Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our First Dinner Guest

My cute dad.


A kitchen peninsula without a countertop with a piece of cardboard to put his drink and cake on... now THAT is a prestegious table setting. We treat our guests WELL!!

Wanna come visit? Um, PROMISE we won't put you to work.

Okay, I'm lying about that not putting you to work thing... Posted by Picasa


jes said...

cardboard plates are better than that chinet stuff. NO leaks EVA'
very creative!

noticing a little security increase on the blog?!?!

jes said...

what is the approval stuff about. DID someone mess with you???
was it me???
man i hope it wasnt me?
omg- did elizabth strike again?
talk to me darcy
ps- dont let this get posted

Jill said...

i'll send you Maria to help out...she was just painting today!!

To The Moon said...

How cute is that! You're making such great progress. Yay you two!

Kat said...

yay for first dinner guest! you'll have to scrap that ;)
and i totally would come and help- but i would totally ruin something important. not the most handy over here......

RACHEL =) said...

Awwww, how cute is this picture?!
So sweet he came to help!!! =)

Mara said...

you crack me up.
what a sweet dad.

Mara said...

you crack me up.
what a sweet dad.

Anonymous said...

Yay! They've updated blogger so that poeple who've switched over to blogger beta can now post on the old blogger blogs! So happy!

I can't believe how fast you guys are coming along on the house! That is very exciting. You crack me up with your paint stories. If I were home, I would love to come by and be a guest (and even help out some ... I wouldn't mind). I'll let you know when I'm back in town and maybe it will be soon enough for me to come help.

I love ya!!!

Raina_Marie said...

I'm sure as long as it was tasty, your dad didn't care what he was eating off.

Wow, I can't help but notice the color already that I'm seeing....You sure aren't afraid of color. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Rebekah said...

lookin' good, darcy! looks like you guys are making progress! and how nice of your dad to come help out. :) or did he really just come and eat?! *lol*

rev said...

haha, YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND STUPID AT THE SAME TIME, haha, and i am allowed to say that, because i'm even worse, hahaha :)

Loving your new floor!! wowza, cool cherry floor. And Darin is just a handy man, love that (Arjan did everything in our home also, good to have good man :)

Rita said...

hahaha! who needs a fancy counter when you have pretty wall colors like that to look at?! Love following your fun!

Christy said...

No Friday post. No Monday post. Sad face. :(

Hope you are doing well!

Love ya bunches!!