Monday, February 26, 2007

Bring On The Babies

Darin and I become an aunt and uncle again... TWICE IN ONE WEEK!

Um, yeah.. it doesn't get any better than this. =)


February 15th, Miss Chloe Jem came into the world. (Darin's brother and sister-in-law's daughter!)

Yep, she's gorgeous & we fell in love immediately. This is Darin's brother and his wife's baby girl. She was so, so sweet. Eric's hair and ears and a little face just like Liz's. =) We made a trip up to Indy last weekend to meet her for the first time.

Funny story.. little background information. Darin's g-parents have trouble saying my name. Most of the time it's DORCY and has been for the past 2.5 years that I've known them. I think they've given up on saying my name right now they jokingly call me Mrs. Holsopple. Darin and I just laugh about it. They are really sweet people, they just have trouble with my name. So do you all want to know what they've been calling miss adorable Chloe?


Yep, peeps have been writing Eric and Liz cards that say CONGRATS ON BABY CLEO!!! Crack me up. I bust up every time I think about it. Cleo and I will have to stick together in the "Gma and Gpa H not being able to say our names correctly" Club. Although, she wins.. they don't call me a name that should belong to a 70 year old man...It is all good though, they love us both and that is what is important!


Then on February 22nd, Brayden Michael came into the world!! (My brother and sister-in-law's new son!)

And he was a healthy one! He almost weighed 9lbs and for all of you that know my sil Natalie, she's not a big person AT ALL! He ate well in utero and is still chowing down. =) Again, one glance at Brayden and I was instantly in love. It's so amazing how that works.. one look and you know you are going to love this person for the rest of their life. Can't imagine the first time Darin and I see our baby! Anyhow, big brother Jett is doing great with new baby brother Brayden. He says his name so well an is a great helper.

And no red hair. We all thought Brayden was a red-headed girl.. we were all wrong! A brown-haired baby boy. Perfect. =)


And now Darin and I are really going to screw things up if we have a girl. My dad only has grandsons from his own kids (my step sister has twin girls)... Jett, Brayden and my sister's twin boys. So we are either going to complete a basketball team or have a princess with a bunch of older boy cousins protecting her. I think it's a win-win either way. = )


amber said...

Definitely a win-win situation. Still cannot believe how patient you guys are about not finding out. Congrats on becoming an aunt again! Hope that you are doing well! :)

Anonymous said...

awwww congrats on all the new babies! they are both arodable! You and D are going to have so much practice before your own arrives! hehehe!

Michael and Erin said...

Yay! That's so awesome. Such cute little babies.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How fun for both sides of your family : ) 9 lbs? It sounds like you were feeding Natalie that special dessert!

Rebekah said...

what sweet photos, darcy (or should i say mrs. h)! :) both of those babies are just precious & so beautiful! congrats on being an aunt again!

rev said...

awwww those pictures of the little baby's are sooo cute!! your hormones must be floating through your body girl :)
and you cracked me up with the name-story. so funny. and i've some name problems also (Revlie is NOT a normal name in the Netherlands...). So i usually get called the most strange words... o well.. i'm used to it :)
just a few weeks from now Darcy, and we'll welcome your pirate or princess on your blog :)

jenn said...

beautiful photos of beautiful babies! a huge congratulations to them and to you. for you do know the joy of being an aunt :). what amazing parents you two will be as well. God has amazing plans doesn't he? :).

Valerie said...

YAY for all the babies in the family!! Congrats, that's awesome!! Can't wait to see what your having!!

Jill said...

wow, look at your new niece and nephew!!! they are beautiful, and congratulations on being an aunt again =) love the Dorcy & Cleo story!!

sarah said...

babies everywhere!
what fun!!!

RACHEL =) said...

OMG, Dorcy, haha!
I still can't believe all the babies in your family!! WOWZA!! Just wait until they are all around 2 and get them together in one room... fun times! lol
CONGRATS to you and Darin on being auntie and uncle again - isn't it awesome?!?! :)

JenSmack said...

Congrats on all the new family members! Such blessings!

So - are you not wanting to find out what the baby is?? 'Cause I'm pretty impatient (you may know this about me)... do you think your OB can call and tell ME??


Janette said...

Oh what a sweet and oh so cute and precious baby!!!!! How sweet it is! Love, janette