Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Labored Weekend

First of all.. I AM SO STINKING PUMPED!!! I made my first design team!! WHOO-HOO!!! I am a designer for Serendipity Scrapbook Designs. This morning Jen gmail chatted me to tell me.. first I had heard. =) I am SO excited.. you don't even know. =)

So, if you guys aren't apart of a scrapping club yet, get signed up with Serendipity!! She has AMAZING kits, let me tell you. =) WHOO-HOO!!! I am still on cloud nine..


Okay, this weekend... WHOAH did we work hard. 11 hours on Saturday, between 7-8 on Sunday and another 11 hours yesterday. I am BEAT!! But so excited because of HOW much potential this home owns. And it was built super well.. it's just been neglected for 30 years. Not any longer. Ready for some pictures??

First of all, to put yourself in the full tour mode, you need to image the smell as you are going through this virtual tour. Yes, please imagine 30 years of smoke. Yes, then imagine an old persons home. Okay, on top of that.. please imagine shag carpet and drapery from the 50's soaking up the smoke and old person smell. Yum.

Okay, now we can start the tour now that you're barfing and gagging like I was all weekend. =)

This is our living room. Yes, orange shag. Please note the area at the end of the room that outlines where a picture once hung. Pretty.

Next.. their den which soon will be our dining room. Gorgeous paneling, I know. And you guys? That picture lights up. No joke. I know you want one in your own home. =) The walls to the left will be knocked down to make our staircase leading to the basement an open staircase. It will make the room feel bigger and more open.

Here's the kitchen.. barf bags.. and yes, this is original everything.. the house was built in 1957. Not many updates have been made since. =/

And the bathroom.. teal and brown PLASTIC tiles with a pink tub and sink. Notice the bottom of the tiles.. some nice tar build up from all the smoking. I guess it's cool to smoke while on the pot? Who knew?

Here's bedroom one.. I'll only show you one of the bedrooms because both were in this condition...

Here I am all goggled up with mask on!! I used this primer stuff called BIN to attack the stains and the smell.. it smelled SO bad!! Kinda ironic that you used extremely bad smelling crap to get rid of other bad smelling crap. I went through 8 gallons of BIN over the weekend. And I'm still not finished BINning.
And yes.. that is the mother of all rollers. The 18 incher. =)

Okay, I already have before and after pictures!! here is the view from the hallway leading into the bedrooms.. as you can see, a wall separates the living room from the kitchen... um, we want a great room.. all open kinda floor plan...

Heck yeah we tore down the wall!!!
I am SO excited about this huge space. I have a large kitchen now and Darin tells me in this house, I will have 3X's as much space as the kitchen we have now. I am SO pumped!!!

Here's another picture of it from a different angle..
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Here's tired Darin... notice how excited he is, though. The boy LIVES for this stuff.

Here's me on our mountain of shag carpet ready for the dump. =)
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Notice that this house is located in the country. You know what that means.. Amish people go by my house. I promise to get some pictures for the ol' blog. =)

I didn't post pictures, but we also got the pink tub out and already put the new one in. Man, now that was a job. I was pushing on one end and Darin was on the other end pulling. We had it wedged so tight between the door frame that it wouldn't budge any further.. so D asks me if I'd be okay with a larger closet in the bathroom. Heck yeah, I tell him!! so he grabs the sledge hammer to make a big ol' closet and so we can get our tub in. So fun. I have all the ceilings and walls covered with BIN.. the only room left I have is the dinning room. But that will probably wait until he dry walls the area where the paneling is now.

So yeah, I'm on cloud nine with all the work we got finished at the house and with making the Serendipity DT. =) Hopefully me making this team will hurry along the process to get my scrap space set up. =) hehehehhehe..

Thanks for taking the tour!! Pretty sure the ol' blog will become house update central... cuz it's our life. Football, packing, youth group and remodeling. I know you want to PARTY with us!!!


Michael and Erin said...

Congrats again on the DT Darce! Woo hoo!!!! And the house - oh my!!! IT's going to be awesome when you are done remodeling, seriously. LOVE the great room you've got started!

rev said...

ROFLOL, hahaha Darcy, you seriously are too funny. Think about getting a 'stand-up-comedian' job my girl, i would see you every night!!! CONGRATS on the DT part!! you SOOOO deserve it. You make such beautiful work, it's time to get picked up right?! And your house will be soooo cool. We've been this same 'ol in the beginning of 2006 (7 weeks, to totally strip the house, and build it again :), so you an do it!! and it 'll be amazing. Can't wait to see the pics of the new home, and remember: don't smoke on the pot :)

amber said...

Huge congrats on the DT! And wow, what a lot of work ahead! I know it will be Fabulous once ya'll are finished. Can't believe you didn't keep the pink tub;)

Hailey said...

your posts always leave me with a smile Darcy and this one is no exception! congratulations on the DT, that is just awesome! Love the demolition pictures...wow what a house, can't wait to see the final before/after pictures, I have a feeling it is going to turn out just beautiful! good luck!

Hailey said...

your posts always leave me with a smile Darcy and this one is no exception! congratulations on the DT, that is just awesome! Love the demolition pictures...wow what a house, can't wait to see the final before/after pictures, I have a feeling it is going to turn out just beautiful! good luck!

Elizabeth said...

congrats on the DT team! I have never heard of that one.. will have to check it out! its always fun to be challenged and play with "free" stuff.
way to go on the house demo~ I would have turned right around before even getting to the front door. YOU have stamina girl!! and patience. and a strong stomach!
it'll be fun to watch the transformation

Kat said...

yay!!!!!!!! congrats on serendipity (sp?)!! thats so exciting! i'll have to check them out. awesome.
and the house- so much work already! you guys rock! steve and i get so frustrated with each other when trying to build stuff......
can't wait to see it all finished!!!!

Niki L said...

That is so freakin' awesome you got so much work done!!! I LOVE the large carpet pile too! You are queen of the hill!! I can't imagine the smell of stinky crap to cover up more stinky crap....strange. Can't wait to see more updates....you guys are going to make it the best!!

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Mara said...

i am SO SO SO excited for you and the DT gig.
Much deserved, my friend.
Much deserved.
And the house... that just rocks.
You and D are working so hard - it will be gorgeous, I know it.

RACHEL =) said...

Congrats again girlie for the DT gig - soooo deserved, YAY!!!!
And wowza... you and D have been working so hard, wow!! That's a whole lot of hours!!! :o
And I ditto Marmot... the house WILL be gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you guys do to it!! =)
(Okay, so I'm a dork... what's new, LOL?!)

jes said...

I can not believe that there is already a wall down. I mean MAN, that is fast. I guess I CAN believe it...but I am still impressed and a little tired just from looking at the pics.
youre crazy.
Keep it up, i love the before and afters

Emily said...

thanks for the "tour" :) I cant wait to see it once its fixed up :) ANd yes, guys love this sorta thing, huh? Jay would be all of it...he loves getting in there and using his hands!

Half Pint said...

Holy cow! You got a lot done in one little weekend ; ) We can't even seem to get started on finishing the basement...and yes, we will be knocking out a wall too. Fun stuff!!

Jill said...

yay, Darcy!! congrats on making the DT =) how fun for you! and CONGRATS on selling your house, what a weekend!! you guys will have that house in awesome shape in no time :)

Wendy said...

Congratulations on the design team...that rocks. Looks like you have ALOT of work cut out for you, but at least you are enjoying it. Seriously, where do you think I could get a cool picture like that one in your dining room, hehehe...

Nichole said...

YIPPEEE>>>Design team. YOu ROCK darce. Congrats. Amazing picture of the new house. I am jelous of the shag. I have always wanted some....oh wait I had some when I was elementary school. Brown and tan shag. I am totally jelous of the orange shag.:) You and I have something in common I have a yellow toilet and bathtub and you have a pink one. :) Different but similar and you actually like pink and i don't like yellow. Ok I will stop.. By the way I am not a poop digger....funny idea though. :)

island girl said...

Ok...first...congrats again on the DT!! I know you are going to rawk some pattern paper!!

and secondly...your house is so kick ass girl!! and come on...who doesn't want orange shag carpet and a picture that lights up!!?!!

i've always wanted to remodel a home...now i can live vicariously through you!

Rebekah said...

hey congrats on your DT gig, darcy! totally excited for ya! :)

and WOW! at all the work you guys have done at the house! how fun to make it your own! and love the pics of you at work - you GO girl! :)

monica said...

WOW, so happy for you with the DT position, always new you would get something like that, your work is great!!!!

Rita said...

So funny Darcy!! I could smell the smell as I took the tour! ha. what a job you guys are doing. and what fun! i've always loved the thought of doing this... sounds like you are a good team for it. Congrats so much on the DT! I'm so happy for you.

Lana said...

LOL!!!! "omish people go by my house." OMG too funny. I think you guys will have fun fixing up that puppy especially with your design skeeeels. :) CONGRATS on the DT gig!!

Muriel said...

I am happy for you, but that work doesn't look like any fun...