Friday, August 11, 2006

Latest Pages

Okay.. so while I was talking about buggies and horse farts in my last post, Darin was writing THE sweetest post on our small group blog. Check it out HERE. Yeah, I felt shallow. And not worthy of that man. =/

Okay, haven't shown my pages lately!!! And for the fam members that don't know how to do 2Peas, well, it's hard for them to see recent pages!! So here we go...
Did this one for Simple Schemes for Simple Scrapbooking and it didn't get any pub love. Totally made me do a page with lots-o photos and hey, it's a 2-pager so all is good!! AND it was for the January issue. And I submitted a page about the beach. Darcy, sometimes you are not so smart! This topic was the only topic I had 5 pictures of. Note to self, "take more pictures of events!" Darin's jaw is dropping about right now because he thinks I take too many pictures as it is!

I like the way it turned out, though!! And I have scrapped a page of my hottie hubby's 6-pack so that 50 years from now, we'll remember his hot belly. Grrrrr....
Yep, I prefer to scrap about the good things in my life. BUT I know I need to challenge myself and document even the tough/not so fun stuff. It's still stuff I want to remember, right? I used to be religious about keeping a journal. Now I scrap and don't have as much time. So I feel like the things I used to journal about.. tough and personal stuff.. never gets documented. So I'm trying to be more "raw" and scrap even the not so fun stuff. This page of the "Good and Bad of Year 25" was a result of the challenge to myself.
Okay.. this page took me like 4 hours. No joke. BUT I was happy with the outcome. I think I'm in love with any page that has to do with my Jettster. Got another one in my head.. hope it turns out well on paper!!
Do you guys ever do that?? You have a page scheming in your head and by the time you create it, it's not what you were expecting. Hate that.
I've had this pictures since April and didn't know how I was going to scrap it. Decided to do a very simple page. The title is FAITH and totally sums up my man Darin. He is such an example to me. He doesn't worry. He trusts that God is in control at all times. So cool. Had to scrap about it.
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You guys. I totally forgot to put on mascara today. I look so sad. And homely. No joke. Note to self.. NEVER forget to apply the 'scara!!

Alrighty.. IT'S FRIDAY!!! Whoo-hoo!! I'm meeting up with Mara, Brooke and Kelly at the scrapbooking mecca PIT tomorrow. Can't wait to meet you, chicas!!! I will remember to put on my mascara so you guys don't think I'm sad. =/


christy said...

OOOOHHH have fun tonight meeting up with your 2peas pals ... sounds like that'll be fun. I really like your layouts you posted. The Faith one is really cool although the journaling is too small to read, but I bet whatever it says is pretty right on ... you know your D pretty darn well. I like the idea of doing the good and bad from 25 ... very neat post!


Elizabeth said...

great pages!!but you know i all ready love them!!
glad you're posting the good and bad.. it will be great to look back and see that life is not ALWAYS wonderful =/
have so much fun tomorrow. those girls are such crack ups.
try and get some scrapping done =)
and yes wear mascara..i'm pretty sure pics will be taken.. and that could be BAD!

sarah said...

how fun!
have a great time tonight!
your layouts are awesome . . .
and Darin's post was just the sweetest.
you're a lucky lady! :)

{ brooke } said...

so i'm all teary at the beginning after reading d's post.
then i'm teary at the end from laughing about the mascara.
you crack me up, girl.

canNOT wait to meet you tomorrow.
dude, it's going to be so much fun.
i just feel sorry for cam.


Half Pint said...

I love Faith, such a cool picture. I'm going to try really hard to update my blog tonight, but right now I'm checking out everyone else's posts!

island girl said...

lovin' all your layouts girl!! and your man does have the 6pack!! lol!!

have fun getting your scrap on tomorrow!

RACHEL =) said...

LOOOOVE all the pages, girlfriend! They rock!!!
And I checked out Darin's post on the other blog, soooo super sweet. Left a comment, hope that's okay! =)

Kat said...

ok, first off- LOVE all your pages. every single one is awesome! but you just rock like that
and second- totally know what you mean about a page in your head not turning out the way you want it. hate that.
and third- your husband is the sweetest. i loved his post! awwwww.
oh, and fourth. yeah, i need me my mascara too!!!!
no fifth. thats it. have a fab weekend!!! :)

Mara said...

i got to see you today!!
so happy that we got to hang for too short a time :)
we must do it again soon.
love your pages, so much.

Darin said...

More pictures?! We've already had to start parking the cars outside because our entire garage is filled with pictures. Grandma Yoder has to sleep in a tent in the back yard because the guest room is filled with pictures. Even Bailey the fat cat is on a diet because we no longer have room to keep extra cat food in the closet because it is too full of pictures.

By the way Babe...could you call the dentist and make an appointment for me? I chipped a tooth when my jaw hit my desk after reading your blog.

Michael and Erin said...

Awww...that is the sweetest post by Darin on the blog. And the post right above me - really, really funny. :)