Monday, August 14, 2006

Meetin' Pea Friends and Darin's Promotion

Okay, so guess who's even COOLER in real life? You guessed it.. MARA, KELLY and BROOKE!!!

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Had a complete blast at Pages in Time on Saturday. We had lunch at Chili's where I stuck my foot in my mouth. I warned Mara that I would, so she was prepared. Cam, Brooke's husband came with her on her treck up to Mishawaka. Okay, he TOTALLY looked like James, Mara's boyfriend... well, at least in my head he did. It was his smile. So I tell them all,

Me: "Mara.. don't you think that Cam looks like your James."

Mara: "Um, not really, Darcy."

Me: "not even a little bit?"

Mara: "Darcy, James is Asian."

Okay, I REMEMBERED that but still, I thought they looked similar. =/ Least from pictures. It was the smile. Or the fact that I NEVER let myself down by saying something totally stupid. Yeah, that's it. =) Had to get my quota in for the day.

And this is the girls running to the Heidi Swapp area with their carts. Bumping innocent children and nuns out of the way in the name of chipboard and really cute paper clocks...
okay, just kidding about that last part! The didn't hurt the nuns or the innocent children. =) We had a blast and we'll have to it again soon, ladies!!! Mara and Kelly, glad your rental car didn't fall apart on the way home. =/

TOTAL fun!!!

I think most of you know that that Darin coaches JV football? During the varsity games last year he was on the sidelines coaching players when they came in from the field and schtuff.

This year he's been promoted.

He now sits in the press box at the top of the bleachers with those SUPER cool headphones!! Yep, telling the other coaches on the field about things he's seeing in the opposing team and I think he gets to call plays and such. I'm SO proud of him and I'm really pumped about his promotion. Why? Because I know he's guna ROCK his super cool new varsity job! And cuz I'm hoping that there's a seat open next to him.. um, for me. =) Oh yeah, sheltered from the weather, all warm and toasty for the games. AND they could give me my own headset that beams into the cheerleading coaches ear. I would EARN my seat, duh. (Okay, no one tell Darin BUT I usually watch the cheerleaders more than the game. =/)

Can you hear it now?

"Um, the cheerleader on the end there's skirt is WAY too short. I have the number of a really good seamstress that could de-slut-i-fy that baby by next game."


"Okay, JUST because your a cheerleader, doesn't mean that you can THROW AWAY important tumbling technique like PUTTING YOUR LEGS TOGETHER on a backhandspring. Geez, ladies... no one wants to see your briefs, even though they have FHS on the butt. Great school spirit you got there."

So you can see, I'd be really beneficial to their squad. =) All while being nice and toasty in the press box with my D. I'll bring the hot chocolate!


Elizabeth said...

really nuns scrapbook?
those girls are so much fun.. and sweet. and reading your post, I was totally agreeing w/ you that cam resembled J too. i looked past the asian ness. must be their terrific smiles and the way they treat their women!

congrats to D on the promo. you wont get to stare at his backside anymore! LOL..but the shelter sounds like a trade!
i am heading to PIT in a few weeks.. thanks for the preview =)

Mara said...

this post made me spit diet coke on my laptop.
i love it!!
Yay for meeting IRL.
Yay for HS goodness.
Yay for getting to know YOU better... makes me smile.
And congrats to D for the promo.
I agree about the press box...
And about the cheerleaders too...

sarah said...

green with envy over here...
meeting you, mara, brooke, kelly...
glad you had FUN!!!

sarah said...

oh and YEAH for D's promotion...
rooting for you to get a warm seat next to him in the box!

Hailey said...

OK I am so jealous you all got to go scrap shooping together! looks like fun though! and congrats to your man on the promo., I am totally with you on the seat next to him idea ;)

amber said...

How cool--scrap shopping with fellow peas! Sounds like lots of fun! And congrats to Darin on the promotion!!!

Jill said...

oh yes, i must get back to that lovely store soon...MUST :) looks like a fun shopping trip! why didn't we take our picture on the pretty sofa?! duh!

hee hee...'de-slut-i-fy' makes me giggle.

and congrats to Darin on the promotion =) seats inside the warm pressbox would absolutely be better than freezing outside.

Missy said...

awwww.. you guys are CUTE!!
and congrats to D!!

Niki L said...

YEAH, you'll be sheltered from the nasty weather and have a great view of EVERYTHING! Glad you had fun with the gals!

Keep those cheerleader girls in order!

Kat said...

congrats to darin! how fun!
and how much fun did you have meeting those fab pea-ers!!!!
fun fun
oh yeah, and you keep those cheerleaders in order ; ) (love teh de-slut-i-fying..........)

jerih said...

Darcy, I wish I could've been at PIT to meet you. Sounds like you all had a great time. Maybe next time. :)

{ brooke } said...

pages in time rocks.
so does running to the hs.
with carts.
and meeting you.
yep, that rocked, too.
must do it again, soon.

this post made me laugh.
real hard.
i love it lots.


Jamie said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous I didn't get to come along for this trip!
I'm glad you girls had way fun though! :)

RACHEL =) said...

Awww, sounds like you girlies had a blast!! Glad, a little jealous, you were all able to meet up!

HUGE CONGRATS to Darin on the promotions, that is awesomeness!! And ditto on the cheerleaders! =)

Raina_Marie said...

bwa-hahaha!! "de-slut-i-fy"
if only there was such a thing.

oooo, and i love your necklace.
did you make it yourself?

Michael and Erin said...

Darin seriously needs your assistance in the press box! :)

Emily said...

yayyy for fun pics and stories. You guys rock!

monica said...

Congrats again to D on his promo. I laughed out loud with your number for a seamstress to de-slut-i-fy the cheerleaders skirts. Too dang funny girl!!! Way to go on being honest about it!!