Friday, September 01, 2006


Apparently my stalking-while-giving-the-thumbs-up method worked. =)


Yipee!!! I'm pretty sure the trash hole sold her. Yep. I hope she knows that the scrap table does not come with the house. =/

Okay, so we tried "for sale by owner" for 2 months.. LOTS of showings, no offers. Wednesday afternoon we signed on with our realtor, two hours later we had a showing, and within 24 hours of that we had an offer. We kissed thousands of dollars away within 24 hours. Wow. BUT we have an offer, so I can't complain!!!

The only thing.. they would like the house on October 1st. We have to own the house until October 22nd (cuz of that 2-year capital gains tax thingy) but they wanted to move in Oct 1st to get the house ready for their mid-October wedding. SO we have 1 month to make our junk house livable. Or shack up at my dad's house. D told me that our bedroom would be finished, our bathroom would be usable but nowhere near finished and our kitchen would be 1/2 way to completion. The rest of the house? Not so much finished. At all. He could totally live in the house in one month. Me?? Not so sure. =/ So pops.. you may have two blondies and a fat cat as roommates for a couple of weeks!!! Bailey will be on his best behavior. Promise.

Wanna know something CRAZY? Our realtor sold us our junk house and then sold our current house. Yeah, he didn't show us our junk house (we'd already seen it and knew we wanted it) and we purchased it within days of going on the market. THEN he signs up for our current house, one of his colleagues shows the house for him for her customers, and our house sells in 1 day. Okay, this dude has NEVER shown a house for us and in less than like 4 days total, has sold us and sold for us two homes. Um, he's barely lifted a finger and made thousands of dollars from us. Is there something wrong with this picture? We are his lucky charms. Seriously.

I don't care..



Felicia said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Darcy!!! bummer about living situation in the new house though....luckily it is not permanent right!!?

sarah said...

awesome news Darcy!

To The Moon said...

Yay for you guys! How exciting!! You're going to be one busy chic these next few months!

Elizabeth said...

congrats. but the heat is on now.
real estate is a crazy biz. my moms' a realtor. does not list houses less then $200k. and she sells about 10-12 a month. Yep, its way good casholoa. but lots of work.
i don't envy you packing. UGH!! and are you really ripping out your scrap table???

Wendy said...

Congrats on the house selling. I will have to tell my friend that is selling her house about the thumbs up thing and how well it works;)Good luck with the whole where are you going to live situation.I don't know if I could 'rough' it like that.

amber said...

CONGRATS!! So happy that ya'll sold. If we ever sell a house again, I'm gonna have to try that driving around the block giving them the thumbs up thing. LoL!

monica said...

That's so good to here about your house selling, that was extremely fast!!!

I'm glad you're taking your scrap table with you, I would think you're nuts if you didn't!!! hehehehe!!!!

Niki L said...

Great news!! Don't forget to pack Bailey the fat cat!!

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RACHEL =) said...

Oh my gosh, I've missed so much, my dear!!!
Okay... LOVE the pics of Jett, oh my gosh he is sooo cute, and he looks so big - his face is changing, I think!!
D did an AMAZING job on that piece of furnitue, like holy cow, amazing!!
SO fun that your youth group does fun stuff like that - heck, I'd do something like that NOW, haha!!
And CONGRATS again on selling your house -soooooo stinkin excited for you guys!!! Now is crunch time though in your new house - wish I lived closer so I could come help you out - I'm a good painter, lol! ;)

Nichole said...

I can't wait to see the new house finished. Darin is amazing with craftmanship...I love you current kitchen. Its gotta be hard to leave the amazing work you guys did on your starter home. Moving on to new and better things I guess...right?

Congratulations on selling the house. It is way cute...Adrian said it was nice on the outside and we drove by last weekend.

If you have to live with you Dad I am sure he would love having you home again.

Kat said...

yay!!!!!!!! congrats!!! thats so exciting. defiently the scrap table that sold them. hmmmm, is darin thinking of selling those??? ;)

Mara said...

congrats, D and D.

Rita said...

Wow!! That was fast. Congratulations Darcy!!

jes said...

That is hilarious that THOSE people are the ones that bought your house. Its fun to think that there is another Newlywed couple in that cute house.
Good for you guys

Rebekah said...

whoohooo!! congrats on selling the house!