Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This past weekend my friend Jes and I took 6 middle school girls to a conference called REVOLVE.
6,000 middle school and high school girls in a colesium.

Chick artists.

Chick praise band.

Chick topics...

100% girl power.

Oh yes, you guessed it.. there was A LOT of screaming. =)

A fun story for you...

Before we left the church, one of my little gals mom's (we'll call the middle schooler Ashley) told me that her daughter and her had a falling out before they left because she wouldn't let her bring her iPod for the weekend. In my head I'm going "Thank you SO much for not letting her!" Girls get in their own little world listening to their own tunes and forget that the trip might be a good op to get closer to their friends. So we take off.

Little Ashley shouts from the back seat, "Darcy! Can we listen to my mixed CD?"

Me: "Does any of the music talk about sex, cuss or dancing provocitaly?"

Ashley, trying to be honest but really wanting her way, "Well, just two songs are bad but we can skip those."

Mean me: "Nope!! Sorry, veto power is in effect."

No more than 4 minutes later, little Ashley SENDS THE CD UP TO ME giving the person passing the CD the instruction to "have me put it in."

I get the CD, ask her if this was the CD she was talking about and she says yes.

Even meaner me: "Um, sorry cupcake. I already vetoed that CD."

(I am going to be SUCH a good mom.. I already have that mean-don't-let-the-kiddos-listen-to-smutt thing y mom was so good at going on. I'm good.)

I then give the girls 2 rules for the weekend.

#1 You go somewhere, you tell Jes or I.
#2 No texting or cell-phoning during the sessions.

So, fast foward one hour when we pick up Jes in Fort Wayne cuz she goes to school there. Jes is not in the car for more than 1 minute, 32 seconds when little Ashley yells from the back: "Jes! Do you listen to U93?" (Secular radio station with all the songs that her CD possesses)

Confused Jes: "Um, sometimes."

Ashley: "Well Darcy won't let us listen to it!"

I then say, "Rule #3.. NO TATTLING!"

Got some giggles but seriously.. that little stinker!!! Gosh, I love those girls!!


Here are some more pictures of the weekend.


And I love this... they were so pumped about the conference and messages they heard that they made signs that said, "Honk if you love Jesus" for every window in the van. And they got 7 people to honk. =)

Nothing like seeing kids pumped for Christ. =)
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A lot of you have been asking about house updates.. well, here is a pic!! Darin tiled the bathroom floor over the weekend.

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We decided to do the "brick" laying effect and I LOVE the way it turned out. Just kinda different than the normal side by side method. And it's in the process of drying.. there's some extra grout smeared on the tile that won't be there in the end.

But other than to take the picture, I wasn't at the house all weekend. We will not be moving in on Saturday. (Obviously.. the above picture is a picture of our bathroom.. not so much finished. Water would be a good thing.) So we'll be moving into my motner in law's house for a short time til ours becomes liveable. Bailey is pumped. Grandma Kathy has HUMUNGO windows and she pets him when he eats. Nothing spoiled about Bailey the fat cat!


Jill said...

looks like a fun weekend, Darce! i'm giggling about the middle schooler trying to press her luck. you're awesome w/kids that age!!! love the bathroom floor, it looks awesome =)

amber said...

Yeah those middle schoolers can be sneaky! LoL. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Oh and the bathroom floor looks great!

Kat said...

sounds like fun! i love all the stuff you do w/the middle schoolers......
and yeah, some of that music is NOT appropriate for the kids! oh dear.
love the tiles! fun stuff :)

Kat said...

sounds like fun! i love all the stuff you do w/the middle schoolers......
and yeah, some of that music is NOT appropriate for the kids! oh dear.
love the tiles! fun stuff :)

jes said...

Man did i fall for that HOOK LINE AND SINKER or what??? Those girls were a lot of fun. My favorite part was how funny THEY thought THEY were... "ashley" the fake names were very trickey!
Thanks for sharing them with me this weekend, it was a lot of fun.

Mara said...

Darin rocks the house project - for real.
You rock the Mom to middle schoolers project - for real.
XO sweet D.

Niki L said...

I love your bathroom tile! I really have a "carpenter's" question I'll have to e-mail you to ask D.:)

That sign one of your girls made is so cool! Give 'em a good reason to honk!

Dina said...

I am so glad you had a great weekend. Way to stick to the guns on the music thing. It was great to see you Sunday night too! Have a fantabulous day! Love you,

erika said...

you are SO brave...
middle school GIRLS!
you will be a good momma...way to not give in...

and again..
I LOVE the house updates! xxxxe

Valerie said...

Your an awesome middle schooler mom!! Love dthe story!! And the bathoroom is look awesome, I love the tiles!!

To The Moon said...

So you know what's so funny, I own that ring the girl has on in that picture with the sign! She's got great taste! hehehe I'm glad you had so much fun. :)