Thursday, November 30, 2006

I know.
I suck.

I used to blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Yeah, not so much lately. I've actually been kinda down with the latest news of Bailey... I'll fill you in..

Tuesday night I cried for over 2 hours because I thought we were going to have to put Bailey down. He's not better at all and Darin and I finally talked about the fact that he may not recover from his surgery. He won't eat, he's delusional, his eyes are glazed over, he's been messing in the house and he walks and meows like he's in pain. Darin called the vet and the vet wanted to see him one last time. I did some more research on his symptoms and D and I are sure that he has Fatty Liver Syndrome. It explains him to the "T". Preferably they'd like you to insert a tube from his mouth into his belly and syringe feed him for 6-7 weeks. I read a few places that some people have been successful by force feeding the cat for 6-7 weeks. So Darin and I have chosen to try the force feeding route. We can't afford any more vet visits and I first and foremost want him to recover but I also want to feel like I did everything possible to help him recover if he doesn't make it. But the money train has to stop. =( Darin was completely on board to keep force feeding him.. prolly cuz I love my cat and Darin is in love with me. Works well like that. And he can't fool me.. Darin likes Bailey-the-now anorexic-cat too.

Sooooo... we called the vet and told him we were trying our own methods of treatments because of our own diagnosis. Vet-momma-Darcy is taking methods into her own hands. Please, please keep praying for him because seriously, I would be so entirely crushed if we had to put him down. He's only 4 1/2 and he makes me happy. =(

Nuff of that. It makes me sad thinking about it.

One of the reasons I haven't blogged much is because our huge every-other-year chicken show at work is coming up in January. Oh yes, there are chicken trade shows. Quite large chicken shows. So large that almost every hotel room is booked in Atlanta.. that is what is causing me grief.. anywho, I get to go to this one. I'm pumped.. wanna know why?

Is it to see all the latest chicken feeders and drinkers?

Heck no.

Is it to eat the $5.50 a piece-bigger-than-my-fist-shrimp at the reception on Tuesday night?

Well, I won't complain about that one...

The real reason...

The show is in Altanta.

One of my very good friends lives in Altanta.

A friend that I have never met in real life but somehow she TOTALLY gets me. Entirely. Knows when to send an encouraging email.. makes me laugh at my puter cuz she's the funniest little thing ever.. and a girl that is GOING TO BE MARRIED WHEN I MEET HER!!!

Not to mention this girl is the new up and coming at Creating Keepsakes. And you CANNOT convince me that it is due to the blackmail letters in different colored gel pens...

That's right, the coolest, most fabulous, Miss Kayla Aimee.

I can't wait to meet you, girlfriend! Less than 2 more months. =)


monica said...

I totally get your drift on the whole blogging thing, sometimes there's more important things going on that the blog just has to wait.

Get Well BAILEY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh darcy...
I am SO saddened top hear about Bailey.
I will be sending LOTS of kitty prayers up for him.

A chicken trade show?!
interesting . . .
but, how cool is it that you get to meet your friend?!
That will be amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh darcy...
I am SO saddened top hear about Bailey.
I will be sending LOTS of kitty prayers up for him.

A chicken trade show?!
interesting . . .
but, how cool is it that you get to meet your friend?!
That will be amazing!!!!

Kat said...

i'm so sorry to hear about bailey :( but i'm glad you did some research and i'm sure it will all work out. you're going to be best momma to baby H, you already are to bailey!

and i totally saw your friend in CK this month- how fun! yay for meeting online friends! :) :)

jes said...

I am so sorry to hear about the fat cat. I know he makes you happy. Hang in there kiddo.

And I can not stop giggling at the thought of you standing in the middle of this room with all these chickens running around, and feathers are all in your hair, and you are taking pictures of it all and grabbing feather... for a good scrap page.
have fun in atlanta

amber said...

So sorry about Bailey! Hope the feeding helps & hope you are feeling well! :)

Jill said...

i hope Bailey gets better soon :) i cannot believe there is a chicken trade show!!! how funny. and how cool that it's in Atlanta, and you get to meet Kayla Aimee =)

Rita said...

sorry 'bout the Bailey :( i sure hope he gets better real soon. have fun at the chicken show. ha. that makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Bailey!! will keep him in my prayers. Never knew they had a chicken trade show. How cool you get to go to Altlanta and meet Kayla!! So lucky!! You two will have so much fun!!

*nichole* said...

so sorry to hear about cat. thinking of you, darce! hope everything else is going good for you!
-nichole duenke

Lisa Dickinson said...

Darcy Girl!
I just wanted to pop in and say even tho I'm the worst cyber-friend EVAH, I've been thinking of you guys! And
I am sending up kitty prayers for poor Bailey. My dad is a vet - I will have to ask him if he has any other suggestions. Hang in there girly - I'll be thinking of ya!