Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some Pages...

Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted some pages! This is how dad sees what I've been creating so here we go!

I'll start with the Serendipity Kit pages for the month. LOVED the materials she gave us this month. Wait, I love them every month! We get SPOILED by Milissa, that's for sure!!!


Firts one up.. my mama. Just wanted to journal some stuff that I've been feeling while pregnant without my mom around.

Journaling reads: "Mom, I could really use you right about now. I always imagined going to you for expertise, questions and advice when it was time to for my husband and I to start a family. Soon after you died I remember wondering how I would survive having a baby without you. Now it's happening. And I have so many questions for you. When do I start solid foods? What do I do if my baby won't stop crying and I've tried everything? Who will I call when our baby is sick for the first time? I know. There are many books and many people that would be happy to tell me the answers to these questions… but it will not be the same as asking you. Ever. And no one will replace showing you our baby for the first time. You would be so ecstatic to have yet another grandchild.. you have two already and 3 on the way! And don't worry, dad is a great grandpa… you would be so proud. I catch myself imagining you both together as grandparents. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I just miss you. Now more than ever."

Dad's totally getting quiver chin right now. I'm sorry. Just miss her.


Another Serendipity page... Gymnastics 06-07

I miss my girlies! =/ Aren't they cute? I just love the picture of them in the circle. =) And a record 9 pictures on this page! Printed the 8 to the left in wallet size to get them all in there.

Journaling reads: "WHS Gymnastics is...Goofing off. A lot. Fun. Eating. Strength. Injuries. Hard work. Friendships. Ability. 2006-2007 Gymnastics Season."


The last Serendipity page... {Heart} sharing it with you...

My sis and I all knocked up. Isn't she cute!? My twin nephews are in there!!!

Journaling reads: "I do. I love sharing this pregnancy with you, Denise. We've done so much together already in our lives; shared a room growing up, clothing, our graduation parties were together… heck, we even share a lot of the same mannerisms, have the same voice and share an awfully similar face! It would have been strange not going through this with you. Even though there are hundreds of miles the separate us, we've still managed to pick out the same exact diaper bag, have a baby shower together and crave the same foods. I can't wait to see Drew, Gavin and Baby H together... with mama's as close as we are, they are destined to not just be cousins, but buddies too. Could we work on the distance thing, though? Denise 20 weeks, Darcy 22 weeks"


And my latest page... "THE" picture..

Yep. Darin loves this picture. Whenever I ask him about pictures to frame in our house, he wants this one framed. He loves it.
Journaling reads: "Out of all of our gorgeous wedding and honeymoon pictures, THIS was Darin's favorite photo. A picture taken by our waiter at a little Italian restaurant in Acapulco. We were so relaxed. So happy. So in love. Ready to start our lives as one."

So yeah, those are some recent pages! Hope I didn't bore some of you cuz you may have seen them already posted at 2Peas. Thanks for checking them out again.

Have a GREAT Easter weekend! Whoo-hoo!!!


RACHEL =) said...

Ummmmm, wow, Darce!
These pages are amazing... each and every one is seriously incredible!!!
And the journaling, so emotional and heartfelt!
Wow! Seriously... love... :)

RACHEL =) said...

oops, forgot to say HUGS!!!
cuz I loves ya! :D

Rebekah said...

awesome pages, darcy! i LOVE the design of your gymnastics page! very cool! & what fun photos! :) great work, chica!

Mara said...

great pages.
that page of your mom is gorgeous.

amber said...

Hope that you and Darin have a wonderful Easter! Gotta tell you that your journaling on your pages is always soooo good and so heartfelt. Love that!

amber said...

Me again. Huge congrats on your first pub! Awesome, girl! :)

Valerie said...

The pages are awesome!! Your mama one is so touching, love the journalling!! You and your sister look so cute!! Happy an awesome weekend!!

Kat said...

love love LOVE EM. FABULOUS! i can't wait to scrap again.........

JenSmack said...

Love those Layouts! They're all so unique and special! You do such good work!

Half Pint said...

Great pages!! I really love the one of you and your sister...what a wonderful experience to share : )

Greg & Natalie said...

I love the pages, Darce. Great job. For the record...I miss your mom like crazy!

Coran said...

Darcy, I love your pages! You are so talented. Seeing the picture of your mom - I see your mom in little Jet. I'm so sorry you are going through your pregnancy without her! I wish I could give you a hug.

Kelly Goree said...

Hey honey....your page about your mom made *my* chin quiver. I lost my dad when I was pregnant with my oldest and often felt like you do. It's so hard, isn't it? Huge hugs, sweetie, and you'll be a fabulous mom, just you wait and see :)