Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas tree is UP! Well, it's been up for a week and a half but the camera cords were lost so I couldn't post a pic of the tree. Yeah, thought Darin had miss placed the cords and they were at the bottom of my purse. I felt like a tard. A tard of a wife. =/ Anywho, here's the pic!
Yes.. I'm a "everything's gotta match" kind of girl. If it's not burgundy or gold, it's not going on the tree. I'm a Christmas tree snob. =/
So this weekend we went to Indy to visit Darin's brother and sis-in-law. Going away for the weekend means no worky on the homey for Darin. Darin gets very antsy when he doesn't get to work on the house for a few days. Well he put in a water purifying system in on Sunday night. We have nitrates in our water. Lots of nitrates. Like the water testing lady told me that I shouldn't even brush my teeth with our water cuz of baby H. =( Putting in a tank under the kitchen sink didn't do justice for Darin. He's a "gotta see the progress" kinda guy. So Monday night, 20 minutes before my company Christmas party he decides to work on our dinning room. Like tear down a wall work on the dinning room. First he took down the gross wood panneling and then the sledge hammer came out...
This is the start of our open staircase down to our basement! I can't wait to see this room come together.. we picked out rought iron stair railing that I'm so excited about.

Some of you asked about house updates so there we have it!! =) The start of our dinning room. =)
Ang how is Bailey the annorexic cat, you are asking? Here is our 3-4 times a day feeding ritual...
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We are getting the hang of it. Darin can feed him by himself but not me so much. It's hard to pry his jaw open while stuffing the rank smelling, spam feeling, grossness of kitty food. But he's not fighting us as much here lately. It's like he's hungry and wants to eat, he just can't on his own. Strike that, he DID eat something last night. He ate the string of paper that the square scrapping adhesives come off of. Um, if you are going to pick something to eat, Bailey cat.. let's pick something other than paper, please? We do not need any more obstruction surgeries. Nope.


Anonymous said...

Love the tree! I so know what you mean about being a tree snob- maroon, forest green and silver. :) You are so brave force feeding the kitty. I don't know if I could do it!

Anonymous said...

aww, that picture of Bailey getting force fed makes me wanna cry :( hopefully he's back to eating soon, and eating more than paper!!! poor kitty. love your Christmas tree!!

Kat said...

yay for the beautiful christmas tree!!!! so i'm confused, is it in the same house that darin just ripped a wall out of???
too funny-i would have been stressing if that happened 20 minutes before a party!
glad bailey is started to get better, but yes- no more surgeries!

rev said...

hahaha, Arjan is exactly the same as Darin... No working on the house?? grumpy... :) and just before we go away, just a little bit of this and that, and there the sledge hammer is again :)

are you doing ok?? show us some belly pics :)

amber said...

Love the tree, Darcy! That room looks great! Cannot wait to see the rest of the house!

Elizabeth said...

I have been a horrible blogger.. trying to get around to folks I haven't caught up with!!
Your tree is really pretty!I am the same way.. everythings gotta match..( I even have the whole burgandy/gold theme too!)
sorry bout your cat.. mine hates to be force fed(even those he's a total porker!)
did I read right.... are you pregnant???!!

island girl said...

awwwww...the tree is gorgeous! and your man is a home wrecking machine! and i mean handy home wrecking...not "home wrecking"!! lol!

erika said...

oooh, poor bailey...I'm pulling for him.
LOVE the house updates...and your tree is so pretty! xxe