Monday, July 24, 2006

takeaway me

Haha!! I beat blogger!! Well.. my intentions for one post is now in 2 but oh well!!

Greggy is on the keyboard.. the only thing in color.
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There were THOUSANDS of people there!! In the pic, you can just see the floor seats. Behind me are the grandstands that were completely packed! So proud of Greggy. you know what's awesome? He can't read any music. Nope, just listens to music or a beat and starts to play. I'm SO proud of him!!!! You guys ROCKED last night!!!


christy said...

Congrats to Greg and Takaway Me! I saw Mark Shultz 5 years ago at the George Strait Country Music Festival ... he's a big name. This should definitely help with reaching more people! Way to Go Guys! (and girl? is becky still in it?)

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