Friday, January 26, 2007

The meeting of the fabulous Kayla Aimee

The bestest thing ever that came out of 3 day business trip to Atlanta that I had to leave my hottie-head Darin, a sick cat (yes, Bailey's sick again) and 3 days of gymnastics including a meet was…


That I got to meet the fabulous Kayla Aimee!

She was even more awesome in person that her hilarious blog and super fun emails indicated. She came and picked me up at my hotel and she showed me her apartment, we did lunch and then we had coffee. It was such a fun afternoon. Totally didn't want to go back to the stress of the hotel where distributors were STILL asking me if I had available rooms. Um, Atlanta has been booked for over 2 months. So sorry.

Anywho, I have some super fun facts that I learned about Miss Kayla on our afternoon date:

She really is the tiniest thing ever. She's totally under 100lbs and I felt like a giant when with her. (I know I'm with child and getting bigger as we speak but she's seriously the tiniest!)
Her wedding dress was stinking fabulous. Just like she said it was. =)
She talks a mile a minute and I loved every second. Even though my peanut brain had to think really hard to keep up.
She is SUCH a good wife and has only been practicing for a month now. Dude, her hubby was totally hurling almost the entire time on their h-moon and she didn't' complain once. It's just the way she rolls.
She only got a little bit lost on her way to get me even though she was sure she'd end up in the ghetto.
We could be talking about absolutely nothing and then the next second be talking about the most serious topics ever. She's not afraid to talk about the hard stuff and we were so biblically on the same page. Love that. So refreshing.

So yeah. Love Kayla more now than ever. Next time you wanna come to Indiana? We've got AMISH people here! SMOOCHES!


Last night we honored the head coach I coach with for 20 YEARS of coaching at WHS!

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Another gal and I contacted her past 20 years of gymnasts and asked them to send us a letter, write an email or make a scrapbook page for a memory book for Nika. WOW she was surprised! And we invited them to last night's meet as well. About 10 retired gymnasts showed up and it was just awesome to see Nika so honored. I gotta brag about her a little bit…

In 20 years she has had:

227 wins

50 losses

3 undefeated seasons

7 Lakeland Invitational wins

1 Harrison Invite win

Many state qualified gymnasts

And has clenched 13 SECTIONAL TITLES!

Yep, 13 out of 20 sectional titles. Isn't that amazing!? Called up the local newspaper and she will also be honored on the front page of the newspaper next week. So help me give a shout out to the bestest gymnastics coach ever. =)

(And our meet went awesome too... scored the highest all-around we've scored in 3 years! Way to go, girls! It was an awesome end to an awesome night.)


Michael and Erin said...

Um, just pictures? I want stories!!! :)

Kat said...

yay for meeting online friends!!! and yay for the fabulous gymnast coach ;)

JenSmack said...

Wow - what a tremendous honor you gave your co-worker! I bet she was just floored by all the accolades! And it's evident how much work you put into it! Great job!

And, um.. will you have to make anymore business trips to Atlanta after Feb 5th?? ;)

Valerie said...

Lucky you getting to meet Kayla Aimee!! I can just imagine how fun she is in person!!

Jill said...

wow, she sounds like such an awesome coach!! how sweet of you to put that scrapbook together for her. and i'm so happy for you and Kayla Aimee that you got to meet finally, yay!! what a cute picture of you both :)

jes said...

HOW FUN!!! YOu are the best person to give out any award, because you are so gracious and loving. I am sure that she was even more honored to have you there!

ok- now,
I want a baby update. I want to know if baby H is kicking and doing gymnastics in the belly... we can call them bellyastics, since they are in your belly and not the gym. Just a thought!
and an update of the baby bump... I want to know it all.
miss you