Friday, March 02, 2007

Flightiest I've ever been…

Okay, so I'm a tad more flightier than I was pre-pregnancy. I think Baby H is taking my brain cells.


I took the day off last Friday to get ready for my sister and I's shower that was at our place on Sunday. Left the house to grocery shop and came back to find that I HAD LEFT THE CANDLE ON THE BAR BURNING THE ENTIRE 3 HOURS I WAS AWAY. Oops. Glad to see that my house was still standing... smelling very pleasantly cranberry-ish… but still standing.


Last Saturday I made Darin a "Better than Anything" cake for his birthday. (Yes, this cake is commonly known as "Better than Sex" cake but I just can't bring myself to call it that. Have to use the PG version of the name. I know… my baby bump confirms I know what the "S" word is. =/ But still.)

I made his cake at 2pm.

SUNDAY at 12pm I started lunch realizing that my oven was remarkably pre-heated! Wow, I'm good! I didn't even remember that I pre-heated the oven! Then I realized that I had pre-heated the oven on Saturday. At 2pm. When I made Darin Jay's b-day cake. Oops.

Side note: Darin, sweetie?? I know you were REALLY understanding of the whole leave the oven on for 22 hours thing... but um, this was the second time I did it. Yeah, the first time was earlier in the pregnancy. So, maybe you should check the oven knob when you walk by from now on cuz I really can't promise that I won't do it again. =/ I'll just REALLY work on my candle blowin' outin' skills so that I don't blow our little one-blinking-stoplight-town to smithereens. =/ Not blowing out a candle and forgetting to turn off our GAS range are definitely areas I need to work on. =/


So you all remember that I took last Friday off, right? I ALWAYS forget to switch my work email to the "out of office" mode where everyone that emails me gets an auto-reply message of when I'll be back. I was SO proud that I remembered to enable my out of office note. Came back to work on Monday with 70 or so emails… more than usual! Then I see an email from my {new} boss of a Vice President that says,

"Way to remember to turn on your out of office reply. Might want to take the "Merry Christmas" message off next time."

Yeah, so I guess you have to scroll down to the ENTIRE out of office message to see what you wrote the last time you used the out of office message. Good news is that I only embarrassed myself to 70 people that sent me emails! =/


AND I CAN'T LEAVE DARIN OUT! We need to talk about his little flightiness moment of this pregnancy.

We registered a few weeks ago at the best place on earth beside Pages in Time, Target. Darin had the registering gun because it kept him a tad less bored than he would have been gun-less. I checked our registry late last week because I'm horrible and want to see what we've gotten before we have a shower in two days. I scroll down our list to see that Darin Jay had registered for 3 breast pumps.

Um, Darin sweetie? Did I have 6 boobs and you never told me?

He claims he knows this baby is going to have his appetite and I'll be burning up breast pumps left and right. Don't worry, I fixed it because I'm pretty sure I only have two boobies.


And... I'll leave you with a picture of the baby's nursery!!

Wainscoting – CHECK

Chair-rale - CHECK

Amazing mother-in-law that painted for you – CHECK

ASPARAGUS wall color that the fabulous Kayla Aimee painted her living room on the same weekend – CHECK

I'm not kidding. Kayla and I painted our rooms the EXACT same color on the same weekend. Without consulting one another prior to the paint job. Now THAT confirms that we truly are soul sisters. The small chest size, love of Vera and the tad bit of flightiness we experience were our first indications… but painting the ol' rooms the SAME Asparagus color? No denying the soul sister-hood!


amber said...

Hilarious post. But ahhh! Don't forget those candles and that oven.

Baby showers are soooo fun. So much better than the wedding when you get spoons and towels. There's definitely something more exciting about baby clothes and such. Hope that it goes well!

JenSmack said...

I hate to tell you this... but the pre-baby brain cells never come back. It's true... but, the good thing is that you're so overwhelmed with love over the little baby that you forget to care about how smart you used to be.


Anonymous said...

That was hilarious.
I love the flightyness

rev said...

ROFLOL, girl!! you really crack me up. But promise me: just DO NOT burn any candles any more while being pregnant, and well... when you have a baby, a toddler, till he or she is about 16 years old and can remind his alzheimer mommy to blow them out? okay? do that? thanks. And welcome to the brainless, dreamy pregnancy hood :) I constantly forget things, misplace things, cannot find things (remote control in the fridge... that kind of stuff :). Luckely for me Sanne lives out loud, otherwise i would forget her at the store too :)
PS and Darin just wants to make sure you have enough pumps i guess, he's a sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I was terrible about remembering to turn the oven off even pre-pregnancy...but now I'm forgetting words. For example, what's that thing that holds the kleenex? Oh, yeah...the kleenex box. Seriously, it's quite scary. Oh, and I'm glad to hear you still only have two boobies : )

RACHEL =) said...

Ohhhhhh my gosh, Darcy!!
Isn't it funny to see what pregnancy does to you?
Not only does it change your body, but if affects your mind - I am STILL forgetful, 4 1/2 years later!!
You may want to post a note on the front/garage door though, reminding you to TURN OFF OVEN and BLOW OUT CANDLES!
And the 3 breast pumps?! omg, that is funny!! :)

Dina said...

You crack me up! I can't believe that your pyromaniac (aka hermaphrodite) problems was so persistent!!! Hahahahaha! Glad you and D are safe and tht you have relized you have a problem. Love you!!!

Jill said...

hahaha!! Darce, this post is cracking me up!! 3 BREAST PUMPS?! oh my gosh, too funny. just be careful and maybe put a note up as a reminder, like Rachel said, to make sure those candles get blown out! and i really don't think my mind ever came back after having babies, unfortunately :( the nursery walls look great!

Michael and Erin said...

Oh, so funny Darcy! I too have a habit of leaving the oven on, although never for 22 hours!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol that post really made me giggle - thanks for that! Especially the email note part. But eek! You are lucky the oven and candle never caused a fire.
Although I can totally understand what you mean about the baby eating your brain cells. When I was having Ashton I became even more clumsy than my usual self. And the horrible part is I don't think those cells ever return! (Well mine haven't and Ashton is almost 1 now!)

Love Gems xx

Rebekah said...

you crack me up, darcy! :)

love the room - beautiful!!!

Miss Milissa said...

OMG ... Darcy I was rolling on the floor about the candle and the stove .... up until I read about your 6 boobies... I think I spit on my husband.. he's not sure if it was spit or soda... LOL.. it was sooooo funny. You are a crack up.

Muriel said...

funny thing this what I have to look forward to....I already leave the oven on....oops

island girl said...

oh gosh! you crack me up!! just wait girl! after the baby gets here your brain will really turn to mush!! lol!!

Janette said...

Hello Miss Darcy I loveeeeee the green!!! GREAT job!!! Did you know my hubby is a painter? Green is a very in colour! Just so you know! Love, Miss Janette. :-)