Monday, January 15, 2007

The baby’s room….

Is started!!

Yes, I am making the nursery bedding.

Yes, I can sew on fabric and not just scrap pages.

Yes, this is gymnastics season where time is not a flowin'.

Yes, I am crazy.

I looked all around for either sex bedding and it all made me want to vomit a little in my mouth. Yep, so I took matters into my own hands and am gunna make our nursery bedding. =)
And you gotcha, that's Bailey the skinny cat helping me out! He thought pulling out the pins on the fabric was really a fun game. And flossing his teeth with thread... that was a ton of fun too. Anyhow... I got the baby's comforter finished this weekend!!

Let me show ya all the fabrics. I feel like I'm on HGTV on Designers Challenge trying to sell you all my idea. Um, all the fabrics are cut and purchased so I hope you all like it cuz I can't return it. =) And PLEASE tell me that these fabrics are for either sex! I was standing in the line ready to get all my fabrics cut and the gal behind me and I were chatting. She said the only thing that may be if-y is the coral fabric with the butterflies, dragonflies and such. Um, boys like bugs, right?

Okay.. this is what everything will be...

Green: Wall color, in the comforter and the crib skirting.
Blue: Back of comforter and other touches throughout the room. There is blue ribbon to tie on the bumper as well.
Yellow stripe: The crib bumber, a strip in the skirting and strip in the curtains.
Coral ish color with bugs: Comforter and curtains.
Plaid: Touches in the pillows and other places. It was muy expensive so I didn't buy much of it.
And the walls I am super excited about too. Member that really ugly wood paneling in the dining room? We are recycling it to wainscoting! It will NOT be groody brown... it will be vibrant white topped off with a chair-rail about 2/3rds of the way up the wall. Then the green color will be in the upper 1/3rd. SO excited!! Going for the cottage-y type of look.
So... here's the baby's comforter I whipped up this weekend!!!

Hope ya all like it!! It's so soft and cuddly. =) Ready for the baby. =)
And... I apologize for the lack of blogging here lately. My new work internet HATES blogger and I am not able to blog. So, I write up my blog and my baby’s daddy.. the wonderful Darin Jay… is posting for me. (He loves it when I call him “my baby’s daddy”... so proper and not scanky sounding! Ha!) So yeah, with how busy I’ve been at work and in life general, the blog has been put on the back burner. Sorry!! I can’t promise I’ll be able to blog more, just bare with me!!
AND NEXT WEEK I WILL MEET KAYLA AIMEE! I’m so excited. Words can’t even describe it.


To The Moon said...

Love it! Love it all! You are so darn talented! You go girl. :)

amber said...

A. So very excited to see an update post from ya! Miss you girl!

B. I so need to send you some pics, my kid's playroom has that EXACT same plaid and striped fabric as pillows and drapes. And guess what? It's a boy and girl's room. Hope that helps! I'll email pics soon.

That comforter looks sooo good. You are so talented!!

Anonymous said...

nice tosee you blog Darcy! the baby bedding looks adorable! I am very impressed by your sewing skills! :)

Jill said...

ok, i think it's so cool you're making the bedding!! i think the cottage-y looking room will be so comfy feeling. i love the bugs on the comforter fabric, definitely fits for a boy or girl. 'my baby's daddy' is making me giggle :)

Dina said...

OK, the fact that you called Bailey the "skinny cat" made me crack up. I don't think he has ever been skinny (even when he was shaved). I love waht you picked out for the baby room! It is very unisex! I think my favorite is the fabric with the bugs - how precious. Fantabulous job on the conforter too. You make me sick with envy sometimes. Love you!

island girl said...

I am so jealous! you are so freakin' crafty! love the colors you chose, i think they're perfect!

Muriel said...

so exciting!!! Love what you have done.

_ Muriel (Marielos03)

Miss Milissa said...

OMG...that is soooo cute.. I love those Bazzill... I wish I could sew... oh well... (pouting)... you did a great job and I can't wait to see the whole thing put together!

Kat said...

you must be having that second semester energy burst i read about but never experienced- i'm muy impressed!!!!
love the colors and patterns- totally unisex! boys LOVE bugs, dont' worry.
and dont' worry, i totally feel ya on the bloggin. um yeah, i barely have energy to work (even though i have to) let alone blog.......
can't wait to see the finished room!!!! i shoudl take a picture of mine.....
oh- and love baby's daddy! haha, crack me up! and do you think i could ramble a little bit more????

Rebekah said...

girl, i am totally impressed! you are going to have an awesome little baby H room! :) and your "baby's daddy" comment totally made me laugh! haha! :)

Wendy said...

You are so super creative...perfect for either boy or girl. I've always thought your sewing was quite good on your pages. I can't sew for my life. In 8th grade home ec the gangster boy next to me had to thread my machine and my mom still ended up throwing my 'shirt' away( and she is not a mom to throw things away).

JenSmack said...

You can sew too?!? Is there no end to your artistic talents?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabrics and colors you chose for Baby H's room. I think they're wonderful!

Excellent job on the comforter! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Lisa Dickinson said...

Oh, girl, you've got some mad sewing skills! LOVE the colors, and yep they are totally unisex. The room is gonna be adorable. SO glad to see a post from you!!

erika said...

i LOVE the fabrics you picked...they are PERFECT! xxxe

rev said...

looks awesome girl!! i guess i should change the painting i made for you... the background color for the cow is a little (a lot actually :) to bright for your choice :). Well... you can give the bright green a change yourself, if you still like it :)
and girl, don't worry about the blogging, there are more important things in life, like getting home internet HAHAHA ;)

Rita said...

Look at you, whipping up baby bedding like it's nuttin' honey....WOW! Love your fabrics and those lil dragonflys. You are one ball of talent, ey? Great job Darcy. So happy for you and Darin.

RACHEL =) said...

Gosh, you are amazing, girl!!! I LOVE the fabrics you picked - gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it all done!
We need to catch up sooooon - miss you tons!
I've tried updating my blog a FEW times, and I keep getting errors - URGHHHH!! Gonna pick up my computer and throw it!!
Anyway... let's chat, k?!?

Half Pint said...

Yay for the update! You are so talented!! Sometimes I get the sewing bug myself (hard to believe). I actually made a reversible duvet cover and pillows once. Don't feel that kind of energy coming on right now though ; )

I'm thinking about starting up the blog again with all the wedding and baby excitement coming up. We'll see...