Thursday, July 20, 2006

chin people & friend dates

And the promised.. CHIN PEOPLE PICTURE!!

Oh gosh, I'm about to wet myself!! All you do is flip upside down, cover up your nose, stick sunglasses on your chin and WA-LA!! Instant entertainment for hours. Well, instant entertainment for 3 middle school girls and Darcy. =) Isn't that funny, though!?

Tuesday night Christy, Raegan, my old roomdog's and I went out for dinner. Went to the Camino (but of course!) and then Raegan had to come over to our house to see Billy. She calls Bailey the fat cat Billy.. always has, probably always will!! She met him when she was 2 and for some reason called him Billy. And it stuck. =)

Funny Camino story/Darcy ditz story for the day. Here's the background.. the waiter had just taken my order... the usual chicken soft taco with no queso and a side of beans with no queso. The waiter gets to Christy and this is how the conversation went...

Christy: "I'd like a beef hard taco with queso. Oh, and a side of beans..."
Waiter: "Side of beans with queso, right?"
Me, joking: "Oh my gosh! He read your mind!"
Waiter: "Oh, she and I went to HS together, that's how I knew."
Me, totally in awe that this 40-year old hispanic waiter went to school with 25-year old Christy says: "You did?"
And then everyone laughed. But me. You know, some days it's REALLY hard being this gullible.

Yesterday Hanni, Erika (and her sis-in-law that we were trying to make join 2Peas) and I had lunch! Erika was in town because she takes a yearly vacation to the Lake that's like 5 minutes from my work and the town that I grew up in.

We got the low down on the race and just chatted and chatted. So great to hear that the race went well. But yeah, it was AWESOME to meet E and see Hanni again!! We've decided to make our lunch a yearly thing when E's up to the lake house. =) E, I hope that Jared made it up on the ski's.. for your sake!!! And Hanni, SO happy to hear that Mr. Miagyi is over his puking spells. =/ Yuck.


amber said...

Hilarious Darcy! Love reading about the funny things you do and say-LoL! What a cute pic of you three!

Elizabeth said...

those chin peeps are a riot.. we used to add mustaches.. draw eyes, etc.. but the shades ROCK !! i am sure those kids had a blast.
REagan is sure a cutie.. takes after her mama. I miss chatting with Christy, hope she's doing well!
glad you got to see Hanni again. You two in your twinsie pink tops.. and ya'll have that "sunkissed" glow too!!

Elizabeth said...

oh yeah, and nobody other than a scrapper or a blogger would take pics on their lunch dates...!!!its like we're always looking for a scrapable blogable opp!!
I feel like my camera has become a growth to my hand the last few years!!!

Hanni said...

bahahaha! that's so gross...miyagi's gastric problems that is...:) :P

christy said...

The other night was soooo much fun! Its been way too long since we've hung out. Sorry for keeping you up so late on a work night! Hope you weren't too tired yesterday. Glad you posted the story about the waiter. You always know how to crack us all up. Oh yeah, and love the chin people. I think I'm gonna try doing it with my nieces and nephews cause we're running out of things to do on this rainy gloomy day.
Love you lots,

Niki L said...

I would have totally done the same thing with the waiter...I believe EVERYTHING!

Cute picture of you 3 and I love the pink! That chin photo is hilarious.

Jill said...

ah ha ha!! the chin person cracks me up!!

i can so relate to being gullible. one person in high school said to me, "you know that the word 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?' and of course, i said 'REALLY?!'. so i would have replied the same way w/that waiter!!

glad you had fun w/your friend & w/Hanni & Erika. that picture is SO pretty!! love the background.

Kat said...

omg, that picture is hilarious!!!! upside down smiles always trip me out..........
love how gullible you are- i am too! same thing happened to me that happened to jill- but it was my english teacher who told me!!!!
too funny

Nichole said...

Fun times. I can't wait for Christy to move back here...glad you all got to hang out.

Chin peeps way to kill me darce.

rev said...

haha LOL on that first picture. Too funny. And great dinner story again. Haha. Love your funny look on life and letting us join :)

Mara said...

look how cute you all are!
yay for meeting e.
love her.
and hanni - i *think* i get to meet her this weekend.
darcy, wish you were coming!

p.s. chin ppl = v. funny

Half Pint said...

Love chin people. I remember Kelly Kitchell doing that in the dorms. Funniest thing ever!

sarah said...

love the chin people...too funny!
yay for meeting e and hanni!
what a pretty photo of you three!

island girl said...

omg...chin people crack me up!!

and yay for 2peas lunch dates!

monica said...

You're not alone!!! I think I'm the worst of the gullible people out there, I believe everything and anything.

You crack me up girl!!!!

Wendy said...

Love the chin people.
I, too, am super gullible.
I never know when people are teasing or being serious.
I suppose that is entertaining for others though, right?

erika said...

trying to catch up on your blog..
I love your blog..
YOU CRACK me up.
Lovely shot of my boobs...
er...I mean of us...
I am still a little ticked one told me I was suppose to wear PINK ;)
LOVED meeting you.

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