Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hand over the Merlot
and no one gets hurt

Merlot dutch boy paint, that is.

Yeah, Tuesday night I painted at the new house. I worked 8 hours at my job, got to the house and finished trimming a window, put one coat of green up in my kitchen, had some grub with Darin and went into the bedroom to put up coat number two of the merlot red color. I was on a ROLL! Ran out of paint, went to get the other gallon of Merlot and I can't find it anywhere. You know, the second gallon of merlot that I had mixed while getting the first gallon so they match all perfectly. And then I come across a gallon of paint labeled "oregon trail". I was half expecting to see little donkey's pulling a covered wagon galloping out of the paint can like in the DOS computer game from 6th grade. I hated that game. I killed my family every time. Every time.

Oh no.. no little donkies pulling a covered wagon.. just the pukiest color like the-first-time-a-babies-tried-carrots-poopy kinda yellow.

Not the one I had mixed.

Not my pretty merlot.

Hmff. So I didn't get my red walls finished. Not even close to finished. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it's going to take 4 coats of paint. No joke. We have textured walls most of our house and I'm pretty sure:

textured walls + my pretty merlot = I'm the stupidest paint picker outer ever

Yeah, so I was a tad frustrated. Someone went home with my merlot and I got their oregon trail. =/ Prolly the other cute couple at the Menards paint kiosk. Mr. Menard's paint dude and I are tight. He should have known that puke yellow doesn't fit into my decor.

Anywho, no red walls to show you. =(


Dina said...

I laughed out loud at the Oregon Trail memories!!! Hahaha - you crack me up. Love ya!

Kat said...

bummer dude! that sucks
hopefully you'll get more fabulous merlot asap!
so funny about oregon trail- i LOVED that game!!!! the whole family dying part did suck though....

jes said...

I always killed my family off too. Dont feel bad about it. there was nothing you could have done to save them darc.
I am very excited to see these fun colors. I am positive that it will all look beautiful

Michael and Erin said...

Oh Darcy, I love you! You seriously crack me up! And it probably will take 4 coats. I painted a room a deep burgandy color and it took A LOT of paint!

Half Pint said...

Too bad about the paint mystery...guess you didn't think merlot and poopy yellow would compliment each other ; ) It must feel so good to work on a physical project that you can sit back and appreciate. Tim and I still haven't started the dang basement!

RACHEL =) said...

Yea, red takes TONS of coats... have learned from experience, and it's not fun!!
BUT... just think how PRETTY it'll look when you're finally done! ;)

Linz said... I have no idea what the Oregon Trail game is!....guess I'm just a couple years too young to have played that:-) BUT...I do know what it's like to paint red on walls! Our bedroom has it..a darker red..(WITH textured walls too) and it's NOT fun! Took me 3 coats so maybe you can get er done in that many;-) Good luck!!:-)

amber said...

Ok, first thing. That title made me laugh. Second thing, I had totally forgotten about Oregon Trail. Too funny! Yeah red paint doesn't cover easily. We have red in our kitchen/breakfast area and even the "professionals" had a hard time getting it even. We still have a few streaky spots:(

Rita said...

tee hee. bummer 'bout the paint swap. hope you get some new soon...can't wait to see pics!

rev said...

hahaha, ROFLOL, you're too funny. especially explaining the kind of color yellow.... :) and i was glad i didn't puke today, thanx :)

monica said...

You're such a busy bee, I can't believe you have that much energy, but then again you're still young. =) Can't wait to see the walls!

Niki L said...

I don't remember the color name of our red bedroom, however I do remember having heart failure when we did a few coats and I thought it looked all splotchy!! However after it dried, I was good to go! Red is a hard color to paint with and paint over! But, it's so pretty when it's done right!

I always died in the Oregon Trail game too! Snake bite, or dysteria or whatever that word was for getting the RUNS!!! I could never shoot the Buffalo either!

Can't wait for some house pics, I bet it's looking great already!!