Friday, June 29, 2007

A castle for his princess...

So yesterday we were in Amish-ville and we drive by the mother of all playgrounds. We decide to stop to get ideas because heck yeah Darin's gunna make Adie's backyard play place. Check these out...

Darin was so sweet. He kept asking Adie which one she wanted. She picked this one...
Yep, a castle for daddy's princess. Or she picked the ark because she wants to see the movie Evan Almighty. Yep, she told me that. She's really vocal!

In fact, look at just how vocal she is...

She's a bit of a drama queen when she's mad.. I don't know where she gets it from. =)

Here's some better pictures of her.. she's actually liking bathtime now!

Look at her chunks! She's even covering her girl parts with her foot.. she's so modest. Daddy loves that about her.

Here she is talking to Mr. Waddles. Her best friend.

And hers a page I did of her with this month's Serendipity kit. It's the front page of her baby book.

And another.

The journaling is hidden behind the scalloped bazzill paper. It's basically my blog post about her birthday but edited a tad so she doesn't think her mom is totally crazy. But by the time she can read, I'm pretty sure she'll have figured out her mama is crazy.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by the blog and seeing pictures of the cutest baby in the entire world. =)


Half Pint said...

Yeah for updates ; )

That playground is unbelievable! I have no doubt that Darin will make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood.

I love that she is a "modest" little girl -- let's hope she stays that way for the sake of your sanity!

Hailey said...

wow, that playground is awesome! and she is adorable!

rev said...

that castle / ark is super cool!! i'll send Sanne & Ruben over to come and play with Adie okay?! haha, and he's so proud with her standing in front of those big yard play things! a guy thing. Arjan wants one big ugly thing also. all is good for the kids right :)

and LOVE those new pics of mrs. sweetness herself. love your drama queen. i've got a little hotheaded bear. when he gets MAD he's MAD. and go run, because he isn't gonna stop than ;)

she's so cute in the bath. a real lady!!

and you are not crazy. just a little bit odd. just a little. she'll get used to it. someday.

Wendy Bretz said...

you guys are the CUTEST parents ever!
Love the idea abotu building the play area :)
miss ya!

Michael and Erin said...

Love your pages! And why would Adie think you're crazy??? LOL!

Nichole said...

love that drama queen picture. and adorable pages got some real talent.

Glad to see Darin is thinking so far ahead of schedule.

Kat said...

ok, first off- i am soooooo jealous that you've gotten scrapping done!!!!! you rock! beautiful pages. i totally am going to scraplift your title "the day we became a family." i love that!
and i love that adie is so vocal. its no fun if they don't tell you what they want! :) and that waddles- such a good friend. jessica loves her waddles too!!! yay for new pictures!!!

Muriel said...

I love the cute pictures.
I am glad she is so vocal.
A girl has to speak her mind.