Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time to do a post about baby H!!! I think I'm going to create my own little "quiz" to fill out periodically through this pregancy. So many things have changed already and we are only 4 months along! I'll {hopefully} get this list scrapped then.
Okay, here we go!
Far along?16 weeks today.. 4 months already!
Weight gained?1 lb {I may not answer this question when I'm in my 9th month =)}
Cravings?Oranges and anything salty {REALLY digging the "Simply Chex" mix right now. Chex mix with ONLY the chex.. Mr. Chex man, "Baby H and I thank you."} Sleeping?Not so well =/ I wake up periodically in the night to make sure I'm not sleeping on my back. Still not dreaming although everyone warns me that pregnancy dreams are STRANGE.
Is it a boy or a girl?
I'm still clueless. Darin keeps dreaming that we are having a boy. Darin refers to my belly has "he" constantly. =) We are still extremly happy that we aren't going to find out the sex and be surprised. Kat told me that only 5% of people are suprised these days... chalk us up for not wanting to know!!!
Names?Oh yes.. they are still the same. =) Darin and I finally decided on the final spelling of the baby if it's a girl. =) Email me if you want to know what the names are! I'm not sure if/when I'll post them on my blog. Other things happening in our lives right now? *Gymnastics - still fully spotting the girls although last night I spotted on vault and had a horrible cramp in my belly as I heaved a girl over the table. =( It lasted about a half an hour and then I finally sat down. Today I am fine, though. VERY scary.
*Darin's planning a youth retreat for Jan 1-4th. Can't wait!
*Babe is getting married on Friday night! Bless Babe for choosing empire wasted dresses. My little belly wouldn't have been so cute in a form fittin' dress. I can't wait to share her day with her! *Busy, busy with all the upcoming Christmas related things.
* Natalie is having MANY contractions with baby R. =( There are 2 more months to go, Baby R! Stay in there!Worries? The cramping worried me last night. Hopefully I had just stretched my muscles in a way they hadn't been stretched yet.. I will be much more careful from now on. I'm a tad worried that I'm never going to decide on the nursery decor. It's just about impossible to choose a room that is for either a girl or boy

Okay! That was fun. I gotta keep this up and most importantly, scrap it. =)


Niki L said...

I'm getting you something PINK in hopes for a girl!!! Props to you for not wanting to know....I want to know NOW what I'll have one day and I'm not even trying to get pregnant yet!

Tell those gymnasts to USE THAT SRING BOARD, no lifting allowed!

the queen said...

the cramping is ligaments stretching. It's normal BUT listen to your body and don't overdo anything. If you are worried then talk with your doctor.
Per me, labour and delivery nurse.

Jennifer said...

holy smokes you have so much going on! and i can't believe it's already been 16 weeks...yay!

although i'm serious jealous about 1lb...i think i gained 10 before the first trimester was over! lol!

amber said...

Yay for updates! LoL. Especially ones about Baby H. I definitely commend you and D for wanting to be surprised. I could not stand the suspense! I'd love to know the names that you have chosen, boy's names were harder for us to come up with. Glad your feeling well and that you've only gained 1 pound! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas girl!! :)

Jill said...

what a fun post, Darce :) so cool you'll have these things written down to always look back to. be careful with the gymnastics!!! and i wish you & Darin (& baby H!) a Merry, Merry Christmas =)

rev said...

i keep a pregnancy diary also, you'll forget in a few months what it was like..
and you be carefull little girl, lifting up girls and stuff. just don't :). your muscles around your whoom (is that the thing called your baby is in??) are being stretched out, so not so strong anymore. just be careful!
and it IS fun to be surprised. although i already knew when we had Sanne and know now. you should be surprised, just because :)

Kat said...

yay for not finding out the sex!!! wait till you really start showing- then EVERYONE will be guessing ;)
for the back sleeping- you don't have to worry about that until month 5, some say 6. and i've even heard that you should just sleep the way you're comfortable. but i know for sure you shouldn't stress yourself out over it! its only 10% or a small percentage that have problems when sleeping on their back (but it could lead to back labor, but if you have an epidural, it doesn't matter!)
ok, i shoudl have just emailed you. sorry to ramble, and its not like i'm an expert, but i've done lots of reading these past 8 1/2 months!!!!

jenn said...

hello darcy! anxiously awaiting an update (maybe some pictures from karissa's wedding). you and baby h looked beautiful in the pictures dina took. just seemed like it was truly a celebration of love!

erika said...

1lb?!?! you are adorable.
me... i was a moose.
i have to know the names....now.