Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 weird things about me...

I was tagged by Milissa to do "10 weird things about me"... here we go!

1) I didn't know until the crop in Ohio on Saturday how to say "ornery". I guess I've been saying it wrong my entire life. No joke. I say it like "on-ree" and it's "orn-ree". I wonder how many times in my life I've embarrassed myself by saying it totally wrong? Or maybe in Indiana we all say "on-ree" and it's all the Ohio and Michigan gals that say it wrong. Yeah, maybe that's it. =)

2) I think I did one of these last year and admitted to eating oatmeal almost every day of my life for the past 8 years. BUT, I did not tell you about my ritual while eating my oatmeal. This is huge for me, peeps. I have ALWAYS been made fun of for the way I eat my oats by everyone that's ever lived with me. Here it goes...

a) oatmeal (has to be old fashioned oats)
b) brown sugar sprinkled on top
c) douse with Parkay (fat free) spray butter
d) scrape top layer off and eat
e) repeat until oatmeal is finished

Yes, I realize that I probably eat more brown sugar and spray butter than oatmeal but it's the way I roll. One of my college friends asked Darin if I still do my oatmeal the same every morning and he said yes and that he asked me about why I did that one time early in the marriage. He said he only made the mistake of asking once. Guess I'm kinda snappy about the oatmeal eating ritual. =/ And don't diss it until you try it cuz it's seriously good. Or I'm seriously wacko.

3) I am secretly worried that our child is going to ask me SO many questions that I have no clue what the answers are. Cuz Darin is super smart and I'm not so much. I keep praying that this child gets Darin's smarts... but then I am so doomed with the kids super intelligent questions. I guess I will say "Let's wait until your father gets home for that question!" or for the really hard ones, "how about you ask Jesus that one when you get to heaven." My mom always pulled that one on me. Yep. Keep it in the family. And to this day I have a lot of questions for Jesus!

4) I have to clean the bathroom with gloves because I can't stand touching wet hair. Even my own. It makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth. Every time.

5) When growing up (and still a little bit now) I always wanted to be a cosmetologist. I'm not sure how I would have managed that now that I've admitted "weird thing about me #4". Guess I would have worn rubber gloves to cut your hair.

6) I have cheated about 5-6 times during this pregnancy with the diet coke. Guys, I'm a horrible mother. But the sweet nectar tasted so, so good... I hope baby H doesn't have 3 ears or ADD.. I'm a horrible mother...

7) Since the day I bought my car, I have had carpet remnants on top of my real floor mats to keep the original Accord ones super nice. I've had my car for 3 years. And it's a 2001. Not a new car, by any means. They always get stuck up under the brake petal and accelerator and it drives Darin nutso. One time my breaks didn't work quite as well because of the lodging of the carpet remnant. I could have had a wreck and could have been killed. But when I go to sell the ol' Accord, my original car mats sure will look nice!

8) When I was 15 I drove a mo-ped to summer volleyball practice. Oh yes, a mo-ped. Can you imagine me on a moped? It was blue and grey and I had a red helmet. So stylish. I even got road rash by driving the mo-ped. I was turning left on loose gravel and down I went. I was wearing shorts of course. Had to miss practice that day because my leg was bleeding so badly. Oh the mo-ped memories!

and for your pleasure, I have asked Darin to come up with my last two weird things! In a recent page, I interviewed him asking what he'd like the baby to get from me.. and then I did journaled about what I'd like the baby to get from him. One of the things he listed was he wanted the baby to get my "isms".. so Mr. Darin.. what are my weird "isms"?

9) You combine common sayings. You take two common sayings, that mean about the same thing, and combine them into a super saying. My favorite was combining "thats the pot calling the kettle black" and "black cat" into "thats the pot calling the black cat."

10) You call "sunscreen" "SPF". (surprise- I've never said anything to you because it makes me chuckle and I figure that if you want to call it SPF you can call it SPF.)


Niki G said...

I'm so loving the last two!! How cute! I'm pretty sure I couldn't narrow down the weird things about me to JUST 10..........Plus, I don't think half those things are weird......so you're not alone in the world ;)

Half Pint said...

Wow...now I'm thinking about my weird things. And don't worry too much about the diet coke thing. I'm sure Baby H will be just fine : )

Andrew and Denise said...

I should have written the list! I like the way you can not hide what you are thinking. It is always written all over your face. You can't even keep your thoughts a secret. I love that about you because there are no questions I know what you are thinking and feeling. I cheated yesterday with a DC oh, it is so good. Don't tell Andrew! LAMY!

Hi... I'm Milissa said...

LOL.. Darcy... you are normal girl!!! LOL.. ok the oatmeal thing.. a little weird.. but hey. Loved the SPF thing.. very cute! Thanks for doing the list!!!

Linda said...

caught you on two peas and congrats on the first time mommy thing. it gets easier the second time...and you will probably be an incredible mom because you are so sure you won't be....anyway, checked out some of your stuff, beautiful...love your style and again, congrats on that baby...too fun.

RitasCottage said...

Oh Darcy...You sure do make me giggle! Love that...and LOVE your list. Off to read it again. 'Cause I need to giggle again! xo

Kat said...

i say on-ree too!
and wet hair-i'm the same way. i yelled at former roomates for it. it was my rule you had to clean your own hair. gross.
oh- and dont' fret over teh diet coke. my dr. told me to drink a little caffine if i didn't feel the baby kicking to wake her up!
and LOVE darin's take. so cute!!

To The Moon said...

I too say onree- I've never said it the OTHER way! If 2 IN girls say it the 1st way, it so HAS to be right! :)

Love the list- so cute and fun. I just might have to do one.....

Dina said...

My favorite was #9! I laughed out loud. I love your honest posts and I love the flood of memories that usually come with your posts. Hahaha! THanks for the giggle and thanks for being you! I love you lots and lots!

Jill said...

oh my goodness, i'm giggling while picturing you on a moped :) and the carpet remnants over your floor mats. and SPF. and the oatmeal...ok i'm giggling about the whole list =)

RACHEL =) said...

Haha, loooove this, Darce!
You always make me laugh!!
And who knows, WE could be the ones saying ornery wrong :D
You on a moped?! OMG, I'd have to see that, lol!
And you are not a bad mom for drinking diet coke, it's okay!!
Love Darin's list too - you are too cute! :)

Marmot said...

only 6 cheats with the diet coke.
you're doing good.
really really good!