Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Outdoor Improvements

Well, hello!

Sorry I've been bloggin' MIA. I've had sales dudes in the office for
the past week and a half and they keep me busy. Too busy for
bloggin'.. BOOOOO!!!

So I thought I'd update you with what's going on with the house. We
are moving to the OUTSIDE of updating our home! (HA! I'm just
humoring myself when I say "we", I mean that I chose the color scheme
and picked all the stuff out and Darin's doing the grunt work. Hey, I
feed him well and give him a ton of affirmation when he comes inside
cuz he's a miracle worker. Seems to be good enough for him!)

So, this is the outside of our home.

Needs some help, eh? Not a very good picture because I cut off the
left part of the house. There is a corner full of windows on the left
corner of the house.. where our master bedroom is. Darin's goal is to
have all our new windows installed before Baby H gets here. Friday we
hit 30 weeks so he's starting to get a little stressed... but we all
know Darin is superman and in fact, the windows will get put in.

Here's what Darin did yesterday...

He put in one of our new windows and the side door! Look how happy he
is.. the boy loves this stuff. This is one of the windows that Darin
took out of a nearby house on a lake that they were leveling to the
ground. Only problem is that it's white.. I will be painting it
sandstone to match the rest of our new windows after Baby H is here.
I hope Baby H likes remodeling.. I have a lot of plans this summer!

And the siding color we choose...

Sage. I love it. We had to work with the stone in the front and we
either had the choice of going with this green sage color or a tan
color that completely blended in with the stone. After getting the
opinion from some peeps, we choose the green. All our accents, garage
door and window trim will be in a sandstone color to match the stone.
We will then paint the doors burgundy.

Which leads me to the next picture..

Our new front door. I love it. Too much. And get this.. it was on
clearance. It was meant to be.

And then there will be a new roof this summer. And some landscaping..
if we have time. And the stone will be powerwashed to bring it back to

So, what do you think?


RACHEL =) said...

LOVE seeing pics of the house - you guys have been busy!!!
And your new door is gorgeous!!
Love + Sale = Meant to be for sure!!
So happy for you guys with everything!

I cannot believe you will already be 30 weeks - wow, it's flown by!!
Hopefully for you too :)

Hugs and love girlie!!!!!

amber said...

Um, what do I think? I think ya'll are bu-sy! But it's looking great. Can't wait to see more improvements. And 30 weeks, already? Wow!!!

Jill said...

wow, your new front door is GORGEOUS!! and on sale too?! it's gonna be a beautiful house, and i love the color of siding! i cannot believe you're 30 weeks along, Darcy!!!!

JenSmack said...

The sage is perfect! The house is just too cute! Love seeing the progress!!

Half Pint said...

Beautiful! What is it with taking on home improvement projects with a new baby on the way? We (okay, I'm "managing")are keeping super busy with indoor improvements with plans to move outdoors late spring.

rev said...

o Darcy, you've got a stunning home!! wow, love that. it's so huge, and the garden!! even so big! love it! i can see baby H crawling around like crazy there. love the colors you picked and everything else. you sure do a good job taking good care of your hubby and let him do the work. that's how it's supposed to be, right :p

*nichole* said...

LOVE it, darcy! you guys are gonna be so busy, but I can't wait to see the results! how exciting! love that door & great choice of the siding!

To The Moon said...

Everything looks so nice! Good siding color to compliment the guys make me motivated to get outside and do some of our own work. :)

gabbyfek said...

i want to move in.

Darin said...

I think that the yard will look pretty good with a baby running around in it! You need to get on that.

Janette said...

Hi Miss Darcy,

Guess who? Love your blog, love your house and can't wait to see more pics of it. GREAT work thus far!!! Isn't it fun fixing up a home. We have done it with all three of our homes. I can't wait to see pic of your baby. Have a GREAT weekend. Love, Miss Janette.

Miss Milissa said...

love it of course!!! The colors you chose are awesome... sounds so nice i can't wait to see what it looks like when it is completed. Great you guys... really great!

jes said...

LOVE The updates. Looking good.
Just wanted to say hi as I stop by.