Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Don't forget to pack the cat!!"


Can't you tell that Bailey the fat cat is yelling this at me? He loves boxes. Yep, and doesn't want us to forget to move the cat to the new house. He sat in that blasted box the entire time I was packing things up on Friday night. I think he's worried. Worried that he gets to stay in this house and not move to the new house with monstrous windows. He'll enjoy the amish buggies rolling by too.

He always closes his eyes and pushes his head back when I take his picture.. doesn't he know that it gives him a double chin?

Okay, I don't have many new pictures of the house to show you from the weekend. We got a lot of work done, it's just hard to tell by the pictures. I actually got to put color on the walls in our bedroom!!! Whoo-hoo.. that was fun. But it's not so gratifying cuz the color is red and there's only one coat. So it's very streakish and almost crayola red, red instead of merlot like it's supposed to be. So, I'm going to paint after work tonight and I'll show you a pic tomorrow if it's good with just 2 coats.. highly doubting that, but we'll see. =)

Got some scrapping done this weekend!! Yeah, I don't know how. =/ I was inspired by some pages that Cheryl and Jessie did and tried a page that you can view from two positions.. up and down and landscape. It was fun to construct.. and it's of my girl Erin and her cutie head Emma so of course their gorgeous faces make the page bright. =)

Okay, I'm kinda in a it's-been-raining-and-I'm-wearing-my-glasses kinda funk so I'll stop blogging right now. Do any other glasses wearer's get like thats sometimes? My life looks weird through the specs.. I know, I'm strange....

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jes said...

I totally know your glasses mood. I dont have depth perception without my glasses. So, I am amazed at how cool everything looks when I actually wear the specs. I am also a dork I guess.
I feel your pain

amber said...

I feel your glasses pain as well. The problem is that they are so very thick (even with the poishing and thinning that you pay extra $$ for) that I am in fact to embarrased to wear them in public. So I only have blah days with the glasses at home!

Rita said...

can't wait to see the red wall. i have a big red wall in my living room and it took one coat of grey primer and 3 coats of red to get it *right*. ack. love your layout you ~squeezed~ in this weekend. how? you be busy girl. hope you feel better later today. hugs. rita xo

sarah said...

aawww...he looks so CUTE in that box!
LOL at the double chin comment! :)

Can't wait to see the new place and the amish buggies too! :)

Valerie said...

I'm with you on the whole lasses funk too..weird, oh well!! Can't wait to see the Merlot color for your bedroom, and the kitty too cute in the box!! LOVE the page too!!

To The Moon said...

You're gonna live in amish country!!?? How exciting! I can probably say I do not miss getting stuck behind those guys. :) Can't wait to see your progress on the house. xoxo~ Alison

Niki L said...

Yeah, can't wait for house photos! Definitely don't forget Bailey Fat Cat! He would be TICKED!!

Callie likes boxes and BAGS!! If you lay a shopping bag or any bag on the floor, she crawls right in and lays down!

Kat said...

yes, you do need to inform bailey about the double chin action. not flattering. i myself perfer pictures to be taken with me looking up- helps with that problem ;)
love the lo
and can't wait to seee the merlot colored wall!!!! thats kinda the color i have going on in my bedroom

Raina_Marie said...

oh wow, merlot walls will be beautiful.
however, i received a crash course in darkly painted walls a few months ago when we bought out house.
i'm gonna wager it'll take 4 coats....and it will be sooo worth it once it's done.

Jill said...

oh my gosh, Bailey's so cute in that box!! i do think that's what he's saying here. love the LO, love those colors in it. so i'm guessing the scrap room is not packed, eh?!

RACHEL =) said...

Sorry for being MIA as of late... but my email will explain! :p
LOVE the layout, SO cute and the pics are just adorable!!
Love the comment you made about Bailey and his double-chin, hahaha!
And thanks for your sweet comment about me in your last post - you encourge ME, girlie!! You really do. And I am soooo truly grateful and blessed for having met you through this crazy hobby of ours!! Lots of love and hugs, my friend! =)

Michael and Erin said...

Thanks again for the page Darce! I love it! I'm so glad we've become friends - hope to see you again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

erika said...

love your page....can't wait to see the house updated....and ooooh THAT cat kills me! ;) xxe

Mara said...

i hear you on the glasses.
by the middle of the day i am ready to throw my specs out the window!