried and lives at my step-mom Susie's house. He just can't part with that house! I will go into a fit of depression when the house finally goes up for sale. =/

- I dated a guy that used to be amish (jerk-over) before I met Darin. Yep, his name was Lamar.

- I am addicted to gum. Yep, so addicted that one day about 5 years ago a piece of my tooth came out into my gum. Dentist told me that it was more than likely due to the fact that I chew too much gum. So they yanked my whiskey-tango half tooth and now I have an implant. Haha!! Love throwing that around.

- When I type recieve.. I type is wrong every time. I HATE this about myself!

- I grit my teeth so badly when I sleep that I have to wear a mouth guard to bed so that I don't wake Darin up.

- My first vehicle was a Ford Escort. Oh yeah, with my name in stickers above the radio. SO cool!! Friends coveted my sticker name!!!!

- I have horrible eyesight. My eye doctor told me I had to get contact lenses when I was in the 6th grade to stop my eyes from getting worse. Yeah, everynight I whip out my thick glasses and mouth guard and take my make-up off and I'm one HOT mama!! Good thing Darin married me before he saw my pre-bed condition. =/

- I can still do a round-off backhandspring tuck and a kip on bars at my ripe ol' age of 26. It's gunna be a sad day when I can't tumble or kip anymore. =(

Alright, guess away!!!!

Tonight D is taking me to get my b-day present and then to dinner. =) I'm getting a new cell phone!! Whoo-hooo!! Mine now is 3 years old, was free with the plan.. 3 years ago. You can imagine. =/ And it weighs about 5 lbs. No joke. I'm SO excited!!!

Thanks again, guys, for making my day an AMAZING one!!!


Hailey said...

a new phone, how exciting! and three years huh? you are definetly overdue! hehehehe!
sooo, which fact is incorrect....I have to go with the tooth thing?...

Felicia said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

My guess is the grinding of the teeth.
Truth be told, I just recently had to get a mouth guard for myself. I wake myself up at night from all the grindage going on. =/

Jill said...

hope you have had a HAPPY HAPPY day!! ok, my guess is Amish guy is untrue. can't wait to see the answer!!

Half Pint said...


I feel bad that I really had no clue when you're birthday is, but now I will make sure it is on the calendar. I'm going to guess you aren't really doing the round-off backhandspring tuck and a kip on the bars anymore. Just a guess. Take no offense ; )

Jamie said...

Awwwwwwwww! Happy birthday girly!!! I hope you have so much fun!!!

My guess is for the gritting the teeth thing.....

Seriously, I hope you have an awesome day. :)

rev said...

Hi silly you :) haha, how fun is this? I guess everything is true about you! haha. Okay, not an option? Then i'll go for the eyesight. I guess that's the most 'normal' thing so that doesn't fit you, haha, crrrrrazy girl you.

Hope you enjoyed your day and your new phone. Show me some pictures!!

sarah said...'s a toss up.
I'm going with the gritting teeth/mouthguard.

glad your day's been good . . . yay for a new phone! :)

amber said...

Hope your day was a great one! I too enjoyed reading all the embarrassing stories from the peasies! What a great idea Rachel & Hanni had! I'm gonna go with the piece of tooth coming out in the gum. Just a random guess!

Mara said...

heeeeee... pre bed condition.
i am a scary sight too :)
ok... hmm...
that's my guess.
you're a sweety.
happy day, darce!!

Mara said...

i meant sweetie.

Kat said...

ok, thats really really hard. um, i'm gonna guess the car? it wasn't a ford escort? hmmmm, supa hard.
but i know you wear a mouth guard- and i do too! supa sexy : )
can't wait to see what the answer is
and happy happy birthday!!!!!

Nichole said...

Happy birthday darce...I am torn darce. I don't know about the roundoff backhandspring tuck or the ford escort car. Ok and the glasses thing. I have seen them but they are not thick.

I know or am pretty sure the rest are true...I have an inside track. I don't know what to guess arggg...

I am guess the kip on bars and round-off backhandspring tuck. THat is difficult in prime not that you aren't still in your prime.
I still don't know.

beckany said...

Glad that you had such a super day Darcy!!! :) Love Beck xoxo

Sara said...

I have to go with the gymnastic stunts! Happy, happy day!

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday!

I think I'm goign to guess the car.

Elizabeth said...

glad you liked the pea was fun to do...some people were not able to post.. so I will just mail em to ya!
the quiz... gosh this is hard.. trying to think of our conversations..
i think you grit your teeth
i know you wear glasses.. but super thick, not sure.
i am pretty sure you dated an amish guy
and the gum.. yep, I KNOW you love GUM..not sure bout the tooth thing though.
the house thing YES.
i'm going to say the gymthing..(though i bet you CAN still do that!)
so tough, going with the car!

christy said...

Happy Birthday again! :-) That's one for the day before, one for the day of, and one for the day after!!!! All of July should be your Birthday Month!

Ok, I know a lot about you ... and you said that one of them is slightly not true. OOOOHHHHH so hard!! Not fair on the 'slightly' not true part. Ok, I think I'm gonna have to go with the car thing.

Love ya,


monica said...

Happy birthday!!!! I'll get my surprises out to ya soon.

that's fuuny about the mouth guard, I have one and it has so many holes in it, I think it's time fora new one, huh???