Friday, May 04, 2007

Ahhhhhh... Friday....


A relaxing weekend coming up. Love that. It doesn’t happen much in the Holsopple household.

I think we need a list of things that make me happy RIGHT NOW:

*Tonight I am getting my hair cut and highlighted. The “natural” Darcy blond isn’t so naturally blond anymore and it’s driving me batty. It’s time to be blondified.

*Tomorrow we will probably work on the outside of the house. Darin will be putting up siding and I’ll paint our front and side doors burgundy and paint the trim. Ahh.. our house may not be 5 different shades by the end of this weekend!

*Tomorrow night is date night in Mishawaka. So excited. We are heading to Chipotle and a dollar movie. And little does Darin know that I’m craving a stop at Pages in Time (the bestest scrap store ever) just about as much as I was craving a cake batter with cookie dough dish of ice cream from Coldstone the other day. We NEED to go there. They just moved and are 2,000 square feet bigger than they were in their last store. And sweetie, I’m sure that they dude section with the couches and Sports Illustrated magazine area is much bigger than the last store. Are you game? Just remember I’m carrying your child. =) Your very active, growing-every-day child.

This is when Darin says, “MAN you are good at that youngest-child-get-whatever-you-want thing!”

*On Sunday after church, Darin is going to work on the baby crib. Here it is almost finished…
I am so excited to see it in the room. He’s done such an amazing job! Love the mission style and the thing is so stinking sturdy. You try to wiggle it and nada... it’s solid as a rock. Which will probably be good because there’s a pretty good chance that this baby is going to be a tad rambunctious doing babynastics in his/her crib. Just guessing.

*The cutest little red head in the entire world will be 2 this weekend.

I can’t believe he’s two already. Man, time flies. And of course we are partying and he hates being the center of attention and all. =)

*Looking at this above my sink makes me happy. =)

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Prolly cuz it reminds me of Christmas. Didn’t plan on that, just kinda happened. The green and burgundy... then the JOY words kinda threw it over to the Christmas side. Oh well, I like it!

Sorry for the kinda uneventful low key post. To be honest... I’m really starting to feel the toll of this pregnancy. Hurting a little bit and so, so tired. Only 4 more weeks to go so I can do this! At yesterday’s appointment my belly measured an inch smaller from top to bottom than 2 weeks ago... this tells us that the baby is dropping into my pelvic area! Yipee! This makes sense because the little baby butt that’s been up in my ribs for the past week is dropping. And I can breathe now. And eat more. =) And a month of pain is so worth the payoff. Our sweet, sweet Baby H will be here. =) I think next week I’m going to reveal the names because I just can’t stand to not tell you anymore. So stay tuned…


Beck said...

yay Darcy. It's always good to hear an update from your place. Hope that your weekend ends up being as great as it sounds right now! Enjoy these last 4 weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

that may be the COOLEST crib that I have ever seen. Maybe darin should just start making those and selling them to people. I would buy one...if i had a baby to put in it... and I dont. Maybe this isnt such a good idea.
Looks great & I am excited to meet your baby H.

Niki G said...

I'm so loving the crib and your lovely decor in your house!! I can't wait to meet Baby H!! I'm so excited for you two and remember, you can name him/her Nick/Niki, whatever you like, I will not mind at ALL!! ;) (However Nick is less appealing now since my story HA HA)

Anonymous said...

you are too funny...milk the carrying-his-baby-bribery while you can! hehehe, although I have a feeling darin would probably take you anywhere you wanted to go! Hope you have a good date night!

Half Pint said...

I'm cracking up because your relaxing weekend sounds awfully busy to me!!! Painting, and building cribs, and yardwork...oh my! That rocks that you guys have a $1 movie place though. Try finding one of those in St. Louis...not an easy task. Have a great weekend :)

To The Moon said...

Love the post! The crib looks amazing! I'll have to remember that when Thomas and I start a family. So cool. You two are just so darn creative and crafty. Have a wonderfuly relazing weekend sweetie!

Jill said...

enjoy your weekend, Darce, and i hope you get your trip in to Pages in Time!!

Marmot said...

a new pages in time?
oh my word.
must. come. visit.
coldstone and chipotle.
i'm all over that.
pregnant or not, it sounds REAL good.

island girl said...

Darin is NOT making your crib?! Are you serious?! He really is handy-dee-dandy!! That crib will be so special Darcy!

jenscaleshr said...

I hope your weekend was as relaxing and fun as it sounded!

Love the little display over your sink - it's so stylish!

Four weeks is going to fly by! Soon your sweet baby will be here!

RACHEL =) said...

Hope you had an AWESOME date night and weekend!!! :)
The crib looks amazing, wow! Darin is doing such a great job!!!
Sounds like you guys are getting so much done!

amber said...

Cannot believe that he's making the crib. Is there anything he cannot do??

And only 4 weeks left? Oh my goodness. Cannot wait to hear names!!! :)

To The Moon said...

KA says you have big news! I'm dying to know!!! What is it!!?? :) I hope you're having a great Friday!